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Chapter 3

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-Evie’s POV-

“Panic! At the Disco, with an exclamation point.” Brendon laughed and I giggled shyly. He glanced at me and smiled. “Actually, you might know the others in the band, they go to the same school you do.”

“Really? Who?” Holly asked curiously.

“Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith, oh! And Jon Walker!” he replied with a smile.

Holly froze and her face paled. Oh this isn’t good.

“Holly? You alright baby?” Bill asked concernedly, placing his hand on her shoulder and looking at her face.

She didn’t reply, but I could see tears beginning to brim in her eyes. My heart immediately broke for her, I couldn’t even begin to comprehend what she was going through. I quickly rushed over and put my arm around her shoulder and turned to Bill.

“I think I’ll take her home.” I told him.
“Are you sure? I could do it.” He offered, but I shook my head.
“No, don’t worry about it. You have work and I’m sure you have band practise afterwards. I’ll take her.” I smiled.

“Alright, call me if you need me.” He told me.
“I will. It was nice to meet you.” I said to Brendon, who was standing next to Bill.
“You too...?”

“Evie.” I replied, blushing when he smiled.
“You too Evie.” He smiled.
“Well... bye.” I said, grabbing Holly’s bag and leading her out the door.

“Holly? Hun, are you ok?” I asked worriedly as we reached her house.
She’d been silent the whole way home.
“Y-yeah. It just... was unexpected I guess.” She shrugged.
“I didn’t realise he went to your school. Isn’t Jon already 19?” I asked confusedly.
“Yeah. He had to repeat his senior year.” Holly replied.
I nodded and we made our way up to her house.

“Who’s car is that?” I asked confusedly, seeing a Honda civic in the driveway.
“Oh no.” Holly mumbled.
“What? What is it?” I asked worriedly.
She turned to face me, “My brother.”

“Crap, you don’t think he’s there right?” I asked slightly worried.
Holly chuckled, “No, I don’t think so. And relax, he’s like that with everyone.”
“Even you?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.
“Well, no. But most people.” She shrugged.
I sighed, “Fine.”

We both walked the 20 or so metres up to her house. You could hear the music and feel the vibrations coming through the house. I rolled my eyes. Boys. Holly knocked loudly on the door and after waiting a couple of minutes with no answer, she unlocked it and we walked inside. Holly ignored the guys in the living room and walked straight over to the CD player, turning it off instantly.

“Hey!” they all whined.
“Finally, I can hear myself think!” she exclaimed, throwing her arms in the air for dramatic effect.
I stifled a giggle, she could’ve been an actress if she wanted.
“Holly! You’re home!” her brother cried.
“Yes, it is I!” she exclaimed, laughing a bit as well.

Patrick got up and gave her a tight squeeze.
Suddenly, somebody wrapped their arms around my waist from behind, “Hello beautiful.” A voice said into my ear.
“If you do not let me go this instant I will hit you so hard you won’t see tomorrow.” I threatened through gritted teeth.
The owner kissed my shoulder and chuckled before letting go. I turned around and saw his face set in a smirk with dancing eyes.

“Next time Mr Wentz, I’ll hit you.” I said seriously.
“Awwe I missed you too!” he exclaimed jokingly.
Everybody in the room laughed except me.

“Why must you be so... perverted and weird?” I asked, crossing my arms over my chest.
“Because, that’s how I roll.” He answered.
I rolled my eyes, “Alrighty then... I’m off like a dirty shirt.” I said before making a beeline to Holly’s room, with her right behind me.

“You alright Ducky?” she laughed, yes I use movie quotes in life... sometimes... only ones that appeal to me!
Pretty in Pink is an awesome movie! Holly and I watch it all the time!
“Yeah, he’s just irritating. Can I play?” I asked her, knowing she knew what I meant.
“Sure. It’s where you left it.” She replied with a smile.

A year or so ago, Holly had bought me a second hand acoustic guitar which I absolutely adored. I didn’t want it to get stolen while I was sleeping or something, so I told her my parents would have been mad if they found it and asked if I could leave it here. She agreed, so every time I come over, I play while sitting in her pillow corner.

I took it out from her wardrobe and took it over to the corner before sitting down on the cushions. Holly shut her door behind her and made her way over to her bed, and I began to lightly strum the guitar.

“Evie, how am I going to tell them?” she asked nervously from the bed.
I stopped strumming and looked at her, “I don’t know sweetie, but you can’t not tell them. They’re your parents and have a right to know.” I told her.
“But- what will Patrick think? Or do? What if they disown me and kick me out!” she asked exasperatedly.

“They won’t kick you out. And besides, William’s already told you that you could live with him.” I reminded her.
“B-but what if the baby isn’t his?” she asked with tears now falling gracefully down her cheeks.
I sighed, “Ok, look. How about tomorrow we go to the doctors, and you can express your concerns there. Maybe they have a test or something that can help you.” I suggested.

She nodded tiredly and before I knew it, she was asleep. I smiled to myself and continued to play the guitar.

A couple hours later, Holly had woken up and we moved back downstairs where the guys still were.
“Hey Holl, you look tired.” Patrick stated.
“She’s only just woken up.” I replied for her.

He nodded before going back to his video game before abruptly turning back to us, “Shouldn’t you already be at school Holl?” he asked.
“I wasn’t feeling too good so I stayed home.” She shrugged, taking a seat beside Joe on the couch.

“Hey Evie.” Patrick smiled at me.
“Hey Patrick. How was the tour?” I asked interestedly.
He smiled widely, “It was great! We all had a lot of fun.” He told me.

“That’s great,” I smiled back, “So how long are you back home for?” I asked.
“A couple of weeks.” Andy answered.
I nodded and checked the clock, 4:56pm.

“When do your parents get home Holl?” I asked her.
She shrugged, “I dunno. 5pm maybe?”
I nodded and got up, “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow. I should head off.” I said, grabbing my backpack from beside the couch.
“Please stay for dinner. You always say no.” Holly pouted.

I smiled, “Well, I’m going to say it again. You know I don’t like to intrude.” I told her, heading towards the door.
“Please?” she pouted.
I chuckled and shook my head, “I’ll see you tomorrow ok? I have to get going. Bye guys.”
“Bye!” they all chorused, before I opened the door and left.
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