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Chapter 15

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The Stupid Boy and the Outsider Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

Yesterday was pretty... interesting. That wouldn't be the word Berna would use though. Kristine came yesterday with Francis and JD. I guess Cindy couldn't make it. The minute we found out that she was coming Berna wouldn't stop complaining. Luckily it was toned down since there were adults there, not to mention Kristine's dad. Apparently he liked that Kristine wanted to go camping and decided to come along to encourage this new interest.

"Swimming, swimming, swimming!" Little Frankie chanted behind me. Of course it sounded a little like thwimming, but hey he was only three.

We were all headed to the lake for a little swim. Everyone was excited except for Berna and me. Ever since that incident at the pool I've been afraid of drowning, so swimming wasn't exactly on my list of fun things to do. I don't care if Joe pulled me out that day, it still scares me.

When we got to the lake I just found a nice rock to sit on. Berna came to sit next to me. All the dads weren't that far from us just hanging out, while the mom's took Frankie in the water. Everyone else was in splashing around too.

"You can go in if you want," I told Berna.

"I know," she said. "I just don't want to right now."

Eventually the dads went in the lake. It's amazing how they just let loose like they did. Those three men turned into three teenaged boys when they entered the water... figuratively speaking of course.

"Men," mom sighed as she and Mrs. Jonas got out of the lake with Frankie. We all laughed as we saw them try to dunk each other in the water. "You'd never guess they were in there 30's by the way they're acting," mom said as Mrs. Jonas nodded in agreement.

A few minutes later we were all eating lunch, sandwiches care of Mr. Koonz's rented RV. Berna and I were the only ones that were still dry causing a few people to tell us that we need to get in the water. There was no way anyone was going to get me in that water. I just brought extra clothes to make them think I was, but I'm definitely not.

Eventually everyone went back into the water. The people that stayed on shore were the moms, Frankie, Berna, and of course, me. Frankie was now bugging Mrs. Jonas to go back into the water as Berna told me about a dream she had last night involving Kristine and a very hungry bear.

"Jackie, could you take Frankie in the water please?" Mom asked. "Denise and Iwant to lay out and Paul and the other fathers look like they're having so much fun. I wouldn't want to bother them."

I was hesitant, but luckily Berna offered to go instead. I guess I must have zoned out a little because it took me a while to feel the drops of water falling on me. I looked up and saw JD standing above me.

"You're not wet," was all he said before taking Berna'sseat.

"I don't know," I said, "you were dripping on me. That counts as getting wet."

"Okay," he said laughing. "You win."

"You don't have to baby sit me you know." I know he's a nice guy and wouldn't want me to be here all alone, that's the only reason why he's here. Then again I don't mind it so much.

"I'm not babysitting you," he said.

"You don't have to keep me company if you don't want to."

"Who said I didn't want to?" I gave him a questioning look. I must still be daydreaming or something. He couldn't have meant what I think he means... could he? "Who knows, maybe I waited for Berna to leave so I could be alone with you."

Oh Mylanta. I could feel myself blush a little. "I doubt it," I said with afake scoff. I hope it sounded convincing.

"Okay so maybe I wasn't waiting." I guess I'm not daydreaming. It was fun while it lasted. "But I knew you'd be alone at one point and I didn't want you to be... alone, I mean. So technically I do want to keep you company." There was amoment of silence as I nodded stupidly to show that I knew what he was saying."Still scared of the water huh?"

I let out a light laugh. That was an understatement. "I guess I'm not one of those when you fall off a horse you get back on type of girls."

"It's not that deep. The only way you'll drown is if you shrunk while in there and I don't think it's possible." I guess he was trying to make a joke, but when it comes to large amounts of water I don't find it funny. "Frankie's in the water." What's his point? "Are you gonna let Frankie be better than you?"

"Frank's the man! Of course he's better than me," I said jokingly. Hopefully that'll distract him from getting me in the lake.

"Come on," he said nudging me a little. "I'll hold your hand the whole way."Now I know I'm in a dream. "You have good chances to live through his, a clutchaka me for when you start freaking out, extra clothes to change into, and no more excuses," he said holding out his hand.

In return I just sighed and slowly reached for his hand. I could see my hand shacking as it slowly got closer to his. If anyone asks its just nerves because I was going in the water, not because I was about to hold JD's hand. When my hand finally reached his he patted it with his other hand before we got up and walked to the lake.

Oh my gosh! Breathe Jackie, just breathe. If the water isn't gonna kill you then not breathing will. Gah! I'm holding his hand!

"See," I heard JD say. "This isn't too bad is it?"

I looked down and saw I was waist deep in the water. "I'm in the water," I said. No sh!t Sherlock! Say something smart. Unfortunately I couldn't. I was panicking, elated, and panicking some more. My brain wasn't functioning properly anymore.

"Jackie?" I heard JD say. "Jackie?" It was more panicked that time, but still soft enough for only me to hear. "Jackie breathe!" I finally took a breath. I didn't even know I was holding my breath. "Wow, you really do panic in the water don't you?"

That and I'm holding your hand. Damn I feel like alittle school girl. "Yea, I am," I said back.

"How do you bathe?"

"Normally, in a shower. Here standing on the rivers edge with Frankie's bucket."

"Well, you're in now and doing fine." I gave him a yeah-right look. "What? So you had a little episode, you're over it now."

When I finally got used to being in the water JD and I went over to where Berna and Frankie were splashing around. She was smiling while we were treading the water to get to them. I gave her a what look and she just shrugged her shoulders. I guess she must have seen what happened. I wonder who else saw. Hopefully no one else that way I'll just have Berna making fun of me instead of everyone there. It would definitely be bad if Kristine or Francis saw anything.

"You lucky bitch," Berna whispered to me when JD brought Frankie deeper into the lake.

"Did anyone else see that?" I asked Berna also in a whisper.

"Just Joe and Kevin." She had a smile on her face thatkinda scared me. I didn't know what it meant.

"What's that smile for?"

"He finally gave you the attention you've always wanted," Berna started to explain. "If that wasn't flirting I don't know what is. I'm just so proud, my little girl is growing up," she said playfully pinching my cheeks.

"Stop it," I said swatting her away. I looked over at JD only to see that he was watching us. I gave him a little wave that he returned. I then turned alittle and said, "Do you think he heard all that?"

"No he's way too far and we were really quiet." I hope she's right.

Soon Mrs. Jonas called us all in saying that we should be headed back to the camp.

There wasn't another time JD and I had a moment like that one at the lake. Iwas right about being in a dream, unfortunately that dream ended and I don't think I'll be able to experience it ever again.

The rest of the camping trip was uneventful, more aggravating than anything else. It was filled with Kristine and Francis complaining about little things like not having cellular phone service, a spa handy out in the woods, and other superficial things as that. Joe and JD had to endure that the most since they were always around them, so I guess I can't really complain about that. I have to admit; even Berna's complaining about Kristine's complaining was getting on my nerves. I got Kevin and Nick to get me away from it all by giving me more guitar lessons. They didn't mind, they wanted to get away too.

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