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Stragety#2: " Smile for me in the midst of your fears ".

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Contributions of needles and spiders.

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Harrow here thankyou guys so much for taking the time out of your awesome day to review my story. The chemical rose and lostmymind has won the parts and i hope you guys don't mind me using your real names in this story for the characters. Anyway enjoy this story i'm updating for all of you.:

" How are my babies doing? " said the first young girl, who was sampling chocolate from her servants hand " They are doing fine miss " said ross " Already purdy and bruised up ". The boys of my chem had been sent back to their rooms after ross had picked on them earlier, ray who was mad now at what they did to bob's hand began to plot a way out of here. All the windows and door's had been locked and no one was allowed to go outside for nothing, matt, zacky, and ross's other friend tommy had left for bondage items and fetish toys, they wanted to again make fools out of the boys tonight.

It had been 4 weeks now since the boys had gone missing and ross had went to the local city everyday to read the newspaper to find if anyone had talked about them. In one it said that fans had started to search for the boys by creating a group called " The umbrella searchers ", they were designed to go any and everywhere to look for them. And in others they said that people out of no hope of finding them beganned to sell my chem's stuff.

Rosswell laughed at this and decided to show them this tonight, " We'll be coming over there soon to look at them and whatever you do don't hurt gerard or frank to bad...yet ". " We won't " ross replied smiling, he wanted to hurt frank though. That night tommy, matt, and zacky came back with a grocery bag full of things, it included real spiders, and long needles it also had cuff's and blindfolds, tonight was the start of human breakage.

The boys of my chem had had strong wills against ross and his torture, bob continued to argue and fight back with ross often hitting him and even scaring him, ray went into " i'm going to ignore you " mode to the point anything ross would say to him or ask him to do ray would not listen or do. Mikey had this irritating thing that he did with his eyes, ross hated when people would look everywhere else but at him and that's what mikey did, always staring off into space or gazing at someone else while ross was speaking to him.

Frank was just plain strong he always was, whatever ross did to him it didn't phase frank none the less he was still strong and confident and everything he did made rosswell feel like a loser in a way. So this night was designed to scare the boys into obeying because they were doing nothing rosswell said anymore.

" Hey matt " ross said when matt entered the door with the bags, " Guess what i read today some fans of my chem has banned together and has decided to look for them, while others completely hopeless has decided to sell their stuff ". Matt laughed his wicked laugh then said " Ah yes the oh my god let's look for them stragety " and ross replied " Oh you know your going to die when your own fans began to sell your stuff ".

Late that night the boys were brung down, their arms tied behind their backs and their hands tied together, they were stood upagainst the wall again as matt and the others lit candles.
" Tonight " said ross going back and forth infront of them as they stood " Is the night of human breakage, i understand that you guys are bent on defying me even after i am so kind to let you live ". " My bosses said that i can't kill you...not yet but i can torture and break you, see my bosses they love timid and scared men because they love to be incharge and you guys are to strong for them, so they have sent me to break you ".

Ross now walked infront of them slowly patting them each on the head with the rolled up newspaper, " You guys would cry if you seen what i read about you in the local newspaper do you guys want to see it? ". All of their eyes went huge as ross stopped infront of mikey and beganned to unfold the paper, he then held it out infront of mikey but took his glassess " Can you read that? " ross said smiling wickedly at him.

Mikey squinted his eyes everyone knew he couldn't see well without glassess that's why he wore them " Can you read that? " ross asked again staring at mikey with with hate in his eyes. " I can't " mikey answered dryly he was afraid of this man he acted so crazy but there was something about ross that lately, mikey found himself liking.

Mikey didn't know what it was but he loved looking at ross, ross had this heavenly appearance to him with his shoulderlength and thick dirty blonde straight hair it had white highlight's in it and hung over his shoulders covering one eye which was the prettiest of blue. Rosswell was tall and skinny and loved jeans with buckles, he wore thick studded belts and had these long and pretty thin legs, ross's shirt's would sit along the confines of his tiny waist and his skin was milky pale.

Rosswell had grew up in california but he was born in nashville tennesee, he never fully lost his country accent so some of his words were quite adorable when spoken. But mikey loved sadistic kinds of people, he had never really told any of his bandmates before because he thought they would treat him wierd ross was pretty to him in a dirty angel kind of way, and to mikey that was erotic.

But suddenly mikey was knocked out of his trance when he felt something hit him over the head, it was papery and rolled up making a funny thud " Are you going to read that? " ross said pulling the paper back and handing it to mikey, " Um it says that the fans of my chem has started to sell their things in the loss of hope that the band is goes onto say that the last time they were seen was on saturday and after a concert bullets were heard and the bandmates were gone ".

Ross pulled a fake sad expression saying " Awww " and he snatched the paper from mikey " My bossess had everything to do with that not me i didn't even shoot you so if you do make it out of here tell your judge that ". Ross now looked at them all " Tonight my victim to break is little gerard " everyone's eyes got huge, gerard was sweet and innocent and everything good about life how could anyone want to hurt him what did he ever do wrong?.

" Oh no you can't " said frank " Please leave him alone! " " Finally! " yelled ross, throwing his hands in the air " We get to hear you speak so that is what it takes to get you to talk? ". frank looked at him what was this kid planning? " Don't worry frankie i'll be torturing you along with him tonight " and with that ross left the room.

That night frank and gerard was tied up and tooken to the basement of the mansion along with everyone else, gerard was to be tortured first and then frank second ross designed it like this so frank could watch gerard fall apart. Gerard was sat in a chair with a blindfold over his eyes and his arms tied behind him to the chair, his feet was tied too and he was instructed to keep his head down at all times, if gerard was to move he would be stuck with a needle although ross didn't tell him that.

Mikey and all the others had to watch and if they didn't gerard would get stuck more, but not only this ross would drain his blood so if gerard disrespected ross, or none of the other members looked gerard would get drained until he fainted or died. " Tell me something gee " ross said going around gerard

" What are you most afraid of? "

And gerard answered " Needles and using drugs but i'm frightened of being a failure ".

and ross said

" Well do something for me "

And gerard said " What? " growing scared

" Smile for me in the midst of your fears " Rosswell answered.

Harrow here i'm prepping you for the sick shit so bear with me now anyways i just wanted to give y'all some background to how Rosswell looks and acts and let you know that mikey is falling for him. This is bound to add to another problem in this story which is bound to tear someone's friendship apart. Give me reviews people i'm hungry it inspires me okay and oh yeah tell me do you think rosswell is hot or not because i can make him to suit your fancy rate and review bye!.
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