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Things heat up.

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Whee. An update. Go me. On with the show.

Izzy's POV

"Um, yeah." Axl answers him, still staring at me, lips kiss-swollen. I hold his gaze as Duff continues talking. "I thought I heard shouting." Duff sounds worried. I smirk at Axl, who glares back. "We're fine." Axl says. I have to fight the intense urge to kiss him again. "Alright. If you're sure." Duff says, walking away.

"What the fuck, Izzy?" Axl hisses at me. "What?" I ask innocently. "You know what. Why did you kiss me?" He flicks some hair back over his shoulder. "I told you, you belong to me." I reach out and stroke the side of his cheek. "Always have and always will."

"Bullshit. I don't belong to you or anyone." His eyes narrow even more. I take my hand back and just watch him. He just gares at me and soon I can't fight the urge anymore and I lean in and seal my lips to his again. He resists for a moment, but then relents and allows me in. The kiss is hard and possive on my part. My tongue flicks over his front teeth before moving back along the roof of his mouth then settles on teasing his tongue. I break the kiss and tilt his head up and mine down, so I can press tiny kisses to his neck.

I start to suck on a spot right beneath his ear and he moans, hands running up and down my back before tangling in my hair. I grab his hips and press him even harder against the wood of the door, grinding lightly against him. I force a knee inbetween his legs. I can feel his erection against my thigh. I apply a light pressure to it and he moans. "You like that, Axl? You want me to suck you off? Want me to fuck you?" I breathe into his ear. He moans again and rubs himself against my thigh. I've got him right where I want him.

Axl's Point Of View

All I can feel is Izzy's hands and his lips everywhere on me. His breathe is warm in my ear. "You like that, Axl? You want me to suck you off? Want me to fuck you?" I can't speak, so I just moan and rub hard against his thigh. I want him so bad. I don't think I've ever wanted someone so much, not even Duff. Wait a minute, Duff. Just as I raise my hands to push Izzy away from me, he lets go and backs away from me, smirking. I stare at him, not quite sure what to say.

"Poor little Billy. Stuck between a rock and a hard place." He chuckles at me. I glare, not at all amused. "You know you can't have me. Not when you're with Duff. That wouldn't be very fair to him, now would it?" He lectures me. I just continue to glare at him. I'm still so turned on though, that all I want to do is go over to him and kiss him, and make him suck me.

General Point of View

Axl leaned back against the door, half tempted to just punch Izzy. The other half wanted to make Izzy make him cum. He wasn't sure which would have the greater consequences, so he just leaned against the door, not saying a word. Izzy grins in a way that Axl isn't sure he likes at all. Izzy moves closer and Axl thinks he's going to kiss him, but instead he just reaches around Axl for the door knob. "You gonna get out of my way?" He asks in a silky voice.

Wordlessly, Axl moves out from in front of the door. Izzy doesn't even spare him one last glance as he leaves the room and Axl hates that. He looks in the mirror in the closet and tries to calm his breathing. He wills his hard-on away by thinking of the most un-sexy things ever. Like food and animals. That got it to go away. He turned back to the door and walked down the stairs, intent on finding Duff.

Duff was still on the couch and Axl curled up next to him, silently asking for comfort. Duff glanced down at him and petted his hair a few times before hugging him close to his side. Izzy walked in from the kitchen, carrying a beer. He took a seat in the armchair beside the couch and smirked over the rim of his bottle at Axl, who ignored it in favor of snuggling closer to Duff.

The front door banged open and scared all of the occupants in the room. Slash and Steven were home, it seemed, and without and ladies. They stumbled in and grinned drunkenly at their bandmates.

"Did you guys get thrown out again?" Axl asked, laughing slightly. They shook their heads, still grinning retardedly. "Why don't you guys go to bed? You look like you need." Izzy suggested. They shrugged and turned, walking up the stairs, amazingly not falling down them, and entered their bedroom.

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