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The new lot on the block!

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Damien is a new kid. He is Jamaican. And he is a live wire and a bomb waiting to go off.

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This is my first proper fan fic so forgive me for the crappyness. I have set it around the episodes now or more in the future. Basically it's just a mix.

Episode 1
Scene 1
Honey is in the pub daydreaming while drying a glass. Billy walks in

Billy: Hi honey you alright
No answer and no movement
Billy: HONEY!
Honey: huh! Oh sorry Billy just got things on my mind
Billy: Like?
Honey: Just dad, you know being alone and that
Billy: it looks like Peggy and him are getting on well.
Honey: suppose......anyway gotta get back to work.
Billy: Well I'll have a pint then.
End of Scene

Scene 2
It switches to the double doors. A tall dark skinned man walks in.

Man: Hiya can I have........a......pint o' lager please
Honey: Yea sure.
Dawn: Hi I'm Dawn. And who may I ask are you?
Man: I'm Damien
Dawn: Hi Damien how come your round here in this dump then!
Damien: Well I've just moved here.
Dawn: So where abouts?
Damien: No. 29
Dawn: Oh right! Good Luck
Damien: Wha'dya mean good luck
Honey: That'll be £2.10
Damien quickly hands Honey the £2.10. Honey walks over to the till and walks round the other side of the bar.
Dawn: Have you not heard?
Damien: seeing as though I've only jus got 'ere
Leaning in and quieting her voice down.
Dawn: Alright, well this bird called Sharon and her other half lived there and then on New years eve he got stabbed. He died.
Damien: Oh god! That's horrible.
Dawn: I know but hey doesn't matter now does it. So do you know your way around?
Damien: Na not yet probably go exploring tomorrow.
Dawn: I'm not working tomorrow so if you want me to show you round I can.
Damien: Yea ok that'll be good. I'll see you around 10?
Dawn: Done! She grins.

Scene 3
Darren is talking to Demi about a boy at school. They are just walking through the door.

Darren: God! I can't believe 'em. Their so annoying. Especially Gavin he is such a twat.
Demi: oh Darren shut up. He's ok once u get to know him.
They walk into the lounge
Darren: I can't believe you're sticking up for him especially after what he called you
Demi: He only said that because he was with his girlfriend. He apologized after.
Darren: Oh Demi can you not see what he is doing!
Demi: Oh Darren stop stressing. I can't deal with this, I'm taking Aleesha out.
End of scene.

Scene 4
Stacey is sat on Arthurs Bench. Bradley comes over to her.

Bradley: Hi Stace you alright? Your looking a bit down.
Stacey: Oh you know just things really.
Bradley: What's wrong?
Stacey turns the opposite way so she doesn't see his face.
Stacey: I'm.....Just........scared.
Bradley sits down next to Stacey. He holds her shoulders and turns her round.
Bradley: Of what?
Stacey: Losing you.
He stretches out his arms and goes to hug her she leans in. He holds her tightly.
Bradley: and why would that happen?
She moves away from Bradley.
Stacey: I don't know I just feel like that if something 'better' comes along you might just leave me.
He reaches his hands and holds hers.
Bradley: Stace, listen to me, I Like you. A lot for that matter! And I will never leave you. That's why ive been holding on to you for all this time.
Stacey: Really?
Bradley: of course.
He leans in and strokes her cheek. She leans in and they kiss. They separate and smile at each other they then cuddle
Stacey: I gotta get back to the stall.
Bradley: Ok. Well do you wanna go for a drink later.
Stacey: Yeah that'll be nice.
Bradley: Well ill come round yours later.
Stacey walks towards the stall. Just as she walks past the queen vic. Damien comes out.
Garry Walks into him.
Garry: 'ere watch where your goin' mate!
Damien: 'Scuse me
He looks down at Garry
Garry: Do you want a pint?
Damien: Na thanks just had one. And who are you
Garry: I'm Garry. The sex machine of Walford.
Damien laughs
Damien: Yea mate course whatever ya say!
Damien walks off laughing to himself. Garry looks plainly at him and mumbles something to himself.

End of Scene

Scene 5
Damien bumps into Stacey.
Stacey: What'dya think your playing at!
Damien: Sorry! I didn't see you there.
Stacey: well open your eyes mate!
Damien: Look, no harm caused.
Stacey: Yea you fink. She has a cut on her finger she shows him and a tiny drop of blood leaks out. Damien laughs. Just get lost.
Damien: Alright, alright! Im going
Damien walks off and chuckles to himself he walks into the caff.
Juley: Hi mate ain't seen you in ages mate. How are ya?
Damien: Aw! Mate I didn't know u lived round here! Im good mate im good. What about you?
Juley: Ah! U know the usual.
They both laugh. Stacey walks into the caff.
Stacey: Oh god what you doing here.
Juley: Ere don't speak to him like dat hes a mate.
Stacey: Yeah well e's a clumsy one. He should watch it.
Damien rolls his eyes and smiles at Juley
Damien: sighs little girls eh? Just so annoying! Anyway I'll have a coffee and a bacon sarnie please.
Stacey: I am not a little girl!
Damien: Could of fooled me!
Stacey: You better watch yourself, mate!
Damien: Oo really im so scared what you gunna do hit me wid ya school bag!
Juley hands over the coffee and food.
Stacey: Your pathetic d'ya know that.
Damien: yeah right love! I'm not the one who is obsessed with someone just coz the bumped into ya. Cheers Juley how much.
Juley: Ay mate ave it on the ouse
Damien: Quality mate! Cheers
Damien starts to go out the door.
Stacey: Oi! I aint finished with you yet!
Damien: No little girl I think you have now run along to your mummy!
He walks off and laughs out loud. Martin looks at him.
Damien: Yes and who might I ask are you.
Martin: I'm Martin I live just over there
Points to his house.
Damien: Oh right! Hi I'm Damien, im new round here.
Damien walks to his house at number 29. He walks through the door.
He walks into the lounge you see his face staring at a shadow. The camera is behind the shadow.
?? : Thank god your back.
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