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Playtime for the young and rich

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Katie ducked her head out of the bathroom when there was a knock at the door. “It’s open!” She shouted, trying to tug the curling iron out of her hair. “Ow.”
“Stop pulling. You’re going to fry your hair off.” Victoria grabbed the iron out of her hand.
“Hey guys?” Brendon stepped into the room.
“What’s up?” Katie turned to look at him as Victoria wrapped the appliance around another section of hair.
“My zipper broke.” He said, looking down at his jacket.
“Then don’t zip it.”
“But I want to.”
“Did you bring another one that matches?”
“No.” Katie scrunched her nose and thought for a moment.
“Switch with Ryan. He doesn’t ever zip his anyway.”
“Awesome! His jacket’s cooler.” He skipped out of the room, stopping and turning at the door. “Hey, I read Perez Hilton. Congratulations. Who’s is it?” He smiled, pointing at his stomach. Victoria’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped as Katie sighed.
“That wasn’t me. That was my sister, and she’s not pregnant, she just got kind of fat.”
“I think he did that on purpose.” Victoria laughed, moving on to her own makeup.
“He never did want to wear that jacket.” Katie nodded, picking a knot out of her hair.
“How can you be so good at clothes, and so horrible at doing your hair?” Victoria shook her had.
“Nobody can be THAT perfect.” Katie shrugged, giggling.
“Did I bring my dress over here, or did I leave it in my room?” Victoria asked, shoving all of her makeup back in her bag.
“I have no idea. I didn’t see it in here.”
“Well, I guess I will see you there, then.”

Katie checked herself in the mirror one last time before they had to leave. Her hair was curled just enough so it was slightly wavy, she had dark smoky eyes and berry lips. Her dress was skin colored, strapless and very tight, with a flowy sheer black layer over top. She had a silver cuff bracelet and hot pink patent leather shoes. Just as she was turning around to check the back, there was a loud pounding on the door. She swung it open to reveal four smiling faces and Sisky, banging on the door like a maniac. “Whoa.” He froze as all their faces simultaneously glazed over.
“You look…hot.” The Butcher grinned slyly.
“Ew. Don’t look at me like that.” Katie scrunched her nose. “Someone needs to buckle my shoes, I can’t bend that far.” She pointed at her feet. Everyone dove to the ground, but Sisky got there first.
“So, you’re still sitting with us tonight, right?” Bill asked as they headed down the hallway.
“Yeah. I just have to walk the red carpet with Dylan, for the photographers.” She made a face.
“Awesome. You can sit next to me.” Sisky grinned.
“Of course I will.” The elevator doors opened and they came face to face with Dylan Hawk wearing a bright green, super short dress covered in sequins. She smiled politely as they all piled in.
“Thanks for dressing like a girl.” She looked Katie up and down.
“You look like a shiny avocado.” Katie smirked. “Maybe you should lay off the donuts.”
“Mom and I bought you some real clothes, they’re being sent over here.”

“I needed to talk to you about something.” Dee whispered as a guy wearing a headset came over to them with two microphones.
“Take these. They’ll introduce you, and you go out here and around the front of the set to the edge of the stage. They’ll have tele-prompters right in front.” The guy pointed the path they were to follow in a few minutes.
“If it’s about my clothes, hair, activities, or living arrangements, I don’t care.” Katie glared at her.
“I have a reality show that is just about to start shooting on MTV…”
“I’m not going to be on it.”
“They want the show to be sort of different but the same, kind of vibe.”
“They don’t want to produce it if it’s just me.”
“Then don’t do it.”
“This could be my big break! Do you have any idea how popular Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian got after their shows premiered?”
“There are other ways to get famous.”
“I’ve tried. I can’t sing, I can’t act. I have no talents. The cameras will only follow you a couple days a week. They won’t get in your way, you’ll barely even notice them.”
“Fine. I’ll be in a couple episodes, but I’m not starring. The cameras will come no more than two days a week…”
“Fine, three. The minute they piss me off, I’m kicking them out. And I get to approve anything they shoot. You’re not going to make me look like an asshole.” Katie sneered as Dee wrapped her in a hug, giggling. The guy signaled to them that it was time to go on. The host’s voice boomed through the speakers behind them.
“Our next presenters are the stars of the new MTV reality show ‘Opposites Attract’, premiering in October. Please welcome Dylan Hawk and Katie Hawk.” They started walking when they heard their names.
“What if I said no? What would you have done with the announcement?” Katie wrinkled her eyebrows.
“I would have dealt with it later. You wouldn’t have said no, you’re too nice to everyone.”
“So, I should learn how to be a bitch like you?”

Here's the
"dress": , it's hard to explain. Except instead of the under layer of the skirt being loose, it's tight, like the top.

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