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Vampires Will Never Hurt You

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Olinda got off her flight and stepped out of the gates of the airport she immediately felt out casted by all the Jersey People she looked around her looking for the father who had left her all these years at the corner of her eyes she say a man he was wearing all black and looked nervous. The man began to walk over to her Olinda stood there and stared she had seen this man before she knew she had.
"Are You Olinda?" The man asked.
Olinda continued to stare at him. The strange man cleared his throat trying to disrupt the awkward silence the pair of them shared.
"Dad?" Olinda asked her eyes filling up with tears. She went up to embrace her newly reunited father but was cut short by two screaming girls.
"LIKE OH MY GOD ITS GERARD AHHHHHHH" screamed the two very excited girls.
Olinda’s face went as red as a tomato she looked down at her My Chemical Romance T-shirt at this point she just wanted to die.
"Come On" Gerard grabbed her arm and pulled her towards a waiting taxi.
Olinda just stood there
"Are you Okay?" question Gerard to his very pale looking daughter.
Olinda looked to the ground and just fell.

I woke up feeling like I was the happiest person in the world. I had just had the most wonderful dream were Gerard Way was my father. It took about a minute before I realised that I didn't have a clue were I was. The room was had pink painted walls and a ballerina
"Where the fuck am I?"I mumbled in a daze.
"Oh you have woken up" came a voice from behind the door. In walked Gerard.
"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?" I screamed i still must be dreaming.
"Well you passed out at the airport" Gearard said laughing.
I pinch myself not that i wanted to wake up but this was getting to freaky for me.
"Sweetheart you going to bruise your self if you keep that up" He said to me with concern in his voice as he slowly made his way to the end of my bed.
"Are You my real father" I questioned. Gerard just looked at me.
"Didn't you read the letter... You have your mothers hair" He whispered sweetly closed my eyes, grabbed the pillow and put it on my face.
"Please Explain what the fuck is going on" i finally sighed.
"Language miss he said in a stern voice before breaking in laughter."You look hungry how about some breakfast"
"Why not because its not everyday you have breakfast with Gerard Way now is it" I sarcastically exclaimed.
"Well Lets go" He laughed pulling me out of bed.

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