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Chapter 2

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It's growing dark and people are vanishing to their homes... what will Isabella do now?

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Slowly, Isabella now walks the Paris streets in search for someone's help. Of course, it was growing dark at that very moment. With her luck, however, it was only a matter of time until it was pitch black.

The street lamps flickered on, the cars became dismal, and the people were vanishing off the streets and into their homes. The air around her grew cold and it was now that she had wished she had brought along her coat. She slowed her pace to a steady stop in front of a park bench. Tired, she quickly lowered herself down onto the bench and placed her face in her hands. She had just began to cry when a car slowed to a halt directly in front of her.

"Excuse me, Miss?" the man called out to her from his car. "Are you alright?"

Isabella couldn't believe her ears, someone actually spoke English without a hint of an accent. She whipped her head up in his direction to gaze at the other true beauty. His dirty-blonde hair fell gently around his face, the soft curl of his lips as he smiled warmly at her. His perfect, baby blue eyes, shaded by his perscription glases. A Nashville hat was placed upon his head. As she took in his features, a smiled played upon her lips in the same soft mannor as his. His sweet smile broadened as he noticed her smiling back at him and she practically melted insade. This was the type of guy she had always longed for. She cound tell by his smile, and eyes, that he meant no harm...


I smiled at myself, knowing the first two chapters of my story were complete. I looked up from my composition book and realized the city streets were practically empty. Like in my story, it had grown dark here in Paris. I stood up from the park bench and stretched, I had been sitting there for at least a few hours. It was a long walk back to my house, but I managed to get halfway there when a car slowed down to my pace next to me on the street. I was a bit frightened at first, until I loked over at the driver. His unbelievable charm overpowered me in the vary second our eyes met. I quickly flashed my winning smile at him and opened the passenger door.

"How's the story coming along, Dear?" he asked me, before his soft, warm lips pressed against my cheek. "What is this one about, Bells?"

"It's working out beautifully, Babe," I responded. "and it's about us, the day we met."

He smiled that perfect smile. The exact one that warmed my heart and captured my love. He pulled away from the curb we had stopped at and began to drive the rest of the way home.
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