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Chapter One, Part One - Sakura and Kei

by Headcrook

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Chapter One, Part One: Sakura Kasugano and Kei Chitose

You think I have a problem when it comes to women?

You can think again.

Just because I love to fight doesn't mean that I don't like to have sex with women. You'd be most surprised at my sex life. Imagine that me, Ryu Hoshi, the infamous Street Fighter champion has more women than the average playboy. And you thought that Ken was bad when it comes to women. He pales in comparison as to what I can do. I have many women, many lovers.

Where can I start? There's my student, Sakura Kasugano and her friend, Kei Chitose. Both schoolgirls are two of my favorites to screw. Especially when they are wearing their schoolgirl fukus, which turns me on even more. Sakura is also my student in the martial arts. Kei, on the other hand, was shall we say...promiscuous. She walked in on me fucking Sakura and we've been going at it ever since.

Kei's story is somewhat tragic enough to allow her to stay at my dojo with Sakura. Her parents were killed and she was left an orphan. So she had to resort to being a call girl, and had brought Sakura into the mix. Her reputation had then spread to her school where boys and some men fucked her at every given opportunity.

I came across Kei when she was coming out of a well-known love motel following being used and abused by several men. I allowed her to stay with me while she get her head together. Unfortunately I had unintentionally seduced her when she saw me and Sakura together. Funny how she once confided in me that she hated to be used by various men and boys, but she loves it when I do it to her. Can't look a gift horse in the mouth. Oh well. Maybe it's because I don't see her as a sex object and she doesn't see me as a john of sorts.

Sakura, on the other hand is a different story. She is a brilliant apprentice, but in the bed, all inhibitions are gone out the window. Sakura is a bigger sex addict than Sakura. I found Sakura in the alley, covered in semen from a serious gangbang. What drove me to allow her to stay with me was that I saw her in a fight one night and that was proof enough to take her on as my student...and mistress.

-Ryu's Dojo/Home, near Tokyo, Japan-

Nighttime. Sixteen year-old Kei Chitose was silent as she enters Ryu's bedroom. The schoolgirl was wearing nothing but a pair of socks as she walked into the bedroom. Ryu was already in the bed, lying flat on his back as Kei slipped into the bed beside him...and Sakura, who was at the moment facedown, wearing nothing but her fuku top and her socks, her panties bunched up and dangling from one ankle, Ryu's cum and her juices seeping out of her pussy and pooling on the bed completely out of it after Ryu fucked her senseless.

She never thought that she would be sleeping with the man that Sakura idolized and wanted to teach her martial arts. But here she was, surrendering herself to him as she has been doing for the past several months.

When she was fourteen, her parents were killed in a car accident. Since then, she had to resort to working as a call girl to make extra money. To tell you the truth, Kei Chitose couldn't feel a thing, even when various men and boys fucked her, using her body to get themselves off, leaving her covered in semen and sweat. Sometime later, after coming out of a love motel following a gangbang, she came across Ryu who was returning home following a match. He took her home and later that night, Kei came to Ryu, who stripped her body (and soul) and gave her her first orgasm of her life.

Since that moment, Kei realised one thing: that she belonged to Ryu. He did tell her that he was engaged, but she didn't care. She, as well as Sakura ended up becoming his mistresses. His fiancee was bisexual and Ryu walked in on her, Chun Li and Sakura many times and ended up joining in the fun.

Ryu was already naked as he assumed a sitting position. With a kiss, Kei kissed her way down to Ryu's already expanding member, still slick from his and Sakura's juices. Kei had to admit that unlike most men, Ryu had amazing stamina, which was one of the reasons why Kei stayed with him.

Kei watched with rapt anticipation and licked her lips as she brought her mouth over Ryu's massive cock, tasting the spicy essence that was her protector and her best friend who was borderline comatose at the moment. It turned Kei on immensely at the thought that Ryu was going to fuck her again. As her experienced lips gave Ryu's cock an expert blowjob, her mind went back to that first night with Ryu...


Kei entered Ryu's bedroom. She was dressed in the same clothes that he found her in: a tight white sleevless shirt, a black microskirt that barely covered her ass, knee-length stockings and shoes.

Ryu, dressed in his usual karate gi, was getting ready for bed. "What is it, Kei?" he asked.

Kei bit her lip. "I just wanted to say...thank you for letting me stay for the night."

Ryu noticed that her cheeks were red. "Is something wrong?" he asked with genuine concern in his voice.

Kei didn't answer. Instead her hands slowly went to the base of her shirt, preparing to pull it off when Ryu stopped her by grabbing both her wrists. Instead, he took her shirt in his hands and Kei, almost by instinct raised her arms to allow Ryu to pull the shirt over her head, her breasts bouncing in braless freedom. Her skirt was next to come off as it fell into a heap around her ankles. Kei took a step back and slipped off her panties. She kicked the undergarment away, already stained with cum and her juices from the gangbang.

Kei, knowing her position in the role, assumed that Ryu was just going to use her and throw her away like everyone else did when they had their fun with her.

She was wrong.

For the first time since she had started working as a callgirl, Kei felt pleasure. Pleasure beyond her wildest dreams. Then when she came, she literally screamed in esctacy as her senses literally short-circuited as Ryu make her body come alive in a long time. Kei thought that she could not scream as much as she did.

Ryu was also big for a Japanese man. Maybe the reason that Kei didn't cum was that the average Japanese man was not big enough. And Ryu wasn't even done yet. He took Kei in many positions, making the teenager cum over and over again until Kei thought that she was going to die from the pleasure she was receiving.

Then Ryu came, flooding her well-used pussy with his cum, making the girl spasm and see stars momentarily. For that moment, Kei saw what was it that Sakura saw in him, other than being her instructor. It was at that moment that she wanted to stay with him, regardless of the fact that he had a fiancee.

She told him this while they were basking in the afterglow of their intense fucking session.

"I want to stay here," Kei declared softly. "I want to stay here with you. I want you so bad, Ryu." Before Ryu could say anything, Kei continued. "I know about you and Sakura, and that she's your mistress. Please let me stay here with you," she whispered, kissing him on his jawline.

Ryu thought about it for a moment. "You can stay here as long as you like," he said.

Kei then abruptly sat up in the bed, the covers falling away from her chest, exposing her breasts. "You must think I'm disgusting," she said, turning away. "I sell my body, Ryu. I'm nothing more than a cheap thrill, a callgirl. I've fucked boys, businessmen, my teachers, even servicemen. I'm nothing but a whore."

Ryu sat up beside her and wrapped his arms around her torso. "I don't think so. I don't judge people by their past. You have a good heart, but you were dealt a bad hand in life. It can happen to anyone."

Kei melted into Ryu's arms as she and Ryu fel back to the bed.

[End Flashback]

Since then, Kei and Sakura had long since abandoned their previous occupations as call girls and took up residence with Ryu and his fiancee. To Kei's delight, Chun Li was bisexual. She had her concerns with her Japanese husband-to-be when he allowed two former schoolgirl hookers to take up residence with him.

Ryu was also Kei's protector. After fighting off several of Kei's old johns and a pimp that wanted to exploit Kei for his twisted purposes, they saw that she was Ryu's property and backed off permanently. Since that moment, Kei had became Ryu's mistress. All of her inhibitions were completely thrown out of the window as she gave herself to Ryu without question. Kei knew that she had became one of Ryu's mistresses with a whorish demeanor, but she didn't care, since Ryu's words from that first night came back to her.

Ever since that night, Kei would walk around the dojo without any undergarments. Whenver she and Ryu were alone or if Sakura was with them, she would walk around the house naked. And it wasn't too long before her and Ryu would go at it. Just like now.

She loved the taste of Sakura's juices mixed with Ryu's semen. It was like an aphrodisiac to her, so addictive. A small trail of juices from her sex trickled down her leg as Ryu ran his fingers through her hair. One of Kei's hands slipped down to her sex as she began to finger herself slowly. Kei then decided that enough was enough and that she wanted all of Ryu.

She withdrew from his member, giving the head a final kiss before climbing into the bed. Lying flat on her back with a look of yearning in her partially-glazed over eyes, Kei allowed Ryu to spread her legs, revealing her most inner secrets to him. Her secrets were known to Ryu fully well, seeing as how he fucked her as much as he fucked Sakura and Chun Li.

Ryu positioned himself between her legs, Kei shivering as she felt his cock at her leaking pussy lips. She then let out a sharp gasp as he pushed his way into her tight snatch, her legs and arms wrapped around him as his cock invaded her most sensitive of all places. Ryu grunted as he inched his meat into his young mistress' hole. If she wasn't so wet, then he would have most likely split her in two. He then began to pump in and out of her snatch, Kei's moans and whimpers showing that she approved of what Ryu was doing.

Kei's pink tongue darted out and licked her lips. " deep..." she panted. "So good...keep going, Daddy..."

Ryu's eyes narrowed slightly when Kei called him that. As was with martial arts and lovemaking, he was still learning, but decided to let Kei slide because technically, he was responsible for her. It bothered him at first that such a young girl like Kei and Sakura were turned out and now they were fucking him at any given opportunity. But he decided to drop it as he assumed his role as lover and protector. It also provided nourishment for his craving for sex.

His train of thought was interrupted after several minutes when Kei screamed in ectasy as her first orgasm came over her, the pussy juices coating Ryu's member. Ryu, however wasn't finished yet.

He pulled out of her, making Kei whimper at his actions. "Please," she whispered, the sweat coating her skin. "Keep fucking me."

"On your hands and knees," Ryu commanded.

Kei turned over so that her shapely ass was in the air, waiting like a bitch in heat. Ryu moved in from behind her and grabbed her hips. Kei let out a groan as he pushed back into her sex. The young mistress grabbed the bedsheets as she felt Ryu slide in and out as her moans began to increase in volume.

"Ahh...ahh...ooohhh...keep going...fuck me...yesss..."

Ryu groaned slightly. Kei was even tighter from this position. Holding her hips, Ryu pumped in and out of her at a steady pace, the sloshing noises evident as Ryu fucked his personal whore. Ever since Kei and Sakura moved in with him, Ryu discovered that he had a schoolgirl fetish. Kei and Sakura would come to him in their fukus and he would fuck their brains out. He guessed that seeing the two former callgirls in their school uniforms had turned him on immensely.

Kei was moaning happily as Ryu fucked her from behind. "Harder..." she whispered. "So good..." Kei was in a state of bliss. She was foaming at the mouth and drool was trickling from one corner of her mouth. Ryu complied as he began to increase the tempo and force of his thrusts into her youthful body.

"Tell me that you are mine," Ryu whispered into her ear.

"I am yours," Kei panted. "My body and my soul belong to you. Keep going, Daddy. Keep fucking me. I'm almost there again..."

The look on Kei's face was nothing short of pure euphoria. Her eyes were completely glazed over, tears running down them, and a steady stream of drool coming from her mouth as she felt her body wind up even more harder than the first. As many times as Ryu came inside of her, she was thankful that she was on the pill. She felt his hands on her breasts, kneading and pinching the soft tender flesh as she came. Minutes later she came again, her screams finally rousing Sakura from her stupor.

The young trainee woke up, a pleasant feeling coming from her legs as she still felt the cum and her juices trickling out of her abused opening. Sakura woke up to see her friend being fucked senseless by her sensei who was also her lover. Seeing Kei fucked by Ryu turned Sakura on immensely.

She got out of the fuku top and turned over, exposing her body to the one man she grew to trust and depend on. Propping herself against the bedpost, she opened her legs and began to finger herself slowly as Ryu came inside of Kei, who was sent screaming into her orgasm. Now Kei was out cold and Sakura was now recovered. As Ryu pulled of of Kei, Sakura pulled out two fingers from her dripping pussy and licked them clean. She liked the taste of herself. It was sweet and at the same time salty.

Ryu gently placed Kei back onto the bed, allowing her to rest from the intense fucking session. He then noticed that Sakura had regained consciousness. She moved over to him and gave him a peck on the lips.

"You feel up to it?" Ryu asked.

"Always," Sakura replied.

Sakura took her master's semihard cock into her eager mouth and began to suck on it. Unlike Kei, Sakura Kasugano knew that she was a total and complete sex freak. Aside from fighting, she also like to make dangerous wagers with her opponents, putting her body on the line. Most of the time, she lost on purpose, allowing her opponents to take her and fuck her senseless.

Her exploits had reached her parents and not wanting to have a slut of a daughter living in their house, they kicked Sakura out. No bother, since Sakura had managed to eke out a living on the streets, fighting and fucking. To Ryu, Sakura Kasugano was more lewd and depraved than Kei was. Ryu was witness to that nearly a year ago when he found her on the street.


Tokyo's Akihabara District, evening. Inside an alley, Sakura laid on her back, legs open, her naked body mostly covered in cum from the group of boys that had just recently left, her clothes strewn across the alley. She had just been disowned by her parents and kicked out of her home only a week ago. Her parents were tolerant of her fighting, but becoming a call girl was the last straw. It also didn't help out that they walked in on her fucking several guys.

A new figure entered the alley. Ryu was taking the alley as an shortcut to the train station. His overcoat concealed his karate gi in an attempt as not to gain any unwanted attention. He then came across Sakura and shook his head.

"I thought I'd find you here," he said. "I thought you said you was going to stop doing this."

Sakura rose so that she was on her knees. She began to remove the cum from her body with her fingers, looking strangely innocent for a girl that was covered in semen. "After I told them that I was going to stop, they called me earlier. I couldn't resist. You know I had to go out with a bang," Sakura replied as she crawled over to Ryu. "You know that no one can't make me cum like you can, Sensei," she cooed as she pulled his pants down, exposing his member, which was already hard from seeing Sakura being covered in other men's semen.

Sakura then proceeded to suck Ryu off. "Sakura..." Ryu began, his voice hoarse. "Someone might see us," he said.

Sakura ignored him. "Ung...just a little longer, Sensei," she said when she stopped for the moment. "I just love sucking you off, Sensei. You're more bigger than the average Japanese man. You made me like turned me into the total whore that I am...make me feel dirty, Ryu..."

Complete sex freak was a total understatement. Sakura Kasugano was nothing but a total and complete slut, and she was the property of Ryu Hoshi. Ever since her and kei moved in with Ryu and Chun Li, things were not the same. While Kei would walk around pantyless, Sakura would walk around wearing nothing but her fuku top, socks and sneakers, sticking her tight little butt in front of her sensei and allowing him to fuck her.

[End Flashback]

Since Kei and Sakura moved in with Ryu and Chun Li, Ryu had them transferred out of their old high school in Roppongi and sent to Tamagawa Minawi, in order for the both of them to start off with a clean slate. So far it has worked. Sakura had long since abandoned all hope in reconciling with her family and has decided to stay with her new lover, content with her role as martial arts apprentice/mistress/sex toy/personal whore.

The more she had sex with Ryu, the more she wanted it. She would even sneak into Ryu's bedroom after Chun Li has left for her job at Interpol for a morning fuck session before she went to school. Sakura admitted it to Kei and the two martial artists that she was addicted to sex, and that addtiction rose tenfold when Sakura started fucking Ryu.

When it came to deepthroating, Sakura's skill was second to Kei's, although Sakura's blowjobs were a tad sloppy. Ryu wasn't complaining though, and neither was Sakura, who was more than eager to get this hunk of meat back into her sopping tight cunt. But she wanted to please Ryu first, which she was doing with expertise born out of pratice. Eight inches of Ansatsuken Prime Beef went down Sakura's throat as she sucked away.

After several minutes of this, Sakura stopped and looked at her liver. "Go to the wall," Ryu ordered.

Sakura got up out of the bed and walked over to the nearest wall. She leaned up against it as Ryu approached her. Sakura wrapped her arms around his neck, and one leg around his waist as Ryu pushed into her hot box. Sakura let out a high-pitched moan as she felt her abused slit once again being invaded by Ryu's massive member.

The young girl's eyes glazed over almost immediately as Ryu began to fuck her hard, Sakura bouncing up and down on his erect dick, her moans and screams showing that she loved what Ryu was doing to her and that he wouldn't stop. She managed to get her other leg around him and held on for dear life as she felt his cock slide in and out of her for several minutes.

"I wanna get on the bed," she managed to pant out. "Fuck me on the bed."

Without pulling out of her, Ryu carried Sakura to the bed. Lying against the bed's headboard, Sakura unlocked her legs form Ryu's waist and spread them across the bed. Hiking one leg over his shoulder Ryu resumed pounding Sakura's abused pussy without abandon. Sakura licked her lips in an obscene manner as her chest bounced up and down from Ryu's assault on her senses. She placed his hands onto her breasts as he pumped in and out of her.

"Oh, GOD, SENSEI!" Sakura screamed. "You're SOOO GOOD!" Shortly afterward, she came. And after a few more minutes she came again. Then Ryu pulled out and aimed his cock at her face, just as he came, his cum squirting all over her face and chest. Sakura just loved to be used by Ryu. It made her feel so depraved, so abused, even more so than all of the boys and men she used to fuck before making the change.

'So much cum,' she thought as Ryu continued to spray his seed. She opened her mouth, and several jets landed in there, which she eagerly swallowed. She then shoved his cock back into her mouth so that she could get what was left of Ryu's seed. When he was spent, she released him and rested against the headboard, covered in sweat, her breasts heaving as she tried to catch her breath.

"You're so fucking good," she whispered.

"I know I am," Ryu replied as he kissed her on the forehead.
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