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Jack has so much time, maybe too much. "Jungles of green and yellow, cities of brick and mortar, people, struggling along in their lives."

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I’m broken. A rush of wind without direction. A being without purpose. A lost man without a home.

I used my immortality to explore. I walked through the earth’s great wonders. Jungles of green and yellow, cities of brick and mortar, people, struggling along in their lives, without any real knowledge of why their here. That's something that everyone searches for. Who are they, what is their resolve, how far would they go to obtain it? Most people never find their true selves. They stumble through life, searching but never find it. It eludes them, only just beyond their horizon but always out of reach.

I think found my true self though. I walked through the ages of a world that I knew would later move across the stars. I walked through people’s lives, catching glimpses of existence then slipping away. I searched for myself across ocean and land, past the mountains and the fields, I looked everywhere and I found me.

When I looked at me I saw a man who had been crushed, stamped on, thrown out of an open door way and been shut out, abandoned. The smile on my face was false, the shining in my eyes a dim memory of what it once was, the words on my lips over used, dead. If you live for too long you grow tired of the world, it’s constantly changing society, its factories shooting up endless streams of smoke into the air, the trees, swaying in the wind, throwing their leaves to and fro as if it’s trying to free the branches of the great weight.

I had found myself, oh yes, but I fear I was too late to rescue the man who had been converted to good by my Doctor. I was the shell, a man who did not fit in the world but was forced to walk through it just the same.

I am Captain Jack Harkness. Time Agent. Soldier. Interrogator. Time traveller. Con-man. Torchwood operative. This is me. And I'm broken.
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