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I've got you...Red handed?

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"NO! This isn't right!" Ashley fought out of the officers hands and ran back into the room. The officer followed behind. "Wait! before you arrest me...Here why you should arrest Officer Ro- Ryan Ross."

"Ok, What do you think you have on me?" Officer Ross smirked. In all truth the recorder hidden in the room was still rolling and Ashley knew it.

She laughed at little before saying, "You fucked me."

"What?" He laughed back.

"Thats right! You Fucked me. Screwed me. Had intimacy. Sex." She shouted. Right then did Officer Urie come in.

"Ryan...You didn't?" Officer Urie said in a disappointed tone.

"I-" He cut himself short and looked away.

"I'm gonna have to..."

Ashley saw the ashamed, scared and sweet look on Officer Ross. She felt stupid. He had nothing to do with this besides helping her. He tried and she lusted after him. As Officer Urie cuffed him Ashley said, "If I admit my brother committed the crime, you'll let Ryan go?"

No one responded.

"I-My brother-Ryan Mason, did in fact kill my secretary, Ann." She looked at Officer Urie for some kinda of pity.

Officer Urie took several minutes before responding. "Officers, Please uncuff Ryan Ross and Ashley Mason. As for Ryan Mason, Throw 'em in a cell until further notice."

Once the Officer uncuffed Ashley, she ran towards Ryan as grabbed him in a hug. "I'm sorry..." She mumbled.

Ryan laughed. "You almost had me there," Ashley said.

"Hey, You two don't get too happy. We still have to figure out your punishment. One for lying and one for fucking the victim." Officer Urie said.

Ashley sighed. Ryan lifted her chin, "Hey, don't worry. Whatever it-How ever this goes down, I've got you."

At that moment Ashley was urged to kiss him, urge him to kiss back. She was urged to love him. "Even though we might not be able to see each other for a while...I want you to know..." Ashley thought for a moment, "I've got you, too." She turned around and left the room. She wanted to say she loved him, she wanted him to hold her. It was something she would never be able to experience again. She wanted her fairy tale to end happily ever after. It may have not ended that way, but at least she got though it alive...


The smell of rice filled the house and her happiness overwhelmed it. A knock at her back door caused her to smile more. She walked around her kitchens island and towards the back door. Someone she had been expecting for a while now.

"Hey." Was all he said.

"Hey." Was all she said.

He sighed. "I've missed you, Ashley."

That just caused her to fall into his arms instantly. He hugged her, making up for all the times he didn't. When she most needed it. He kissed her soothingly, passionately, lovingly.

When they released the kiss, She was out of breath and clinging to him. "I love you, Ryan." Was all she could say. And It was all he needed to hear.


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