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Sakura's Wedding

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Sasuke starred at the blankly at the letter in front on him. There were two small boxes to check; "Yes" or "No." He tapped his pen on the table, he looked up at the note card with fancy writing, h...

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Sasuke starred at the blankly at the letter in front on him. There were two small boxes to check; "Yes" or "No." He tapped his pen on the table, he looked up at the note card with fancy writing, he read it again,

You are cordially invited to the wedding of:
Sakura Haruno
Rock Lee
Date: March 25, 2006 Time: 3:30 pm
Place: The Ninjitsu Cathedral

March 25th was very close, nearly a month. Sasuke hadn't seen Sakura for what, ten years. They had gotten in a fight and then soon after she moved away, he couldn't quite remember what the fight was though. He started to think, what the hell was Sakura doing marring Lee? Why would she send him an invitation? Then he started to think about the last time he saw her.
Sasuke rolled around in his sheets to untangle himself but it just got worse. He fell onto the floor and eventually got untangled. He rubbed his head as he walked into the bathroom to take a shower. When turned the water off he noticed frantic knocking on the door. He quickly grabbed a towel and ran to the door. When he opened it Sakura was standing in the door with her face in her hands, she didn't even look up, she just fell on Sasuke and held him tight. Her tears were running down Sasuke's shoulder but you could hardly tell because he was still soaking wet from his shower.

Sakura pulled back and looked at Sasuke, he was just staring at her waiting for her to say something, she started to blush and couldn't look him in the eye, instead she looked at her thumb. "I'm sorry that I just barge in her like this, I didn't know where else to go. I'll leave."

"Stay. I just need to change, the place is a mess but there is still somewhere to sit. Uuuuh..." Sasuke looked around, "the bed." As he said this, was frantically pulling clothes and things off the floor while somehow managing to hold his towel up as well, "I'll be out in a minute." He grabbed some pants and a shirt and smelled them to make sure they were clean. He ran into the bathroom and changed; when he came out she was still on the bed crying

He sat down next to her and put his arm around her she moved closer and put her head on his chest. "What happened?" Sasuke looked down at her,

"My boyfriend broke up with me." He hugged her tight but felt very awkward. He didn't even know the boy that she was dating that week. Some pretty boy.

"Well he wasn't that great was he?" He didn't know what to do, was that the right thing to say?

"He was great, we both loved the same type of noodles and he was so cute!" She burst out crying again.

"Well that's the foundation of a great relationship." Sasuke half laughed as he said this.

"It's not funny, I really liked him." She hit him on the shoulder and moved away.

"Ok, I'm sorry I'm sure that you and ....ahhh?"

"His name was Haru."

"Well I'm sure that you and Haru were very happy but you'll be able to live without him. You don't need him do you?"

"No...." she was upset and there was a crack in her voice. "As long as I have you as my friend I can survive through anything." She gave him a kiss on the cheek. She didn't pull away immediately she kept her cheek to his, "I'm really glad that we are friends, Sasuke." When she said his name he got a chill down his back. She stood up and walked to the door but Sasuke grabbed her hand. She turned around looked at him confused. He stood up next to her, put his hand on her cheek. She looked up into his eyes and he was smiling at her. "What?" She said. Sakura put her hand in front of her face to cover her blushing.

"You just so beautiful."

The phone rang and Sasuke sat up, he was daydreaming about the past. He looked around and Sakura was not next to him he was all alone in his room. He walked over to the phone and picked it up. "Hello?" he mumbled into the phone.

"HEY buddy what's up?" it was Naruto, he sounded happy and loud.

"Hey, nothing really here what you want?" There was no emotion in Sasuke's voice.

"O nothing, I just wanted to see if you go the invitation too. Did ya?'

"Ahhh, yea, what of it?"

"Well I don't know if you going or not but I am and I was wondering if you wanted to go down with me. It's about a six hour drive sooo why waste twice the gas. You want to?"

"Sure when are you going"

"I about two weeks, that sound good, then we can spend about a week with Sakura before she gets married."

"Yeah sure, I talk to you later I got to take a shower." Sasuke hung up the phone and walked into the bathroom and stepped into the shower. He turned on the water and let it run down his back. He started to think about that same day again.

Sasuke put his thumb under Sakura's chin and pushed it up so that she was looking at him. Sakura closed her eyes; Sasuke pulled her close kissed her. Sakura's knees suddenly grew weak; she couldn't hold herself up any more. She fell back against the wall. Sasuke got a feeling in his stomach like there were butterflies flying around; he started to smile and ran his hand through Sakura's hair. He pulled back for a breath; he put his hands on her waist and started kissing her on the neck. She pushed him away; he looked at her funny and leaned in to kiss her neck again but she pushed him back.

"STOP!" She said, "You don't really care. Neither do I. I...I.... just needed someone to be with tonight, I just don't want to be lonely." She looked down as though she was trying to reason through what just happened.

"That's not true, Sakura I love you." Sakura looked up at him with an angry face.

"How the hell could you try that? You know that I'm vulnerable, how the hell could you try that." She started to cry again.

"I'm not trying anything, I mean it, why would say something like that to you." He sat down next to her and tried to put his hand on her cheek but she pulled away.

"To get me to make-out with you!"

"I would never do anything like that, what kind of person do you think I am? Really? How long have you known me? Would I ever do that?"

"I don't know I just have to go ok?" Sakura got up and walked to the door, she paused and looked as though she was going to say something but she just walked out. Sasuke fell on the wall where Sakura was standing and smacked his head into it. Sakura was there not even a minute ago and he was the happiest he could ever think to be, but now she was gone.

A cold rush of water ran down Sasuke's back. He had been in the shower for so long that the hot water ran out. He washed his hair fast and jumped out of the shower. Sasuke got dressed and walked out the door. It was Valentines' Day weekend and there were couples everywhere. There were people holding hands and kissing and giving each other flowers. It was disgusting, Sasuke couldn't take it. He walked into the forest to meditate.

Sakura ran up to Sasuke the next day with the pretty boy next to him. "Hey Sasuke stop, what's up?"

"Can I talk to you?" Sasuke said in a slightly angry voice.

"Sure, stay here hun, ok?" the pretty boy looked up to acknowledge that he heard Sakura.

"What the hell are you doing with that pretty boy? I thought you hated him, you broke up."

"Well we...un-broke up." Sakura was confused.

"What about yesterday and you and me?" Sasuke said in a low voice.

"We didn't mean anything by that. It was I was lonely and you were comforting me. We agreed on that."

"Yeah, WE agreed on that. You mean that you pushed me away and ran out the door. Well fuck you! You can't just leave me there after I say I love you then go with the next boy you see down the street. I hope you and the boy band wanna be can have fun because I obviously don't care about you at all." He turned around and walked away.

"Sasuke!" Sakura screamed after him but didn't turn around and that was the last time he talked to Sakura, he saw her in the village occasionally but always mad a point of having to go somewhere urgent when ever he saw her.

When Sasuke got home there were four messages on his answering machine, three from Naruto and one from the cattier from Sakura's wedding. The card was still on the table with the unchecked box on the bottom. Sasuke picked up the pen and made a slash through one of the boxes. He picked up the phone and called Naruto.


"Hey when are you going to Sakura's wedding?" Sasuke asked

"The week after next why?" Naruto responded.

"I'm ganna go with you ok?" Sasuke said

"SURE!" Naruto said he would pick him up at around ten in the morning and hung up the phone. Sasuke lay on his bed and watched the fan blades spin around and around until he fell asleep.

On the day of the trip Naruto came over to Sasuke's house bright and early and pulled the shades opened. Sasuke rolled over in his bed and covered his eyes. "Close the blinds, it burns" he monad as he tried to pull the sheets over his head but instead fell over the side of the bed.

"Early ninja gets the squirrel!"

"I don't even want to comprehend what that meant."

"Come on shower and get dressed were off to Sakura's." The fact that he was going to see Sakura was gave Sasuke a great and terrible feeling at the same time. When he got into the car he slept most of the way, with the occasional "yeah," and "sure," when Naruto asked him questions. Naruto gave him a confused look,

"I thought that you would be excited to go to see Sakura, you used to love being around her."

"Yeah, USED." Sasuke rolled over on the seat and crossed his arms over his chest. They didn't talk the rest of the drive and when they got to the hotel Sasuke stayed in the car for a little longer until the driver kicked him out to park the car in the garage. After they unpacked there clothes they drove off to Sakura's house. When they got there, there was a maid at the door.

"May I help you sirs?" She waited for their answers.

"Uh...yeah were looking for Sakura Haruno?" Sasuke said nervously.

"And you are?" The maid said.

"Ahhh...Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzamaki"

"Yes, come this way please."

She opened the door more and let them in. "Ms. Sakura is in the sun room." She lead them through what seemed like a never ending maze of hallways and turns. Before they even got into the sun room Sasuke could see Sakura. She was in a lawn chair with her back to them. You could almost swear that there was a glow around her; she was looking down maybe reading a book or something. The maid led them into the room and announced them.

"Ms Sakura, may I present Mr. Sasuke Uchiha and Mr. Naruto Uzamaki." Sakura turned around and smiled at Sasuke; his stomach did flip, and got out of her chair. She ran up to Sasuke and hugged him tight. She pulled back and gave Naruto a hug too.

"Wow I haven't seen you in like what, three years?"

"It's been ten." Sasuke said under his breath in an annoyed way.

"Either way it's been too, too long. Wow." She gave Sasuke another hug. "Do you even remember why we fought and stopped talking?" Sakura was smiling as she said this to Sasuke it.

"Yes." He mumbled, he grabbed an apple and sat down. He shoved into his mouth quickly so that he wouldn't have to answer anymore questions. Sakura looked confused but just turned around and looked up at Naruto.

"What have you been up to? I haven't seen YOU for a long time either?" Naruto looked like a kid that just got to meet Santa for the first time. His eyes filled with happiness as he told Sakura about the things that he had been doing over the years. Sasuke couldn't help but smile from some of the things that Naruto said.

"Then I tried squirrel herding, well you can only imagine the bite power these guys have." Naruto pulled up his sleeve and showed Sakura a scar that went almost all the way up his arm. "This is from the time that the acorn tree was cut down, the squirrels weren't to happy about that at all." Sasuke decided to leave earlier than Naruto. When he got the hotel he got into the shower to relax.

"Why would she remember that? It's not that important is it? Of course not. Why would she want me here in the first place? Why would she marry Lee?" Sasuke was talking to himself in the shower and as he got out he continued the rant. "What the hell is wrong with her?" There was a knock on the door. Sasuke grabbed a towel and walked to the door.

"Well long time no see, can I come in?" Ino was standing in the doorway smiling brightly at Sasuke. He just stared at her with a confused look.

"What?" Ino asked.

"Well aren't you supposed to cover you face and start to blush I'm in a fucking towel."

"O YES," she said sarcastically, "your upper body is too much for me to take. Your manly pecks are just too much for my VIRGIN eyes. Honestly, are you that old fashioned? I'm almost twenty-seven." She pushed Sasuke out of the way and sat down on the bed.

"What the hell do you want anyway?" Sasuke sat down next to her. Ino scooted closer to him and showed him a piece of paper. There were three boxes along the side. Next to the first box it said "Chicken," next to the next one it said "Fish" and the last, "Veggie." "What the hell do you want?" Sasuke looked at the paper in confusion.

" never answered the question on what you want at the reception on the RSVP so here I am to help you check the box." Ino pulled a pen out of her hair and got ready to write something down.

"Before I make such a huge decision I better go change." Ino moved closer to him,

"You can stay in the towel; the past ten years have been good for you." She put her hand on his thigh. Sasuke got very nervous and got up so fast that he nearly dropped his towel.

"And that pretty much means it time for me to NOT be half naked." He grabbed some jeans and a t-shirt and walked into the bathroom. When he came Ino was still on the bed, he decided not to sit next to her.

"Can you please sign this?"

"You're helping with the wedding because...?"

"I'm a bridesmaid. Can you just sign all ready?"

"Right because YOU'RE the bridesmaid at Sakura and LEE's wedding. What the fuck is wrong with people! WHY THE HELL IS SAKURA MARRYING LEE?"

"As far as I know she was forced, kinnda an arranged wedding. Lee had just recently come into some inheritance money and since Sakura had not been very serious with anyone her parents forced her into it. Don't get me wrong she likes Lee as a friend, she can tolerate him, but she doesn't love him far from it."

"Right, well..." Sasuke just stood there processing all the things he just heard. Sakura and Lee and Ino as the bridesmaid. "Sorry I yelled I'm just still processing the whole Sakura Lee thing."

"It's ok, the reception is at Sakura's house in ummm...five days. Are you going?" Ino asked.

"Sure, are you?" Sasuke asked

"ya why?" Ino said.

"Well I need a date, can you come with me?" Sasuke asked

"Sure. I meet you here before the reception and we can go together." Ino started to leave, but Sasuke grabbed her hand.

"Five days is a little to long to wait, you want to meet tonight and go out?"

"Sure see you then."

When Naruto came back to the hotel a few hours later Sasuke was on the bed reading. "That house was the best thing ever, I went to the bathroom twice and the two of the five are bigger than our whole room. I got lost like six times, IT WAS AWESOME!" Sasuke looked up and smiled at his friend.

"That sounds cool. Guess who stopped by?" Sasuke sat up as he said this Naruto tried to guess but couldn't get it right. "Ino, we got a date tonight." Sasuke laid back down.

"That sounds cool I guess, I hope you have fun I'm going sight seeing tomorrow." Naruto put his bag on the ground and pulled out a large fake piece of cheese. "I got you this at one of the tourist shops, it's a cheese hat. Put it on!" Naruto pushed the hat toward Sasuke; he grabbed it and looked at it trying to figure out how it could be considered a hat. He put it on and looked in the mirror. He saw exactly what he thought he would see; him with an un-naturally large piece of cheese on his head.

"That's great really. I'll wear it later." He put it down on the bed and backing away from it sat down on the chair.

"Ya want to wear it at Sakura's wedding rehearsal?" Sasuke was about to say, HELL NO, but he looked at Naruto, he was making the face that small children do when they want that one toy, and their parents wont buy it.

"I would love to." He said nervously.

"YEAH!" Naruto jump up and smiled brightly,"I'm going to get lunch you want?"

"Nah, I ganna get room service." Naruto grabbed his bag again and walked out the door. Sasuke laid down on the bed and flipped through the channels. When the room service came up in about twenty minutes and when he was done he laid down and feel asleep. When he woke up there was knocking on the door. He opened it; Ino was standing in the door. She was dressed up in a little black dress she looked at Sasuke in confusion. He looked down, he was wearing sweatpants with holes in them, a gray t-shirt that had a stain on it from the soup he ate for lunch. He felt through his hair, it was greasy; he hadn't taken a shower since yesterday. "Hey. I lost track of time. Sorry let me take a quick shower I'll be out in about an half hour. I'll meet you at the restaurant."

"No that's ok I can wait." Ino grabbed a magazine and sat on a chair, she began flipping through a magazine, she looked up and Sasuke was just standing there staring at her. "Go on take a shower hurry." He grabbed his clothes and walked into the bathroom. When he came out Ino was still sitting on the chair and reading magazines. She looked up at Sasuke, stood up and walked over next to him. She grabbed his shirt and started to pull it off.

"Whoa! What the hell are you doing?" Sasuke pushed his shirt down again.

"The restaurant has a dress code you can't wear this t-shirt, you need a dress-shirt and tie. Did you bring one?"

"Yea, I'll get it." He grabbed a shirt from the dresser and a tie from one of the draws. He change and then grabbed his wallet. "Can we go now?"

"Yea" Ino grabbed her purse and walked to the door.

When they got the restaurant Sasuke didn't talk that much, he just watched Ino talk. When they were finished eating they walked around the town.

"So the past couple of years, you and Naruto have just been hanging out, not doing very much? You haven't been dating, or working, or anything?"

"That's pretty much all, and you and Sakura have been planning a wedding." Sasuke said.

"Yep." Sasuke and Ino walked up to Ino's door and just stood there. "Are you going to kiss me?" Ino asked.

"Well I was going to but then I thought that ummm...." Ino grabbed him and kiss him before he could finish his sentence.

"That was a fun night, thanks. I'll call you tomorrow" She walked inside and closed the door.

"Yea..." Sasuke mumbled to himself. He stumbled down the stairs and walk to car. When he got back to the hotel there were four more cheese hats on the table, he knew that Naruto had gone out again.

The next day he stopped by Ino's house and knocked on the door. When she answered she looked surprised but invited in. He gave her a kiss and walked inside.

"I didn't expect you here, what ya want?"

"I don't know just wanted to hang out I guess. What is there to do in this town anyway?" Sasuke asked.

"Well there's flower shopping." Ino responded.


"And more flower shopping, and more and more flower shopping." Said Ino

"Let me guess you have to go flower shopping today...? Ya?" Sasuke said.

"Ya, you can come but you might be bored is that ok?" Ino asked.

"Yea, sure let's go."

After about a two hour trip to every flower shop in the town, Sasuke started to look a little tired.
Ino started to go into another flower shop. "Wait we've been to this one, I recognize that arrangement in the window!" Sasuke said.

"Calm down," Ino said as she giggled, "the first time I came in her was to order the flower's now I pick them up. It'll be just a minute." When she came out she had another handful of bouquets.

"Can we eat now?" Sasuke asked holding his stomach with his free hand.

"Ya let's go over to that little café." They sat down and order some sandwiches and drinks. Sasuke looked up at Ino, then at the people walking on the street behind her.

Sakura and Lee turned around the corner. Lee had his arm around Sakura; Sasuke felt a rush of jealously come over him. He panicked and then looked at Ino again, she was smiling at him. He grabbed her and started kissing her. He noticed that Sakura had walked up to their table but ignored her. Ino pulled back and wiped her mouth.

"Sakura, Sasuke look it's Sakura and Lee." Sasuke was trying to ignore Sakura however he could by kissing Ino on the neck and such, finally he realized that it would be impossible to not notice them so he pulled back and waved at Sakura and Lee, they sat down next to him.

"Wow Sasuke Uchiha, how have you been?" Lee asked.

"Well, pretty good. And you?" Sasuke said.

"Well I've been pretty good, busy but good." Lee said.

"I still can't believe that you nailed down old Sakura, god knows that I couldn't." Sasuke smirked and looked up at Sakura.

"Sasuke can I talk to you for a minute. Alone?" She grabbed Sasuke by the collar before he could even respond. He pushed her hand away shoved his hands into his pockets and walked slowly over to where Sakura was standing. "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU! The entire time you have been her you have been a total ass. You skulk around like nothing matters, you smirk and you have only seen me once the entire time. Naruto has come over so many times and helped." Sasuke said nothing he just stared at the ground. "Answer me, why have you been avoiding me, what it your problem!"

"You're my fucking problem! Do you think that after I told you I loved you, and then you completely reject me you can just leave for ten years and invite me to YOUR wedding?" his voice started to crack. "Do you really think that, that will have no effect on me? God damn it I have been a fucking mess, I can't think about anything but you and you don't give a shit about me."

"That was ten years ago I was younger, and confused. I didn't know what the hell you were talking about I didn't know you actually felt that way. Sasuke I had no idea that you felt like that." Sakura grabbed his hand. Sasuke threw it away.

"Like hell you didn't." He turned around and walked away. Sakura's eyes filled with tears,

"SASUKE!" she yelled after him but he did nothing.

Ino got and ran toward him. She put her arm in his; he looked up at her and stopped walking. He kissed her. Sakura was standing the middle of the street. She looked like she just got shot through the heart; Sasuke smiled and started to walk down the street with his arm around Ino.

Sasuke felt good, like he had just given a comeback to a middle school rival. He was still sad though, he felt bad for yelling at Sakura. He dropped Ino off and walked to the hotel. When he got to the room Naruto was on his bed watching TV. He feel down on the bed and stuck his head under the pillow. The next few days he just stayed in the hotel room. Ino came to visit a few times but he mainly stayed in the room by himself. Ino called him the night of the rehearsal.

"Do you still want to go?" She asked.

"Where?" Sasuke rubbed his head and spiked up his greasy hair.

"To the rehearsal, are you going or not?" Ino walked into the room.

"Sure, let's go I'll take a shower." He went into the bathroom he came out in a towel, and grabbed some clothes. He put his pants on and held up two shirts, "What shirt should I wear? Can I wear a t-shirt or a button up shirt?"

"You could wear nothing," she put her hands on his waist and started kissing him.

Sasuke pulled back, "As much as I would love to make-out with you right now, I'm afraid were late and I need to put a shirt on." He gave her another kiss and got dressed. When they got to the party there were posters and signs everywhere that said "Sakura and Lee" everywhere. He went to the bar and got a drink. He gulped it down and walked over to a back garden; he sat down on the bench and put his head down into his hands.

"Hey, are you going to hide back here the entire night?" Sasuke looked up. Sakura was standing in the entry-way of garden with two glasses of wine in her hands. "Can I sit here?" Sasuke nodded but still didn't talk. He looked back down and put his head in his hands again. "You want?" she held out one of the glasses of wine he grabbed it and took a sip.

Sasuke looked up at Sakura she was smiling at him, "What do you want anyway?" She moved closer to Sasuke he looked down into the glass. He swashed the drink around and took another sip.

"I just wanted to make sure that were ok. I know that we kind of blew-up today, I want to know that when you leave you'll want to see me again." She grabbed Sasuke's hand, he looked up at her. Her eyes were filling with tears again. "I just want to know that you don't hate me."

"I don't hate you, I just...I need to deal with the fact that I can't be with you. Do you know how hard it is for me to see you with anyone but me? I get this choking feeling in my throat, I can't breath." Sasuke wiped Sakura's eyes. He put his hand on her cheek. "I can barely stand to talk to you I want to kiss you so bad." He stood up and started to walk away.

"Wait," Sasuke turned around, "you just dump all this on me and walk away? You didn't even wait for me to tell you how I feel." Sakura walked next to Sasuke, he didn't look at her, she held his hand. He turned his head toward her,

"How do you feel?" She looked up at him and put her hand on his waist. Sasuke smiled, she leaned forward and kissed Sasuke. Sasuke ran his hand through Sakura's hair. He got an ill feeling in his stomach. He felt Sakura's hand go up his stomach. Sakura fell against the wall Sasuke pulled back and smiled at Sakura, he started kissing her neck and shoulder.

"Sasuke," Sakura said breathlessly.

"Yes?" Sasuke said.

"Sasuke stop." She pushed him off her, "We can't do this."

"Yea we can it easy, just like this." Sasuke put his hand on her check and starting kissing again.

"STOP," she pulled back and stepped away. "Think about where you are, where in a garden behind Lee's house, at my wedding rehearsal. Sasuke I want to be with you but I promised Lee I would marry him. I can't break that promise." Sakura started to cry again.

"Yes you can, we can leave now. Pack your bags get some clothes we can leave now, we can run away." She smiled and looked at Sasuke.

"No, we can't just leave. I can't just leave my family, or Lee. I can't and neither can you. "She gave him kiss on the check and started to walk away. Sasuke wouldn't let go of her hand.

"Please, don't go." Sasuke throat became very dry. "Please stay." Sakura turned around looked at Sasuke. She walked back over to him and laid her head on his chest. He wrapped his hands around her.

"I can't look at Lee tonight can you take me upstairs. I don't think I can walk straight." Sakura said. Sasuke walked up the stairs behind Sakura; she laid on the bed and curled up. Sasuke sat on the side of the bed looking at the wall. Sakura sat up and leaned on Sasuke's shoulder. He turned around and looked at Sakura. She gave him and kiss, Sasuke kissed her back. Before they knew it they were on the bed making out and Sasuke had his shirt on the floor.

Suddenly Sakura heard a noise; someone was walking up the stairs. She pushed Sasuke off her and threw his shirt on him. "Quick get in the bathroom." She shoved Sasuke into the bathroom and jumped in the bed. Lee opened the door. Sakura pretended to be asleep.

"Are you ok? You left the party I was worried."

"I'm fine I just got a headache and felt a little sick. I needed to lie down."

"You do feel hot," Lee put his hand on her forehead, "but you left the light on. O well I get it I just tell the rest of the people at the party that you are feeling ill. I have to go to the bathroom I'll just be a second then I'll leave you alone."

"NO! uhhh that is that toilet is clogged. I'll get a maid to take care of it later use that one downstairs." Lee walked towards Sakura gave her a kiss on the forehead and walked out. Sasuke walked out of the bathroom buttoning his shirt up, he was smiling.

"That was close. I better go," he started to walk to her to give her a kiss goodbye, "perhaps that not such a good idea." He waved goodbye and walked out the door, when he went back to the party Ino was sitting at the bar with a drink and talking to some random person. Sasuke sat next to her.

"Were have you been all night?" Sasuke didn't say anything he just looked down at his thumb. "O shit, were have you been all night?"

"I was with Sakura."

"O shit! Shit what did you do?"

"O nothing like that, well we were about to, I think, but then Lee came in."


"No, no he doesn't know anything I was hiding in the bathroom."

"Ok now you're going to have to fill in the details." After about a half hour of explaining and then the re-explaining because Ino didn't believe Sasuke.

"I don't what to do? Do I tell Lee, no of course I don't tell Lee. I can't stay here. I have to leave. Can you help me pack?" Sasuke was pacing on back and forth.

"Woa. You can't just leave in the middle of the wedding. Can you?"

"Yes I can. I can't stand to be around anyone that has anything to do with the wedding of Sakura and Lee. Sorry doll but I got to leave tonight." Ino looked disappointed but she understood. The rest of the night Sasuke packed his bags. He woke up early the next morning and left. He left a note for Naruto and drove off before the sunset could even rise high enough to be cliché.

A few weeks later Sasuke's rhythm had gotten back into synch. He was sleeping, well in his normal cycle, and he was fine, until....

Sasuke woke up to a knocking on his door. Assuming it was Naruto with something completely meaningless he took his time to the door. He started to think of all the excuses that he imagines to get out of another squirrel story.

"What happened to the squirrels NOW?" He tried to sound as excited as possible. But when he opened the door Sakura was standing there. She was by herself, with a bag in one hand and large suitcase next to her. Sasuke could even say hi he was confused, overjoyed, horrified all at once. What could she want, what was with the suitcase and most importantly where was Lee.

"I don't about chickens but if you wondering about Lee he's not here." Sakura grabbed her bag and walked in she sat on the bed. Sasuke was still in shock but followed soon after.

"How did---"

"I know what you are thinking, don't think I don't" This made Sasuke very worried. "Ok so know you think where Lee is? Ok here's the thing. After that night at my house I couldn't stop thinking about you. Ever since that night I've been getting this feeling my stomach. I thought it was because I was excited for the wedding but I was dreading it and it was because of you. I couldn't marry Lee. I just couldn't. So I objected to my own wedding, and left. I've been on the rode this whole time and just wondering around basically. I realized that the only thing that will stop me from having this feeling is you." Sasuke still didn't talk and he was so overjoyed that he thought any sound he made would wake him up. "Sasuke?"

Sasuke didn't talk he just put his hand on Sakura's check and kissed her full on the lips. Sakura pulled back,

"Sasuke I love you."

"I know." He said.

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