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Leading a Double Life

by ThreeCheersForMCR_x 4 Reviews

Gerard Way is a Loner. Bert McCracken is a Jock. Frank Iero is a social outcast with Gerard one week and part of Bert's jock clan the next. So on so forth. How does that work? [Frerard]

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Warnings: [!!] - Published: 2008/09/01 - Updated: 2008/09/01 - 3797 words


  • Leading a Double Life

    (#) IeroMyHero 2008-09-01 08:44:48 AM

    Whoaaaaa, cool idea! Wow, that is seriously awesome. I love it! Dude, this is really interesting.

    I think I just repeated myself three times, sorry.

    Frerard rocks. Like, seriously. But I'd really like to see Frank paired up with Bert. No one ever did that cause they always seem to think Frank hated Bert's guts. Maybe he did, but it would still be cute, dontcha think? You should write one like that. Or I should. Or we should write it together! OMG! Wouldn't that be really cool? I've always wanted to write something with someone.

    I'm sorry, I'm like getting carried away. Sorry. Too excited.

    Love this story, write more soon! and don't forget The Odd Pair!

    < 3333333


    Author's response

    Haha, it's all cool. I like it when you get all enthusiastic. It makes me smile. :)

    Man, I absolutly LOVE that pairing too! I think Frank and Bert make possibly the most sexy pairing on Earth. No, scratch that. The entire freaking Universe!

    And you're completly right. No one even dares to write about it because they just aren't an obvious pairing. Because, as you say, people assume Frank hated Bert's guts. I think that's because people think Frank has a crush on Gerard in real life and was jealous of Bert for taking him away blah blah blah..Y'know, they believe in the fan fics. Which could be true. I like to think Frerard is real. But in the end, it could all just be in our heads. It's fiction. Anything can happen, right? So we could go against the fan fic rules and make a Frert story! (See, I think Frert is even more catchier than Frerard don't you?) Okay, maybe i'm getting a little too excited too...but wouldn't that just be totally awesome? I've always wanted to write something with someone too! And you'd be a kick-ass person to write something with so, if you're still willing to or even meant it in the first place, i'm up for it. :D Just have to figure out how...

    Oh yeah, and thanks so fucking much for the review. Really, i'm glad you liked it! And I haven't forgotton the Odd Pair and will be continuing it soon. :)

  • Leading a Double Life

    (#) Musicismylife 2008-09-01 10:59:06 AM

    i love this plot !
    very original !
    update soon
    please and thank you

    Author's response

    Hey, thank you!
    I'm glad you liked it.
    I'll most likely continue...but I'd still like to get more reviews. Not that I'm expecting them. It's just stories turn out better when you have encouragment and inspiration. The more the better!

    But y'know, thanks so much for reviewing. It really does mean a lot.

  • Leading a Double Life

    (#) IeroMyHero 2008-09-01 01:52:06 PM

    I don't think people respect Bert enough. Because, I mean, people really give him shit about the MCR fight thing, like "Oh, he's being really childish, why can't he be more like MCR and not make such a big deal out of it?" Well, maybe he got more hurt than My Chem did. I think people need to realize that Bert has feelings too and there's probably a reason for him being as angry as he was and trashing MCR.

    Sorry, I just get mad whenever I think about people being mean to Bert.

    Anyway, I was serious. I was like...seriously serious. Okay, I'm really happy now. cause I thought you'd be like "what a freak". Frank and Bert are only the two most coolest dudes ever. Frert. I LOVE IT! Dude, I'm getting really excited now.

    If you still wanna do it email me:

    I hope you're not one of those people who mind emailing people you don't know. If you are, that's okay. We'll figure something else out.

    < 33 Cryssie

    P.S. Even if you don't get more reviews for this story, I just wanna say I think it's wonderful and that the plot is cool and Bert sounds totally shmexi. I just wanna jump into your story and rape him. Okay, maybe not. Maybe I'd just hug him. Maybe. =p I want you to write more! And in return...I'll write my Quert?

    Author's response

    Yeah, that is the most popular reason MCR fans have a thing against Bert. And I totally agree, people don't respect Bert's feelings. What I try to put into perspective is that there must be a reason why Bert is now so bitter over MCR and Gerard. There must be a reason why. But people don't take this into account and just automatically think he's an asshole. And what annoys me even more is that they blame Bert for the whole break-up and make him out to be the bad guy. They don't even know what happened! It could be all Gerard's fault for all they know. Not saying it is, but it could be.I just get really mad and frustrated about it all too so no need to apologise. :)

    So you were serious? Really?! That's awesome! Wait, you'd think i'd think you were a freak? What kind of bitch do you take me for? I think it's a fantastic idea. Yeah, told ya Frert sounds cooler. :D

    Okay, I do have an email address but I don't usually email. Not because I can't, just because I haven't really needed too lol. I usually just msn people. Which is like IM. I'm sure you knew that already, lolz. But i'm sending you a email and...well just read it and you'll understand. That's if you get it...

    Aww thank you! Wow, i'll send up the first proper chapter ASAP just 'cause what you said made me grin. And also your Quert bribing has tempted me. Yeah, I'm glad you think Bert sounds goooood. I was worried people would automatically think because he's a jock in this story he would be an jackass. But he's not really. He's more...misunderstood in this story. And not all he seems. God, I don't wanna give too much away! I'll shut up now. Or just click the respond button.
  • Leading a Double Life

    (#) LoveFAI 2008-09-02 09:31:00 AM

    I really like this so far. It caught my attention, definately. The way you write is really cool too. It's...different. This is gonna go on my alerts, I hope you write more.

    I also couldn't help but eavesdrop on your conversation with IeroMyHero. I agree with you guys, people give Bert a lot of shit about the MCR thing, but y'know he can be a real asshole sometimes. When I met the band, he was pretty nice but from what I've heard, he's either on or he's off. But at least he can admit to being a dickhead at times. Anyway, I'd definately read a..."Frert" as you call it. =)


    Author's response

    Wow...thank you! I'm really glad you like it. I will be continuing soon, i promise.

    Haha, that's okay. The conversation is kind of hard to miss. And yeah I do agree, he can be an asshole. But isn't everyone sometimes? I have heard about his 'moods'. Y'know, being nice sometimes and being moody others. And I'm not gonna justify that it's not true. I can be a bitch sometimes. You can't be nice all the time. Everyone has their moods. Including Bert, lol. It's just the fact that everyone gives Bert shit for MCR's break-up and they don't even know that it was Bert's fault. That's what gets to me and Crys most. Well, I think that's what gets to her most. Lolz, I don't want to speak her opinions because they might be wrong.

    Wow, sorry i'm gonna have to go fangirl on you. YOU MET BERT MCCRACKEN?! YOU LUCKY BITCH!! Haha, nah i'm joking. But you are one damn lucky girl. Anywho, I am delighted to know you'd read the 'Frert'. We have a fan. ;D

    Thank you so much for reviewing. it means so much, seriously.

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