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Mikey and Kari talk, she is in pain again

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"Get your hands off my daughter" shouted Karis mom after she had screamed. Mikey let go of Kari and stood up, "Its ok Im her friend" he reassured her. She looked him up and down carefully, "I know you. Your from that band Kari went to see arent you?"

"Yes, I am" Mikey said, beaming with pride.

"Then get out" she said bluntly

Mikey and Kari looked at eachother puzzled. Her mom got up from the chair and went over to the door opening it. "I said get out"

"Mom, stop it. He is my friend, why are you being so rude to him?" Kari said, grabbing Mikey to keep him in the room.

"Because, that 'band' he is in, it is the cause of you being so moody and wanting to give up on your time left, and I am not having it" said her mom firmly.

Mikey's jaw dropped along with Kari's. "Mom what the hell, its got nothing to do with Mikey and his band" she told her.

"Im waiting" said her mom nodding Mikey towards the door. He glanced at Kari, who smiled weakly at him.

"Mom I want you to leave please" Kari said to her mom as she went and sat by the window. Her mom shut the door, "No way"

"Leave or I will fling myself out of this window" she said, unlocking the latch of it, smirking. Her mom raised her eyebrow at her and sat down. Kari slid the window open fully and watched her moms reaction.

"Kari, you wouldnt dare" said her mom, starting to panic.

"Dont tempt me mother" she said, straddling her leg over the windowsill.

"Okay okay, conisder me gone. Just get inside" said her mom grabbing her coat and heading for the door, "Do anything to hurt her and I will hunt you down" she said to Mikey as she left.

Kari collapsed on the bed and laughed, "That worked quite well" she said. Mikey smiled at her.

"You sure your okay now cause I have to go, the guys will be waiting for me" he said putting on his jacket.

She sat up and nodded, "I will be fine, but Mikes.."


"Tell them I am sorry"

He smiled and hugged her, "Will do"

She lay down in her bed, wincing at the stomach pains that had returned early that morning. She didnt tell anyone incase they worried, she was sure it was nothing. It was nothing. Right?
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