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X-Men Downtown

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The X-Men adults sing a song about how the kids drive them nuts.

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Disclaimer: I don't own the song "Downtown" or the X-Men Disclaimer: I don't own the song "Downtown" or the X-Men. Sorry. I was really inspired when I heard the Allan Sherman parody of this song. It's just fit them so well.

X-Men Downtown
The adults of the institute are relaxing at home.
Xavier: We adults don't mind when we get left behind when the X-Men go...
All: Downtown!
Xavier: When they go away, we're quite happy to stay at home...
All: Uptown!
Logan: Cause while the kids are gone we can spend some quiet time alone here! That's our only chance to use the bathrooms or the phone here! When they're away...
Hank: Besides we're stuck where we are, because the kids took our money and all of our cars and went
All: Downtown!
Hank: We really need some Ritalin!
All: Downtown!
Xavier: Please pass the aspirin!
All: Downtown!
Logan: What we really need are some tanks!
All: Downtown! Downtown!
Ororo: These are the facts, we can barely relax when the children go...
All: Downtown!
Ororo: Who knows what we have to face, when the kids go anyplace...
All: Downtown!
Logan: /Every time those kids go partying at night, they end up blowing something up or getting into a fight! /(Sound of something exploding is heard off camera.) See what I mean?
Hank: Kids please give us adults a break, because you're driving us crazy! We sit here all night and take...
All: Pills down!
Hank: Swallowing pills so we'll...
All: Calm down!
Hank: Counting the hours they're...
All: Downtown
Logan: We really need more adamantium doors!
Cut to a scene of the X-Men and the Brotherhood causing chaos in a mall. Todd slimes them and Pietro manages to trap them with wire and speeds away laughing.
Back at the mansion the adults are watching TV.
Hank: /While we're at home we decide to watch some television, then all of the sudden there's a bizarre collision.../(Cut to a scene of a mysterious red beam appearing on the television destroying a wall.)
Xavier: (Looking like he's going to cry.) Not again! There goes another car!
Logan: (Putting down the phone.) Chuck the kids have been arrested so we gotta get up and we gotta get dressed to go...
All: Downtown!
Ororo: Get some bail and head...
All: Downtown!
Hank: Borrow a car and go...
All: Downtown!
Logan: Wait 'till I get those kids home! And you guys wonder why I take off all the time?
Hank: Please the next time you do, take me with you!
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