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Chapter 10

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The Stupid Boy and the Outsider Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

I've been planning a great end of summer event... trip type thing since Tuesday, but I can't think of that now. I have to concentrate on climbing this trellis. Wouldn't want to end up breaking an arm before we go camping! Yes, I wanna go camping, but I'll worry about that later.

I slipped into Jackie's room to wake her for our morning run. There's no way she's gonna get out of running today, it's my birthday!

"Hey Jackie," I whispered giving her a poke. She just grumbled a little and kept her head under her blankets. "Come on, it's my birthday and you have to do what I say." She didn't move so I went and shook her. "Jackie wake..." I got cut off from Jackie springing up from her bed and spraying me with silly string. "Ahhh!" I yelled before falling to the ground. I looked up to see Jackie fully dressed in her sweats laughing at me.

Jackie's bedroom door flew open and Mr. and Mrs. M burst through. "What's wrong? What happened?" They both asked before actually taking a look around the room. They looked at Jackie, who was still laughing, and then down at me covered in silly string.

"Pfew," Jackie sighed when she finally stopped laughing. "That was funny."

"Keep the noise down you two, it's still early," Mrs. M said. "And happy birthday Joe."

Mr. M stood there chuckling for a second before wishing me a happy birthday and walking out.

I was still sitting on the floor. "How did I not see that coming?" I asked myself.

"Come on birthday boy, let's go jogging." She helped me up and helped me pick silly string from my hair before heading out for our run.

"So did you get me my kazoo?" I asked when we started jogging down the street. She just looked over at me, gave me an innocent shrug, and sped up a little. We didn't talk after that, but it's okay. I didn't feel like we were in an awkward silence anymore.

We jogged back to the Mathews' house today. We were back a few minutes earlier than usual.

"How was your run?" Mrs. M asked as we walked through the front door.

We both walked over to the couch and collapsed onto it. "Good," I said as Jackie just groaned in response.

"What times the barbeque start?" Mr. M asked from his favorite recliner.

"Same time as usual, around noon." There was always a barbeque at our place for birthdays and special occasions. They usually started at noon and lasted well into the night. Today was no different.

"And the camping trip?" Mr. M asked.

"What camping trip?" Jackie asked after him.

"I talked to my dad about going on a family camping trip with you guys. Italked to your mom about it yesterday." Along with a few other things.

"I was talking to Paul about it earlier, we're thinking about leaving tomorrow and coming back on Wednesday so that you don't miss your counseling session the next day."

"That sounds great!"

"Camping?" Jackie had a disgusted look on her face. I guess she doesn't like the wilderness.

"Yes, Jackie, camping," Mr. M said to her. "It'll be fun. There's a great place my dad used to take me and my brother."

"Can Berna come?" I guess she doesn't want to be stuck with a bunch of guys and moms.

"If she wants to, but I never pictured her to be a camping kind of girl."

"She's not," Jackie and I said at the same time.

Mr. M laughed a little before getting up with his morning newspaper and going into the kitchen after Mrs. M called us in for some breakfast.

"Is Maya coming too?" Jackie asked.

"No she and her mom are still on vacation until next week." Maya is Nick's best friend. She's a couple years younger, but they're pretty much inseparable. Her dad and my dad were best friends, but he died when Maya was just a baby and dad's been taking care of them like the good friend he is. They're just as much a part of our family as the Mathews are.

"Well then you have to help me get Berna to come with us," Jackie told me while we ate. "I mean, you guys are awesome, but it would be nice to have someone to complain with while we're out there and if Maya isn't coming then I definitely need Berna."

"Nick can complain with you, he wasn't excited about the idea when I told him yesterday."

"I meant a girl my own age, preferably a best friend type."

"Fine I'll help, but this is gonna be really hard." We spent most of the morning deciding on if we should just trick Berna into coming or beg. I was all in for tricking her. "Well, I guess I should go home and help set things up. See ya later."

I left Jackie's house and walked over to mine. Right when I got home Kevin was there to assault me. "There you are," he said right when I walked in. "Come on we have a lot of stuff to do." He rushed me out the door; we jumped into dad's van, and drove off to run some last minute errands and picked up some other things.

When we got home I helped bring things in the house. Jackie was there helping mom in the kitchen with Mrs. M. She, just like me, was still in her sweaty clothes from our run this morning. When all the stuff from the van was safely in the house I ran upstairs to shower and get changed. It was just a barbeque so I was fine just wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

It was almost 11:30 when I was back down stairs. Nick was in the bathroom now getting ready, Kevin wasn't ready yet, he was still helping mom and dad out, they were already ready, Jackie like Kevin wasn't ready yet either, but Mr. and Mrs. M were. They were out back helping dad with the grill.

"Is Nick out of the shower yet?" Kevin asked as I walked into the living room. He was currently bringing out some folding chairs to the backyard.

"I don't know, maybe." I grabbed some chairs and followed him outside. "Why don't you go check and I'll set these up."

Just as Kevin was going in the house Jackie was coming out with a couple chairs in her hands. "Here you go," she said. She took a piece of her shirt between her thumb and pointer finger, bringing it up to her nose. Her nose wrinkled at the smell. "Ew, I'm gonna go take a shower and change," she said before going through the back gate to her backyard.

An hour later all my friends were over at my house, the music was going, dad and Mr. M were grilling up a storm, and people seemed to be having a good time. There was just one thing that was missing or should I say person, Kristine. Iwalked over to JD who was talking to a bunch of our buddies. "Hey man, do you know if Kristine's here yet?"

"Dude, if she were here you'd see her." He was right everyone was in the yard except for a couple of my family members that flew out for my birthday; they were hanging out in the living room. "Don't worry man, she'll be here."

I made my rounds going up to everyone and thanked them for coming. After I was done with that obligation I went over to a bunch of my friends and just hung out with them. Jackie and I managed to get Berna to "think about" the camping trip. A few minutes later I saw Kristine come out through the back door with Cindy and Francis. They walked over and there was an awkward silence. Everyone knew Kristine and Berna hated each other.

"Come on Berna, let's go get something to eat." Jackie to the rescue! I'm so glad I have her around.

As they walked away toward the grill I heard Kristine let out a little, "Hmm." I guess Berna heard it too because she turned around so fast I thought she was gonna spiral into the ground, but luckily Jackie was just as fast. She put her arm out and got Berna to turn back around. Did I mention I was glad to have her around? I didn't talk to Jackie or Berna much after that since Kristine was always by my side.

Kristine and I were alone now since Jerby left after realizing that it was just the three of us talking. Well, it was more like Kristine talking to me and Jerby just standing there.

"Finally," she said. "I thought he wouldn't leave us alone." She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss. Before it could get any farther Ipulled away. "What's wrong?"

"Well, we're just... out here in the open," I said looking around. "I don't want to make out right in front of my parents."

She took a look around before pulling me to the side of the house where we were out of site from everyone at the party. "This better?"

Instead of answering I just leaned in and gave her a kiss. In return she deepened it. After a couple minutes we finally pulled away for some oxygen.

"So what are we doing tomorrow?" She asked. "I was thinking you could come over to my place while my parents are at work and I can give you another surprise birthday present."

"Umm..." Damn, I wanna know what that surprise is. "I kinda can't."

"Why not?" She doesn't look very happy about that.

"I'm going on a camping trip with my family tomorrow." Her expression seemed to calm down a little. "With the Mathews' and Berna if she decides to come." I think that made her angrier than she was before. "Maybe you could come with us if our parents are okay with it."

She rolled her eyes. "I'm not exactly into camping."

Just then Jackie and Kevin came walking up. "Hey you two," Kevin greeted."We're gonna go to the store, you want anything?"

"No I'm good."

"When we get back we're gonna do the whole cake, singing Happy Birthday, and present thing so you should get back in there." Kevin was right. I've been missing for a while.

Kristine walked away from me before I could say anything else to her. She walked over to Cindy, Francis, and some other popular girls that we go to school with. She probably just needs some time with the girls. I guess this would be our first fight as a couple.

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