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Chapter 20

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In the end.

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My breathing quickened as his grasp got tighter around my waist. "What the fuck are you doing here?" I spat.

Matt pushed my blonde hair behind my ear. His warm breath hit my cheek like steel daggers. "Remember me warning you about dumping that boyfriend of yours?"

My eyes widened.

"Yea and you didn't listen to me. Tsk tsk," he smirked.

"What are you gonna do?" I really didn't wanna know.

"You won't know until he finish singing the song. Well enjoy the moment for now, this will be the last you hear this song."

I skipped a breath. I noticed that we were in the middle of the mosh. I started to try pushing him away but he wouldn't budge. "Let me go!"

He shook his head and laughed at my face.

I growled and used all my strength to do anything to get out of his grasp. I bit him and kicked him in the groin but he just laughed. "Please leave me alone!" I let the tears run down my cheek. "Please!"

"You're not going to make me pity you, you know," he chuckled.

I looked up at Gerard who seemed really furious but kept singing.

He didn't seem to just jump off the stage to come and get me. I was upset. Couldn't he see that I was in danger?

"Don't worry about him," Matt said as he seemed like he read my mind. "He's going to come to us after this song. I'm going to have a talk with him,"

I relaxed a little. Maybe Gerard can save me.

"As lead rain pass on through our phantom forever, forever. Like scarecrows that fuel..." Gerard sang.

"Actually I lied," Matt chuckled again.

I tensed up and looked up at him. "What?" I tried to pull myself out of his grasp.

Why won't anyone help? I looked around, everyone seems to be oblivious to the fact that I was being kidnapped by a madman. What if Matt is going to kidnap me and end up raping me or taking me far away. I felt like screaming. Matt found a perfect place to do this! Why can't he leave me alone? Why can't I have a normal life? Why couldn't I just listen to him and tell Gerard about this. He could have done some thing about it.

"Please Matt," I pleaded again. "Please let me go. I'll dump Gerard, I promise."

"No its too late," he chuckled.

"Please!" I cried.

"Shh... listen to the music," he shut his eyes. "Such a nice song for an ending."

What did he mean an ending? I turned to Gerard on the stage.

"Know how much I want to show you, you're the only one!" Gerard sang without taking his eyes off mine. Then he seemed to gasp.

I turned to Matt and saw that he was holding a gun. "What? What are you doing Matt?" I screamed.

"Its been nice knowing you Mel," he smiled.

"Stop him! He has a gun!" Gerard yelled and jumped off the stage.

The rest of the band stopped playing and their eyes came onto me. They did not move but tried to take in the sight.

I felt the gun touch my head. I shut my eyes and started to cry and begged him to stop all this.

"Ah perfect timing," Matt smiled when Gerard pushed through the people who stood at a distance from us who were all screaming and callong emergency. "Gerard you can to watch this eh?"

"Let her go!" Gerard growled.

"Sorry can't. You didn't finish your song, you know how your song ends with blood. This is going to end like this."

I stopped begging and struggling and opened my eyes. "I love you Gerard." I sobbed. "Tell my dad and brother that I love them too."

"Mel don't say that!" Gerard sounded furious.

"Oh shut up! Don't have that love moment!" Matt seemed annoyed to the fact.

I heard the gun click, I felt my insides boil. Who knew that this was how it was going to end and all for a pathetic reason. I didn't hear the gunshot clearly I was so scared that I couldn't hear or see properly but I felt the bullet smashing its way through my head. I did hear faint cries. I did fall to the floor and I did see Gerard one last time before I couldn't see anymore. I did hear Gerard collapse to the floor and kept chanting the words 'I love you Mel'. I did feel his warm hands holding my cold ones before I couldn't feel anymore. I was lifeless. Who knew a life can end so... quickly.

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