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Gone For Good

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They find the envelope

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2008-09-20 - Updated: 2008-09-20 - 183 words

Doctors found Kari three hours later. Body stone cold, along with blue lips and pale skin. Her mom was nowhere to be found and the only people they could get in touch with were MCR. They didnt say what had happened they just explained they were needed at the hospital.

"Hello, were here about Kari" said Frank trying to catch his breath as they skidded up to the front desk.

The receptionist nodded and told them to go on towards her room. They rushed in and found that it was empty apart from a large white envelope sitting on the bed. It was too late and they all knew, she had gone for good.

With trembling fingers Mikey went over and picked it up.

"Its blank" he said, but then noticed Kari's writing scribbled on the back of the envelope. They all gathered round looking at the familiar sentence on the back.

'Cause the hardest part of this is leaving you'

A/N- More tonight, you will find out what is inside. Please review, even if you hate me for it.

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