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No One Said This Would Be Easy....

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bahaha, how does frank do it?!

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"But aren't three sums illegal?"

"Of course they aren't Mikey..."
Gerard looked into Mikey's worried and tear filled eyes. Mikey gasped at Frank's cool touch.

"B-B-B-Bb-B-but g-gg-gggg-gee....incest is illegal...we could get in...trouble.."
Mikey whimpered.

"Frankie, we shouldn't...we really shouldn't...I don't want to force him into anything he doesn't want to do..."
Gerard stood up and walked over to Mikey, he then picked him up and rocked him gently.
Frank bit his lip.

"Mikey, whats REALLY wrong? We couldn't possible get caught with anything like what are you really worried about?"
Frank protested.

Mikey began to cry.
He yelled.

"Sssssshhhh, Mikes, do you think me and Frank want to either?"
Gerard whispered. Mikey shook his head and started to whip away his tears.

"Mikey, think about this just for a few seconds. If god put both sexes on the earth, do you think that he wanted them ALL to be straight people, do you think just maybe he wanted them to find love, and that it didn't matter if they got with the same sex?"
Frank raised an eyebrow.

"I mean, honestly, I think God would be happy if you found love. Wither it be with 2 people, or a guy, or a girl. I'm not trying to pressure you into this, but if you think about it-"
Frank was cut off by Mikey's cool lips.
Frank quickly opened his eyes and blink a few times. Mikey's hands moved from Frank's checks, down to his chest, then down to his waist. Frank placed his hands over Mikey's. As Mikey explored Frank's mouth, Gerard sat on the bunk and watched in shock.

How does Frankie Do that?
Gerard thought to him self, He couldn't possible just start talking and then get one of the straightest guys ever to began a make out session.

Soon Frank pulled away.

"Mikey.......your you like....practice on your pillow or something?"
Mikey smiled, as Frank began to giggle.

Gerard began to wave his arms in the air.

"HEY HEY HEY HEY!! I want some of that too!!"

Gerard quickly stood up and grabbed Frank. He quickly pressed his lips gently against Frank's. Gerard really didn't need to ask for an entrance, but he still did. He started bitting at Frank's cold lip ring. Frank parted his mouth just enough for Gerard's tongue. Gerard traced over Frank's teeth, then he began to explore Frank's mouth. Frank wrapped his arms around Gerard's neck. Mikey stood there and waited. About 10 minutes later, Gerard pulled away.

"My God, The Way brother's actually have a similar talent!"

Frank started playing with Gerard's hair.

"Well, The only thing"

Frank grinned and looked at Mikey then Gerard. Gerard walked over to Mikey and grabbed his waist pulling him close to him.

"Mikey, don't try to take over, I was born to be a leader."

Gerard smiled and pressed his lips against Mikey's. It was only a matter of time before Gerard was asking for an entrance way. Which, Mikey granted. Mikey's hands , that were once in his jacket pocket, were now roaming around Gerard's body. Gerard on the other hand, kept his hands where he had first placed them.


Suddenly someone began pounding on the closed door.

"Mikey!! If your in there, you'd better unlock the door, don't make me bust it down!!"

Frank covered his mouth trying to keep in his laugh. The reaction on Mikey's face was priceless. He's faces was a redish-pink. He's eye's were wide open, and he was bitting his lip so hard, that around the area that was being bit, you could see the circulation being cut off. Gerard looked at Frank and mouthed "shut up". He soon grabbed Frank and pushed him into the small closet. Then Gerard soon followed in. Mikey opened the door to a very pissed Bob.

"Oh...uh...Hi Bob"

Mikey smiled. He ran his hand threw his hair.

"You....uh...we're calling me...."

"Yeah...can I ask you....this...Why is my drum sticks broke in half?"

"Bob...I wouldn't know...and I couldn't even break them if I tried..."

Mikey said look at his small un-muscular figure.

"I guess your right...."

Bob bit his lip.

"Where's the Mastermind, Ray Toro at?"

"He might be working on his crappy guitar hero skills...try the back of the bus."

"Alright...I'm gonna go get 'em...thanks Mikes."

Bob hugged Mikey and walked off. Mikey quickly shut the door and locked it. Frank opened the door and stumbled out.


He yelled.

"I'm sooooooo screwed!"

He started pacing the floors. Gerard shock his head.

"Well, all you have to do is go get the drum sticks from out of the closet and act like it never happened. You need to be a little bit more carefully about where you walk."

Frank laughed sarcastically.

"Haha...its not that easy Gee!"

"Yes it is, don't argue with me!"

"Fine I won't! But, if I get caught..I'm blaming you!"

Gerard's jaw dropped.

"But...I...HEY! Don't walk away from me Mr.Iero!!"

Mikey laughed and shook his head. He layed down and closed his eyes, soon falling into a deep sleep.
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