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Bottom Feeder

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Introducing Dominic Giovanni.

Category: Romance - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Published: 2008-09-23 - Updated: 2008-09-23 - 407 words

Down the hall from Kylie's locker, another student was in a bad mood, but for an entirely different reason.

Dominic Giovanni leaned his forehead against the cool metal of his unopened locker, eyes shut while he rested. His white T-shirt clung to his toned torso with sweat while his blue jeans created an uncomfortable sensation on his equally sweaty legs. Sure, a jog to school would've been nice, but not a sprint.

Which was what Dominic had to do to make it to school in one piece.

He never fully understood the bullies that chased him to school that morning. They didn't even know his name, and yet they decided as a spur-of-the-moment idea to try and take him down. Tough luck. Dominic had been on the track team in middle school; his legs were long and muscular, so he easily outran his pursuers.

But still, why him?

Dominic wasn't ugly, that was for sure. In fact, if he tried hard enough, he could become one of the most popular and sought-after boys in the whole school. He had brown curly hair that wasn't a complete wreck, and wide, inquisitive eyes that would be otherwise cute on another boy. He wasn't a fatty; he had plenty of muscle from running away from school bullies in middle school.

What made Dominic Giovanni different was that he rarely spoke.

Sure, when a teacher called on him in class, that was totally different. He answered all the time and was usually right. Thankfully, when Dominic wasn't granted popularity, he was granted brains. But when another student tried to approach him, he stuttered and became nervous. He always questioned why people were talking to him. Were they just going to beat him up? Ridicule him? This constant fear always made him nervous, and so he had a horrible stammer whenever someone tried to approach him.

He hated it when the other kids treated him like he was retarded, too. He understood what they were saying, but he just felt too intimated to speak properly. Being picked on continuously since first grade sometimes does that to a person.

Dominic sighed and unlocked his locker. No use thinking about his trivial problems now. Not like he'd ever amount to any sort of recognition from his classmates anyway. As long as his grades kept up, he couldn't care less if he was on the bottom of the food chain.

Well...maybe just a little.
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