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Science Class?

by ZimmyMCR 4 Reviews

only rated as PG-13 cause it has "inappropriate moments" lol

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2008/10/08 - Updated: 2008/10/08 - 204 words


  • Will Things Ever Be Normal Again?

    (#) dtng101 2008-10-08 07:31:52 PM

    okay I'll auddition.
    So my name is Karina,kari for short.
    personality-I'am shy at first when I meet people first day tops.But after that I'll start cracking jokes.When I'am bored I come up with the radomest things ever!
    I'am known best for my laugh,my frineds say that it sounds like if 'Iam on' crack' lol.
    I'am always nice to people who are nice back to me.
    I hate when people give labels to others.
    Because it's like dude who cares.You should care for what's in the inside.
    People like to call me emo by the way I dress.
    So therefore I hate labels.And I'am always labled the nice one also.
    looks-I have wavy black hair that goes to my shoulders.I'am average in weight,and I'am 5'5 in height.
    I usually like to wear black clothes,it's the color I own the most lol.
    OOO yeah I forgot I'am a band lover/
    I'am in band.
    oh and for the age whatever age you need.
  • Will Things Ever Be Normal Again?

    (#) IeroMyHero 2008-10-09 06:41:03 PM

    I'm sorry, but...WHY?

    If you wanna do a love triangle with Gerard, Frank, and you, why do you have to make it incest? Ugh. It's not even like "second cousin twice removed" incest, they're brother and sister. Waycest, I can maybe understand, because you can't make Mikey and Gerard not related, but God, you did this with an original character? Why?

    Author's response

    Sorry about the waycest-y-ness, Boob came up with the idea... I just ran w/ it lol!

    it does get a lil worse though so um... yeah

    thanx for reviewing anyway
  • Will Things Ever Be Normal Again?

    (#) bowiester 2008-11-01 06:16:35 PM

    Hey, IeroMyHero dude...

    As much as any type of Waycest disgusts me, not because it's incest but because Gerard and Mikey...urgh, anyway, as much as it disgusts me, who do you think you are to be acting all superior to Zimmy? If she wants to write an incest story, it's up to her, at least it's different. Fanfic is so packed with stories written by pathetic fangirls who are madly in love with every member of MCR, writing about how they went to school with G Way and were his only friend and blah blah least incest makes a change. If you don't mind Waycest, what difference does it make?

    It weirds me out, tons of people disapprove of certain types of fanfic, like gay and all that, but honestly, what does it actually matter? If you're gonna disapprove, you may as well go the whole hog and dislike all fanfic. I do, sort of, although I find it funny. But it doesn't bother me. If people want to get off on Gerard and Mikey stories, let them! I don't see why people can't make up their own characters for a completely AU story, but there you go, my opinion, I don't go whining at everyone else. If she wants a triangle with her, Gerard and Frank and she wants to make it incest, let her! Don't read it if it creeps you out!

    Anyway Zimster, how goes it? You've been ignoring my questions. UA love! Woo!

    Bowiester x

    Author's response

    good good thanx Bowiemeister!!

    how's u anyhoo?

    what've u posted? Gray?

    UA love xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxo
  • Will Things Ever Be Normal Again?

    (#) bowiester 2008-11-02 10:54:11 AM

    Zim, how many flunching times? It's GREY!! He's not American, I'm not American, his name is GREY. He's from London for flunch sake! Anyway, no, I've abandoned that story. It wasn't going anywhere. I'm focusing on Parallel Universe and the Town Time Stories. Yay! David! Charlie! Kate! Liam! Harry! Becca! Dani! James! Errol! Hannah! Danny! Brendon! Lawrence! Will!

    Yes...anyway. No, it's Ren and Prof. Cloud. She loves him, you know she does! Go and read it!

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