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Why cant he stop thinking about her? We meet Leonidus, as well as his anxiety over loving a human.

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AUTHORS NOTE: to see what my characters may look like, go to my user profile. This is my first story, I hope you like it!

He had been watching her. She didn’t know of course, every night he would listen to her sing along to the radio, or watch her car drive by him as he hid in the bushes. She could never know who he was, or what he was for that matter. Having her know to much would endanger her more than his kind, and that was what worried him the most. The first time he saw her he knew that there was something unique about her. She had been walking across the small bridge that crossed the creek in the little town. She had her ipod on full blast and paid little attention to her surroundings as she danced away to the sound of the killers. She abruptly stopped and stood transfixed as she stared at the metal railing. As he honed in on the area, he realized that she was closely studying a spider spinning its web. From that moment on, Leonidas had been hooked. Every night, he would emerge from the commune into the early summer air, walk up to her house and wait for her to come out. At first, he had convinced himself that it was because she seemed so vulnerable that he needed to make sure she was ok when she walked at night. But little by little his confidence in this opinion began to waiver. She would often stop to help someone bring groceries into there house, or to shoo a cat out of the road. He also liked the fact that she found beauty in the common place. He didn’t even know her name for the first two weeks. She had moved in quickly and quietly with her family. He was struck by her dark skin, her high cheekbones and her lips. Her hair was jet black, and magnificently curly. He found out that her name was Ayanna. He had looked up the name after that night, he discovered it meant Swahili for beautiful flower. She also had a large amount of pets, which lent him to the fact that she often preferred the company of animals rather than humans. She could never know of his existence, and she ever became aware of his presence she would be dragged into a war that even his enemies didn’t want civilians in. It had been a long time since Leo had hated being a vampire, and he had been one since 1863. He was twenty when he was turned, and it had been in the heat of battle during the civil war. One moment he had been shooting off his musket, and the next he had woken up alone, cold, and hungry. For what, he didn’t know but he figured it out soon enough. For the next twenty years he wreaked havoc among the state of Louisiana, and was well known for his antics among other vampires. It wasn’t until that fateful night that Leo began to search for a different path. Not long after asking around, he had found Naslahili. She brought him into her commune, and showed him that the way he had been living his life was not the only way, and that there were others that had come into a conscience, They were careful, and trusted few because of the hunters. They had forever been running from them. They did not discriminate between good vampires and bad, to them, they were all evil. When Nas had decided to move once again, they had ended up in upstate New York in a small town. They found a bunker underneath an old abandoned building and they had set up and dug tunnels that led under the small town. After the moving in process began to die down, there wasn’t much to do between missions and deliveries, so Leo would often walk around at night. It was after the first few nights that he had spotted Ayanna, and had never looked back. Naslihali had known that she would be entering the picture, but had not told anything of it to Leo. Nas had been blessed with for-sight from a healing demon a millennia before, and knew when it was time to say something. But the problem was that the future was never really set in stone, and she was beginning to go crazy with the amount of times Leo was changing his mind with what he had decided to do about the human girl. So, she finally marched into his room one night, drew herself up to her full height of 4’ 11” and demanded that he sit his butt down and listen to what she had to say. She looked directly into his eyes and said, “Will you please make up your mind already you foolish child! I cannot deal with your angst every second of the day! I have deliveries to deal with, and people to keep track of and I can’t do that if your changing your future every five minutes, its clouding my psyche and frankly its making me nauseous.” “I figured you’d know already. I can’t talk to her Nas, what would she think if some tall pale man with bright yellow eyes emerged from the bushes in front of her house? Not only that, but if she even knows that I exist, she’ll figure out very fast that I’m not normal. And even knowing just that will put her in more risk than I would prefer her to be in.” Nas stared at him pointedly and then said softly, “There will come a time when it is more painful to stay locked tight in the bud then to take the risk and bloom” and she turned around and walked brusquely out of the room.
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