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Troublesome Birthday

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Side-fic to The Affair: It's Shika's birthday, so Sasuke does what friends do on friend's birthdays

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Yo! Ok, since it was Shikamaru’s birthday yesterday, and since my girls’ were both writing fics for Shika, I thought I’d use my Shika, from The Affair, and give him some extra scene time with his best bud, Sasuke. So, if you haven’t read The Affair, you will find Sasuke to be OOC, but he’s not.. Not technically >.> So, if you wish to see what I mean, go take a looksy at that little story, k? ^__^

Other than that.. I dedicate this to “my” Shika, ren, and “my” Kakashi, ladygizarme.

(Beta'd by ladygizarme)


Sasuke had the whole day planned out for him and his best friend, Shikamaru. It was said best friend’s birthday that day, and everything had to be perfect. The two even made sure to request the day off from work because a friend’s birthday is considered a National Holiday, right?

It was early, and Sasuke wanted to let Shika sleep in for a little while since work usually got him up early on most days. Shika would enjoy a couple hours more rest before waking and getting a move on their adventurous day. Meanwhile, while Shika slept, Sasuke already showered and got ready and double checked online the directions to the place he would be taking Shikamaru.

Time was finally up for Shika to rise, so Sasuke planted his first set of surprises on the coffee table near where Shika was sleeping on the couch.

“Haigusha~,” Sasuke softly called out to his “spouse” as Ino and Sakura told them that the two acted as married couples when they were together.

“Hnn,” was the answer Sasuke received from his slumbering friend.

Rolling his eyes, Sasuke raised his voice a smidge, “HAIGUSHA!” Well, ok, maybe not a smidge, but enough to wake Shikamaru up.

Shikamaru sat straight up and looked around with glassy eyes trying to wake up and asked, “What?” to no one in particular since he really didn’t know if there was anyone in the room or not because he couldn’t see from the sleep in his eyes.

“Happy Birthday, Haigusha,” Sasuke said sweetly, sitting in the rocker next to the entertainment center across the room from Shika’s possibly flying fists.

“Troublesome,” came from the dark haired man, as he fell back into the cushions of the couch.

“Now now, Shika-kun,” Sasuke couldn’t help but add a suffix to his friends name when he was trying to make fun, “we have a whole day planned and we’ve let too many hours slip by. Up! Now!”

A deep sigh emitted from the birthday boy, before said boy rolled and fell to the floor before picking himself up. Sasuke smirked at his friend as he slowly realized there were things sitting on the coffee table that were not there the night before.

He picked up a bag that was dark green with silver spirals. He made his way through the silver tissue paper and found himself face-to-face with a penguin. A small, stuffed, penguin. It was absolutely precious. For some reason, Shikamaru grew an affinity towards penguins. Sasuke believed it happened after they went to the zoo.

Digging deeper in the green bag, Shikamaru came across a DVD box-set for Jigoku Shoujo.

Shika looked up at Sasuke in astonishment, “You found this? I was looking all over for it and could never get my hands on it.”

Sasuke just, “Hn”d at his friend and then looked back to the coffee table to show his friend that he wasn’t finished. He of course knew his friend was enthralled with the story, after he picked up the manga Hell Girl some months ago. It took him some time, but he came across a copy and snagged it immediately.

Shika’s eyes glanced down to the table where Sasuke’s eyes led him and he realized some how he bypassed a blanket. Yes. A blanket was sitting on the table and he completely overlooked it. He unfolded it and on it held a little blonde girl, with skull barrettes on each side of her part, wearing a black dress.

“Lenore?” Shika looked up at Sasuke, a smile gracing his face.

Sasuke shrugged, “I know how you’ve been into her for a long time now.”

Shikamaru hugged his blanket, then gently folded it and placed it at the end of the couch, setting his penguin on top, and walked over and gave his best friend a hug. Sasuke rolled his eyes but hugged back, because, that’s just what friends do.

“Thank you, Haigusha.”

Sasuke nodded and told Shika to get his ass in the shower now so they could get the hell out of here.

The brown haired man smirked at his friend as he went towards the bathroom. “So troublesome.”


Once Shika emerged from the bathroom washed and changed, the two friends headed out to the car. After they both buckled in, and Sasuke was starting the car and putting it in reverse, Shikamaru was loading the CD player with a new burned CD the two made together a few nights ago.

The sounds of the opener of Full Metal Alchemist started to fill the car and their ears, and the two dark haired men sang as they drove off.

Not knowing where they were really going, Shika just sat back and enjoyed listening to the tunes they made and talked and laughed with his best friend. Realizing that Sasuke was turning, Shikamaru looked up to see they were pulling into Subway.

“Lunch,” Sasuke said, looking over at his smiling friend.

Shika looked back at Sasuke and let out a loud, “YOSH!” that only he expressed when it was just he and his best friend around.

Sasuke and Shikamaru rarely remembered to call upon the greatness of Subway, so that Sasuke made sure to make it part of Shika’s day, made the spiky haired man that much more happy.

The two went in and ordered the exact same thing, and sat down to eat half of their foot-longs, because that’s just what the two always did. Save the other half for later.

After a yummy lunch, since now it was after noon, the two hopped back in the car and headed to their next destination. Sasuke needed to stop off at his work, Pets World, to pick up Temari and TenTen. The two had been where Sasuke was taking Shikamaru so he figured instead of blindly driving to some place he’s never been before, having back up would be nice.

Shikamaru cocked his brow at Sasuke once they arrived at Pets World. “No, not another animal,” Sasuke said, knowing that look.

Shika chuckled as he got out of the car and followed Sasuke into his place of employment. The two met TenTen and Temari near the registers. The girls knew to not speak of where they were going, but greeted Shikamaru with birthday wishes and the like before they followed the men back out to Sasuke’s car.

For the first quarter of the drive, the four chatted about work and this and that. For half the trip, they turned their tunes up and all four listened to the different types of music on the burned CD. The last quarter of the trip found the two in the backseat, TenTen and Temari, arguing over which street they were supposed to turn at and realized that after about 4 miles, they missed the turn while they argued and they had to backtrack to find the correct road.

“Troublesome,” Shika and Sasuke said at the same time as Sasuke had to pull into someone’s drive to turn around. The two looked at each other and snorted. Both starting to sing at the same time to the song playing, snorted again, before laughing full out.

The girls stopped arguing to turn to see what was so funny. They glared at the men in the front seat when they found no answer forthcoming. The two men just laughed more at the looks on their faces.

Finally, after over an hour of driving through town, hopping on a highway, switching highways, and driving up through this giant forested area, they came across what they were looking for. A cemetery.

Shika’s eyes were wide when he realized they were going to get to look around the area. He hopped out of the car first and started through the small area filled with tombstones.

The small group walked together in silence, sometimes making quiet comments about the headstones or the years on said headstones. They stared in wonder over such beautifully crafted work, wondering who these people were to have been given an elaborate stone to remember them by. The four were also sickened when they saw some had been knocked over or broken by hoodlums.

They walked on until they could walk no more and they stood atop a tomb embedded in the hill. They overlooked the small country town they were in, the sun was now lowering, making the scene majestic. The sky was filled with blues, purples, reds, oranges, and the grass was as green and lush as could be.

“We should go down the hill to see the tomb now before it gets too dark, or we won’t see a thing down there,” TenTen wisely stated.

The four began to descend the steep hill, most using their butt as a way to slide down rather than stumble. They turned towards the massive mouth of the tomb, the door broken off who knows how long ago. They took tentative steps as they approached, and peeked in the small room that wasn’t as small as it seemed.

Once the four stood inside, they looked up to the ceiling that was a good fifteen to twenty feet above them, the top of the hill. Standing in the middle of the room there was a good three feet to each side and probably four feet from the deepest part and to the door. The tomb was completely empty. All the doors to the coffins were gone, some of the rubble lay on the floor or inside of the rectangular prisons. All that remained in the building was the structure. Everything removed. Bodies, coffins, everything.

“Story is, cults have come here and sacrificed animals and people on this very doorstep of this tomb,” Temari shared with the group as she was walking along, reading some of the messages left by hoodlums and possibly cult members.

“That’s intense,” Shika said, looking at the ceiling, pondering how the little law breakers got up that high to write up there.

The four chit-chatted quietly about the haunts of this tomb, and read aloud some of the graffiti that now graced this once beautiful resting place. Finally noticing the sun getting too low for comfort while in a cemetery, the group began their trek up the hill.

They paid their last respects to some of the names that caught their attention as they passed by the rows of headstones as they made it back to the car. Getting back in, they all took a sigh of relief.

“Well, that was fun,” TenTen stated.

“Yes, it really was,” Shika said, looking at Sasuke.

Sasuke smiled at him and the girls, starting the car before pulling away. Time to take the girls back to work, and for the last two of his friend’s gifts to be given.


It was planned that once the girls were dropped off, Sasuke and Shikamaru would go eat dinner across the road at a pasta house. Of course, Shika had no clue who would be there.

Upon entering, they were greeted by Tsunade, Jiraiya, Sakura, Ino, Asuma, Shizune, Kurenai, and Kiba. Shika’s face held a look of annoyance just because he hated being the center of attention, but played the part of birthday boy well, and accepted the gifts and birthday wishes given to him.

Before ordering, Sasuke and Shika headed to the men’s room to freshen up due to their excursion.

“Damn the wind!” Sasuke growled, as he tried combing out some tangles in his hair.

Shika chuckled at his friends predicament but realized, too, even though his hair was up, it did not fair so well either.

The two joked around while they fixed their hair and washed their hands (climbing around tombs and cemeteries leaves one feeling not so clean), they headed back out to their friends and family. They ordered their favs and began to tell of their adventures. Shika letting Sasuke talk more, because it was just too troublesome for the two to both be explaining. Unfortunately for Shika, Sasuke never leaves Shikamaru out of things and would ask for his input on things that happened.

Dinner arrived and the two friends sitting side by side ate in comfortable silence, talking only when prompted, enjoying just being together. Once the plates were removed and everyone began to leave, Sasuke informed Shika they were not done yet.

“I don’t think I can take much more, Sasuke.”

“Hn, quit being a baby. Let’s go!” Sasuke led the two back to their car after saying goodbye to the last of their friends.

Heading back in the direction of Sasuke’s work, Shika thought Sasuke might actually have him get another pet, but instead he turned into the bookstore. Sasuke parked, turned the car off, and turned to look at his friend.

“Last gift. You get to decide on any manga you want.”

Shikamaru was surprised at this. It made sense though. Why have someone buy you something that you’d end up not enjoying, especially when it came to something like anime or manga. Better to be safe than sorry in this world of entertainment.

He and his friend walked up and down the manga aisles, both finding titles that looked interesting and then reading the summaries out loud before placing the graphic novels back in their appropriate spots when one or the other disapproved of the storyline. Finally, Shikamaru found one that they both found intriguing and went to the checkout.

Shika was elated that his day was finally coming to an end, and it was a day to remember. Of course, anyone else would wish the day would continue on, but Shika just wished to get home and read his new manga and watch his new box-set with his best friend. That would make the last of his birthday less troublesome.


After the two best friends settled in and put in the first disc of Jigoku Shoujo, Shika thought about how his best friend really took into account all the things he liked for him, and gave him everything he could. This was the perfect end to a birthday, he thought, before he found himself with a lap full of Sasuke. He rolled his eyes as he realized Sasuke must not have read the summary of Jigoku Shoujo because it is a horror and Sasuke despises horror films.

Petting the flinching Sasuke in his lap while he watched his anime, a softly muttered, “Troublesome,” escaped his lips as they turned up into a smirk as his friend smacked him on the leg for saying that he was troublesome.


The End

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