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Coming Home

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~~~~~~~~Kaycies POV~~~~~~~~
I wake to see that i'm back at home. I see Lily on the computer in my room at my aunts.

"Hey sleepy head bout time you woke up."
"What time is it?" I asked sleepily
"It's 12:00."
"Ah.. that aint too bad. How'd we get home?"
"Well, you fell asleep on the boys' couch so Joe carried you out to the car and Mandy drove home."
"Ah.. well you guys should have woken me up."
"We thought you might need your beauty sleep."

The door burst open.

"Wake up Sunshine!"
"I'm already up."
"Man I always wanted to wake someone up like that."
"I'll pretend to be asleep and you can come in again."
"Ok!." Mandy said running to the door
"Wake up Sunshine!" Mandy said real loud
"Huh.. What?!?! 5 more minutes mom." I say playing along
"Haha good one." Lily says
"So, what did you and Joe do?" I asked to Mandy
"Well, we went to his room and talked."
"About what?"
"A bunch of random crap."
"Ah.. is that it?" I asked wanting more
"Well, no."
"Tell or I will kill you!" I said in a weird voice
"Ok,ok he said I have beautiful eyes."
"He totally likes you!" I basically screamed
"No he doesn't."
"Then why did he invite you to his room? Hmmm?" I said looking at her
"J-Just to talk why else. I don't know."
"Ya well he likes you and that's totally a fact."
"Ya, Ya, Ya."

We all go downstairs to see what my aunt is doing.

"Hey aunt Les." I said jumping over to her and giving her a big hug
"Not much, but you missed breakfast."
"Ah, ya I slept a lil late... huh?"
"Ya, but there is some left over pancakes in the microwave."

After I get done eating the girls and I head out to the beach to work on our tans.

"Man I love it here I wish I could live here!" Lily says
"Me too." Mandy says shortly after
"Ya, too bad we have to leave in two days."
"Gosh I can't believe it's already time to leave." Lily says
"I know at least I got a killer tan." I say with a laugh
"Ha ha me too." Mandy says

~~~~~~~~~Joes POV~~~~~~~
"When are we leaving?" I asked Kevin
"Tomorrow. I think."
"Already?" Nick asked
"Yep." Kevin said
"What should we do to make a great last night here?" I ask
"We could go see a movie." Nick suggested
"Ya. I guess."

We go to the movies to see this movie called Mirrors. It's actually really scary. This girl like rips her mouth open.

"I'm gunna have nightmares." Nick joked
"Haha same here little bro." I said putting my arm around him

We went back to the hotel and watched some movies there.


"Time to go guys!" Kevin yells to Nick and I from the hall way
"Do you guys have everything?" Kevin asked
"Ya." Nick said
"Yep." I said too

On the flight back to Cali I was so bored out of my mind. I got out my iphone to listen to some music to waste some of the time.

"Wake up Joe. Time to go." Kevin said nudging me
"Huh.. what no I didn't fall off the stage what are you talking about?"
"What?" Kevin said with a weird face
"Uhh.. just erase that from your memory." I said patting him on the shoulder
"Ya, ok Joe." He said getting up

We got off the plane and headed to the airport and got our luggage. Mom, dad, and Frankie were waiting for us.

"Hey boys how was your trip?" Mom asked
"It was great." Keving said
"I missed you guys." Frankie said giving us all a hug
"We missed you too buddy." Nick said

~~~~~~~Kaycies POV~~~~~~~~
"Guys can you believ it's time to go?" I asked
"NO, I think i'm gunna cry." Mandy said
"Me too." Lily whined
"Oh girls. You can always visit again." Aunt Leslie said
"Thanks for everything." Mandy said giving her a hug
"Ya thanks." Lily said doing the same

I joined in on the hug fest.

"Well, girls everything is loaded in the car." Uncle Tom said
"Ok, we are coming." I said heading to the door

On the plane there was this old man sitting in the row of seats beside us who had a beard that almost touched the ground.

"Dude is that a straw?" I asked looking at him
"Man I don't know but it looks like a hand." Lily said
"Whatever it looks like a bird." Mandy said
"Well, whatever it is it's creeping me out. I can't wait to get off." Lily said

My parents and I get home after dropping Lily and Mandy off at theirs houses.

"I'm so glad to be home." I say
"Ya, we're glad your home hunny. Oh ya there is a surprise in your room." Mom said
"There is ooo what is it?" I said anxiously
"Well, go up there and find out."

I ran up the stairs and almost broke my arm trying to open my door.

"Oh My God!! Adam!!" I scream running over to him and giving him a huge hug
"I missed you so much." Adam said
"I missed you too it seems like I haven't seen you in a year."
"You know what I missed?" He asked
"This." He said leaning over and kissing me on the lips
"Oh boy I missed that too." I said leaning in giving him a kiss
"I want to take you out for dinner tonight."
"Oh you do now do you?"
"Yes, yes I do. Very much so." He said giving me a kiss on the cheek
"Well, where do you plan on taking me?"
"Hmm.. that new restauraunt they opened int town."
"Oo.. fancy."
"Yes, just for you."
"I'm so loved." I say giving him a hug
"Your so loved by me." He said resting his head on mine

We get in his car, after I got ready, to go to eat. We arrived and there are many people there.

"Wow they are packed." I say
"Gald I made reservations."

We sat down at our table and ordered. We got our food.

"Mmm.. this is so good!" I say
"What is it?"
"Shrimp and creamy noodles. What to try it?"

I get some on my fork and bring it to his mouth.

"That is good."

After we get done eating we go back to my house and go to our movie room to watch a movie.

"So, what do you want to watch?" I asked
"How about Texas Chainssaw Massacre." He suggested
"OOO scary. I like it!" I say putting it in the dvd player

I go to the couch where he is and snuggle up against him. We got to this part where the girl is running through the meat factory.

"Ahh!!!" I scream burrying my head into Adam
"I'll pretect you." Adam says holding me tight
"I'm so gald I have a strong man to hold me." I say with a chuckle

The movie gets over and Adam decides to stay over.

"Wow, i'm tired." I say with a yawn
"Let's go to your room then." Adam says

We head to my room and I go to my closet and get shorts and a tank top.

"Wooh wooh!" Adam yells
"You likey?"
"I lovey."

I jump into the bed where Adam is already laying down in.

"Ahhh! This is nice."
"Yes, it is." He said giving me a kiss

Before I knew it I was passed out with Adams' arm around me.
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