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Chapter 17

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Set after episode, the Firebending Masters. It was dinner time after Zuko and Aang arrived back from the Sun Warriors’ community. Aang, Sokka, Katara, Toph, Haru, the Duke & Teo, wait for the arr...

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Rest in Peace to all those that died on 09-11! Gods Bless.

Dragons of the West


Summary: Set after episode, the Firebending Masters. It was dinner time after Zuko and Aang arrived back from the Sun Warriors’ community. Aang, Sokka, Katara, Toph, Haru, the Duke & Teo, wait for the arrival of their newest member to come from his room. Everyone is still uneasy around the fire bender. Soon they have to leave the Air Temple. Ever wondered what the Fire Nation value the most? Find out. What other secrets would be discovered?


Chapter Seventeen


Below the Fire Nation and parts in the Earth Kingdom are few entrances to unknown worlds. Of worlds of which the undead rule its unearthly ways. The same places where they say, from the darkness; the evil of the world was first born and it lied dormant until hundred years ago. Fire Lord Sozin wanted power that was only be given by the dead. The same power that his own grandson, Ozai wanted; immortally. But in the end, Sozin died before he could reserve this power, because the undead lords refused to give it to him. Ozai, now Fire Lord, will do anything to get this power with or without the aid of the undead lords. But to get it, he must reserve it some other way…

There are many other worlds that the undead rule in the dark lands, worlds that been long forgotten by mortals. Of which many of the undead wait for a victim that dared to walk in their domains.

There are many lords that rules within the dark underworld. Each long ago was personally pointed as the leaders by the lords of the over-world and all was given equal amount of lands to rule. No one ever dared to fight among themselves to get more land or power, for it is unthinkable and the consequences of doing so are internal death.

Expect for one who dares to fight against its masters and the laws of the dead.

He is called Angra Mainyu, and once named, Evander (1) when he was once human.

Angra Mainyuwas once a mortal, like half of the lords of the underworld were. Like many mortals during the first age of the world, were curious creatures, new to the world around them, as evil and violence was almost foreign to them. As Angra Mainyu grew older, he grew greedy with power.

One day when he was young adult, he met a strange looking being who promised him power, immortally and wealth for exchange for a price. The price was unknown at the time, but the stranger told him that he will come back in due time to serve it. And during that time Angra Mainyu would enjoy his gifts.

Of course he, Angra Mainyu expected the gifts from the unknown creature; thinking about the good things he can do with the stranger’s promises. Power will bring his poor family and him into high status into the world, immortally because he didn’t want to die and wealth so his family and his pregnant lover could live free from misfortune and that he could finally marry his love, so she and his family would not be look down upon.

But of course, nothing like that could ever last. Within a decade, he lost everything because of his greed and his unearthly ways, as slowly he turned into something that wasn‘t human; slowly Evander, that everyone once knew him as, was no more. His whole family was killed by his own hands, his wife left him and believes to be killed by the very same “man” that given him power in the first place. And he was forced to kill his ten years old son, Euthymius (2) that tried to kill him for avenging his mother’s death.

The stranger kept his promise, despite the mishaps that plunge him for the past decade, coming to him demanding his part in the deal shortly after slaying his only son. His price was forever enslaved under him to rule a land in the underworld forever.

In the last days in the First Age, Angra Mainyu was given power of ruling one part of the underworld that is called Torment, where he control those of the mortal spirits that are sentence forever to be tormented after death. He had the power to choose of which mortal spirits that come into his domain would have this fate or be given back to be given to another demon that rules the Lands of Enchantment, a place where spirits live in peace and happiness, for she is called Jathibiyya (3) .

Jathibiyya is a female demon that ruled a land beside his. Like him, she was once human, but unlike him, she wasn’t evil in nature. She wasn’t promise for greed or for power, for she is a good soul in both human and in demon form. No one knew of what she was promised, for she was already ruling in the underworld before Angra Mainyu come to rule his land. And no one ever asked.

Many believe that she rules the Lands of Enchantment because she isn’t bound of any sin like more than half of the undead rulers such as him. As Angra Mainyu did his deeds in greed and tortured thousands under his blood stained hands in short decade after his deal, he ended up ruling the Lands of Torment.

Oh how Angra Mainyu despise that wrenched wench. Who gave her the right to rule a beautiful, peaceful land where he forever rules a dark, wicked place?

That ‘person’ that given her the right, was the one who created the worlds itself, for no one, neither mortal nor immortal ever seen him or her, for they are the gods.

Angra Mainyu sighed as he marched down the dark eerie tunnels. He had been walking for days now without stop. He could easily appear at this gate, but walking helps to calm his mind.

Suddenly a demonic wind blew above him and appeared in front of him was a beautiful female demon. She was tall, with long silky white hair with milky colored horns at the side of her head. She had maroon colored eyes and she wore a see-through gown not hiding anything from any male eyes from her pale smooth skin. She smirked at the sight of the Torment Lord before her.

/“Angra Mainyu. It has been a long time. Rumor has it you been very naughty lately.” /she said. The female demon slowly approach him, her demonic eyes seemed to look right at him as if knowing everything about him just by staring at him. This made him hate her even more. Angra Mainyu knew she was flirting with him, knowing full well that she wasn’t interest in him one bit; the only reason she does this because it is her nature. For many millennia that he lived in this cursed undead life, he so wanted to bed with her. But now, after so many millennia later, he despises her of not letting him do so.

Angra Mainyu growled in annoyance at the sight of the beautiful being.

/“Jathibiyya, by the gods themselves, you look horrible.” /he hissed, walking pass her. Jathibiyya smiled as she skipped after him. Angra Mainyu tried to ignore her, but failed.

Jathibiyya jumped in front of him, blocking his path. /“Ah, you’re so sweet.” /she said.

“What do you want? I am not in the mood of you right now. Now move aside if you know what’s good for you.”

“I notice you have been… busy lately in the past century.”

/“And what if I am busy? I am a under lord am I not?” /Angra Mainyu demanded. He doesn’t have time for this!

/“You have been visiting the mortal world. For it is forbidden for you.” /Jathibiyya said rolling her eyes.

Angra Mainyu didn’t reply at her words, for they were true. All he can do is glare daggers at her. Jathibiyya giggled. For all these years, Jathibiyya is still young and naïve something that would never change.

“Ah so it is true!” /she jumped up happily clapping her hands. /“So who are the victims this time to give birth to you ill willed children? No wait, you haven’t done that in many ages. Does it involve in the 100 years old war that been going on above?”
/Still Angra Mainyu glared at her.

“Still pissed about those benders that beat you all those years ago? Really Evander how idiotic of you to be bested by the human immortals all those ages ago--”

/“Do not call me that! EVER! And I will have my revenge!” /he yelled at her. Jathibiyya didn’t seem too bothered by his outburst. She smiled at him as if he was a little child that was doing a little tantrum in front of her.

/“You never learn. Why don’t you forget about them and forgive them and move on for once? Revenge is never sweet.” /she asked him.

“You don’t understand wench.” /he hissed. /“They banished me from the over world. The only way I could step in those lands if they are covered by bloodshed…. They will pay.”
/Jathibiyya rolled her eyes. She already knew this. But she unlike him, she could easily walk in the mortal world by will. She knew that he seek revenge, and the only thing that frightens her is that he could unbalance the worlds even more if he plans it.

“So how are you going to get your revenge? Going to kill them?” /Jathibiyya laughed. /“Last time I checked, they’re not earthly bound anymore. You can’t touch them….”
“I know that.”/

“Does it involve those two spirits that are bound you and serves you like lapdogs?”


Jathibiyya shook her head. The rumors cannot be true! She needs to know… “It is so sad to see such young souls like them bound to the likes of you/.” she sighed. /“Oh well. You are missing two however/; /one from the water tribes and one from the earth kingdoms. Is that your plans of revenge, taking the eldest descendants of those that banish you, using them to fight against their ancestor when the times comes?”

Angra Mainyu didn't answer. She was far to close of discovering his plans. “I will get them.” /he told her to shut her up.


“The same way I got the other two.”

“There is more that you are not telling me. I can see it.”

“Let’s just say that soon I receive a present from an old friend.”

“Is it your birthday already?”

/“Jathibiyya,” /he hissed.

“Just kidding.” /she smiled at him. Angra Mainyu growled. /“Who is it this time?”
“The Fire Lord’s nephew, Zuko.”/

“His nephew? I thought Lu Ten is his only nephew. Did that mortal, Iroh, had another child that no one above knows about?”

“Of course. By blood, Zuko is his nephew, but the Fire Lord married his mother making him his son. I won’t give you any details, Jathibiyya for it is not your business, but I will tell you this. For the return of helping the Fire Lord take over the world, he will give me the souls that I seek and his ‘son’ as a gift.”

Horror overcomes her. She is mother herself and sees the mortals as her sons and daughters that come into her lands. And this child, Zuko, she will make sure he will be one of them and the other four poor souls if she could.

Jathibiyya forced herself to nod, not giving Angra Mainyu the pleasure of seeing her in rage. “Typical. Another mortal that wants to take over the world and selling his son's soul instead of his own soul. I swear, the gods were drunk of immortal wine when they decided of gift the humans free will.”
“You forget you and I was once human. Have you forgotten?”/

“No I have not forgotten. How can I?” /Jathibiyya have him a look. “Your mother says hi by the way.”/ She said.

Angra Mainyu hissed at her words. “Don’t speck of that bitch in my presence, wench.”
“She loves you and forgives you. She wants to see you. She misses you. It has been thousands of Ages since you and her been together and seen each other.”/


“You must forgive yourself--”

/“NO!” /the air around them suddenly went cold.

Jathibiyya watch him as he walked off. She sighed as she disappeared in thin air.

Jathibiyya knew that she has to do something to stop him. Before it’s too late.

But what can she do?

She land herself in her dominion. "Gyatso." she said. A spiritual form, formed near her as a mortal looking man appeared. "My good son, I need your help."


Lu Ten son of Prince Iroh of the Fire Nation sat cross legged sitting in a corridor alone. He didn’t know how long he sat there, waiting for his Master to return. Was it days, weeks or years he been waiting here? It wouldn’t matter anyway; he is one of the undead. Time itself is not meaningful, nor would any other sources for a normal human being would need to survive. He is now an immortal, or more like a mortal force to live forever against his will.

The corridor that he was in, was pitch black, but the short ten years of living in the underworld he come to a consume to it, as he is an immortal, the darkness, the loneness didn’t bothered him one bit. Slowly everything that he once was when he was alive is disappearing, and his sight was one of them.

For now he can see further than any other creature, man or beast in the mortal world ever known. He had strength that equals the amount of 30 strong men. His fingernails are more like claws, his eyes that once was bright and golden is now yellow with slits as irises. Dark red as blood circles was around his eyes as if he had never slept in years or he cried so much, that his tears turned into blood and stained his skin. His skin, once fair and smooth is now tinted with grey. His arms, legs, and chest were covered by tattoo symbols, symbols that Lu Ten even now doesn’t know what they mean fully. His once red royal gown he wore while he was serving under his father at Ba Sing Se is now in rags. His now pointed ears are covered by golden earrings; around his neck is an inch of necklaces in both in gold and silver.

Lu Ten looked down to his chest where his heart should’ve been. There, a thick scar was seen as if someone ripped his chest open, which when he was alive, did in fact did happened.

In all these years he missed his father, his cousin and the sun in the over-world. As a firebender in both in life and after death, he yearns to feeling of the light, but he never seen it for over a decade.

Lu Ten sighed again. His Masteris late. Again.

He knew that his master is up with something. And it involves his... uncle. But what is it?

Lu Ten growled. Thinking of that monster makes his blood boil in rage. How cans his uncle, that bastard sold him into slavery? Serving an undead lord of the Land of Torment?

He wondered many times of what his father is doing. Is he okay?

And how about Zuko, his cousin?

His thoughts broke, as the corridor door finally opened with a bang, and walked Angra Mainyu, his Master. Lu Ten quickly got up from the ground, walked right at him and kneeled. /“Master.” /he said.

Angra Mainyu ignored him as he walked past the undead mortal.

Lu Ten knew that his master is in a bad mood. It didn’t take a smart person to notice. Quickly, not to get the demon angry with him, he got up and followed his lord down the dark halls.

They walked in silence. At last they approach to a dark portal, the entrance of the Lands of Torment. Angra Mainyu walked though it when out any hesitation, as if was like any other door that mortals have in the over-world.

Lu Ten took a deep breath before he followed the dark skinned demon through the dark portal.

For a moment or two, everything around him was swilling mist as he cringes as he heard screams of people being tortured. Just as fast as it started, he was out from the portal. He whipped the sweat from his brow, steading his breath as he did so.

“Come.” he heard his master ordered him. Lu Ten nodded, and again followed his Master. He quickly glanced at another room as they passed, as shadows of souls were screeching as if they were being burned alive. Quickly Lu Ten turned away from the gruesome sight. After ten human years you would think he would get used of those sights of his "home", which Lu Ten hope he will never will.

They come into his master’s throne room. Angra Mainyu sat down on his throne facing his servant. His eyes narrowed that the sight of the undead mortal. He was pleased of how his Slave is slowly becoming. Soon in the next millennia, his servant will be complete of his transformation or maybe sooner if his mortal soul would expect his fate.

Lu Ten kneeled lower in front of his master in a circler shape on the stoned floor, as he did so it slightly glowed. The silence in the room was uncomfortable for his liking. Lu Ten licked his lips before he spoke. /“Master,” /he said trying to break the silence between him and his Master.

“I have a job for you, Lu Ten.” His master said to him. Lu Ten slightly jumped at his voice. Not by how it sounded like, but hearing him speak to him after a long time of not hearing him speck at all.

Lu Ten glanced up to his lord. “I live to serve you milord.” he said.

Angra Mainyu smiled at these words. “I come to an understanding that you developed a… friendship to one of my other servants for this I am displeased.”

“Of course not milord, I would never--”

“Do not lie to me!” Angra Mainyu roared, standing up. The room suddenly went deadly cold, but the undead lord and the undead servant, it went unnoticed.

“Yes, milord. I beg for your forgiveness.” Lu Ten gasp, kneeling lower. Would his lord strike him again?

Angra Mainyu sat back down. “That’s better. Never try to lye me to ever again. Or I will not be so merciful the next time.”

“It will never happen again milord.” Lu Ten vowed to him, bowing lower onto the stone floor.

“There is nothing that I can do with you foolish friendship with Agurne. But I will use it for my advantage.” His Master stood up and started pacing in front of him.

At these words Lu Ten bite his lip, his eyes never leaving his Master’s form, his body however never moved. What did he do to Agurne? Is she okay? She is a young girl, even if she did die a hundred years ago before he did. However, he is the older then her; for he lived longer the she did before they both died when they did. She was like his younger sister. He would anything to protect her. “And what did you do to Agurne, my milord?” he asked the demon.

“Couple days ago, I send her into a mission above in the mortal world. I want you to follow her to make sure she is… safe and does her job properly. Your mission is to bring me the water tribe boy and the male earthbender that travels with the Avatar after when Agurne traps them. I want them alive, unspoiled, Lu Ten. I do not wish for the other Undead Lords to have their souls. They are mine! And if you fail, you and Agurne will be punished.”

Lu Ten didn’t know if he heard his master correctly. After all these years, he could finally see the sun? He remembers the first day he became his servant. His master told him that he will never step foots the over-world. What changed his mind?

He can finally be free from this wrenched place? Who are this water tribe boy and earthbender boy that his lord speck of? The Avatar is back? And what kind of a plan is that Master telling him? Does it involve the War that he knows that mortals above is still fighting?

‘Man, I have been out of the loop.’ /he thought to himself bitterly. /“And what is her mission beside us trapping the two souls milord?” Lu Ten dared to ask.

Angra Mainyu grinned. “I will let Agurne tell you that. If you find her that is. I want you not be seen by the other mortals in all cost. And if I do find out that this happens, you will be severely punished. We don‘t want your mortal father finding out that you are back now do we?”

Lu Ten knew that it is too good to be true. Perhaps he will be fortunate to glance his father, before he finishes this mission. Why can’t he see him father and tell him that he is alright?

“When do you wish me to depart my lord?”


“As you wish milord. I will not fail you.” Lu Ten stood up and bowed.

He had left without looking back.


Angra Mainyu watched his servant left. He smiled; he knew that his servant will not fail him. He turned his head and there stood his other servant waiting for a comment.

The man wasn’t human or once was. He was bald, has red eyes had no irises, his skin was dark in color, his clothes was a mortal Fire Nation man. But his unearthly look and eyes told that he wasn’t part of any Nation.

“/You have news for me, my servant?”/ Angra Mainyu asked him.

The bald man bowed to him onto one knee, the same place where Lu Ten just moments before knelled, however the circler shape did not glow. “Yes milord. The mortal prisons, the Boiling Rock and the Firing Lava were attack, sire less then night ago.”

“/It is not our concern, Therapon/ (4) /about the mortal prisons above. /The mortals there are weak, and soon those who escaped will be killed. Unless there is something else?”

“/Yes milord. Prince Iroh was one of the rescuers that helped freed the mortal prisoners.”/

“/And where are they heading?”/

“/It is foreseen that they are heading towards /Locus qua is est Pondera.”

“/The place where it all started.”/ Angra Mainyu muttered to himself. He stood up, ignoring Therapon as he walked down from his throne.

Everything is going as he planned, more so then he thought. He had foreseen many things in the near future, but seeing them plan out as they are, it is far too easy. The mortals foolishly are playing into his hands willing! Nothing now can stop him.

Angra Mainyu smiled and started to laugh.

(End of Chapter)

Words: 4,292

(1) Evander: pronounced as: ee-VAN-dər. it’s a male name from the Greek Ευανδρος (Euandros) which meant "good man", derived from Greek ευ "good" and ανηρ/ (aner)/ "man" (genitive ανδρος). In Roman mythology Evander was an Arcadian hero of the Trojan War who founded the city of Pallantium near the spot where Rome was later built.

(2) Euthymius: a male name that is latinized for of the Greek name (Euthymios) which meant “in good spirits”, derived from the word (euthymos), which was composed of the two word elements ευ “good” and θυμος (thymos) “soul, spirit”. This was the name of several early saints.

(3) Jathibiyya: a female name meaning “charm, attractiveness” in Arabic.

(4) Therapon: means “servant” or “worshipper” in Greek.

Author’s Notes: I took the Lord of the Rings timeline of the Ages. I looked it up, the first age is when the World itself was created to up a few thousand years later. I think if I remember right, 2008 A.C is like somewhere in 1000s ages. I don’t know. Do any of you know??

Anyway, I thought to add this chapter to give you details of what the “good side” in Avatar is dealing with and many (I believe) really wants to know who and what Angra Mainyu is. And of course I just love sending you hints of what’s going to happen in near future. And I thought we should see Lu Ten and see what he is up to.

Have anyone of you seen the Avatar Final? It is so good! By the gods, I hope that is not the end, end! They need to make Book 4: Air! They have too! . But if they is the end, at least they ended it with a great twist! Haha!

I post this chapter little early, but to the memory of those of /09-11/, I thought I should post it.

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