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Forever and Ever

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Frank's POV; final chapter

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Ch.16; I Mean This Forever

{{Franks POV;}}

The sight of Gerard hooked to machines that kept him alive burned Frank's eyes, but he couldn't look away. Mikey sat next to Gerard as Frank stood outside the room, looking in, because he couldn't bring himself to actually enter. It was one thing to see him barely alive from a distance but quite different to be right next to him as he slowly slipped away. Frank leaned his head against the glass window as he stared at Gerard. His face was calm and peaceful which made Frank sick because it was almost like the face of someone who had passed away.

Mikey left Gerard and went to Frank. He put his hand on Frank's shoulder and rubbed it."He's stable." Mikey said softly. "And alive."

"Barely." Frank said, his breath fogging the glass as he spoke.

"He's going to be ok." Mikey said trying to comfort Frank. It was like the old Mikey was back and it made Frank feel a bit better.

"How do you know that?" Frank said as though he didn't believe Gerard would, no matter how much he wanted to have hope.

"Because he's fucking Gerard." Mikey said to Frank with a smile so Frank couldn't help but manage a small smile himself. "He won't give up without a fight." Mikey hugged Frank and for once, Frank didn't feel so alone. "He really loves you." When Mikey said that, Frank couldn't help but start crying. Mikey just hugged Frank until Frank calmed down. He was glad to have the old Mikey back. "Why don't you go sit with him for a bit." Mikey suggested when Frank was able to steadily breath again.

"I can't." Frank told him quietly.

"Why not?"

"I can't stand seeing him like that." Frank admitted. "I'm scared."

"I'm scared too." Mikey said, his voice full of just as much worry and fear as Frank felt. "But I know he would want you by him when he wakes up." Mikey smiled at Frank and Frank knew it was upsetting Mikey to say it but he understood. Gerard was Mikey's brother. They grew up together and have done so much together so of course Mikey would want to be with Gerard as he was on the verge of death, yet he found the courage to give his position over to Frank because even if he didn't like it, he knew Frank and Gerard loved each other. Frank had to find the courage to go into Gerard's room because it would be rude to Mikey if he didn't.

Taking deep breaths, Frank opened the door to Gerard's room and then shut it behind him. The room danced with the noises of the heart monitor, oxygen machine, and various other things he was hooked up to. Hesitant, Frank walked to the chair Mikey had been in and sat down. His heart screamed at him to leave before it shattered, but his head told him to stay. Frank took Gerard's hand into his and squeezed his eyes shut to prevent himself from crying because Gerard's hand was almost ice cold. The only thing Frank could think was that Gerard was dead.

A few minutes later the doctor came in. He held charts in his hands and Frank stared at him as he slowly shook his head when he looked over the charts. Frank felt like he was going to throw up as he waited to hear the words he dreaded. "It doesn't look good." Frank began to feel the sensation to cry bombarding him again but he held it back. "His lungs are being destroyed by his body. We can't figure out why." The doctor said puzzled. "Eventually, he will suffocate."

Being told someone was going to die is probably the worst thing anyone could hear. Especially when you know the person will suffer until their spirit finally breaks free. The horrible headache returned to Frank as he became dizzy. He saw Mikey walk into the room and watched him start crying as the doctor repeated the same information to him. The noise of the room began to fade in and out as his vision blurred. Frank's head pounded until the room went completely black and the last thing he heard was his name.


There was a tingling sensation in Frank's body when he opened his eyes and saw Jamia standing over him. "Jamia?" He could barely speak. He saw that she had been crying.

"I'm so sorry!" she told him, slightly crying again. "I came as soon as I heard!" He had no idea what she was talking about.

"What?" he managed to get out. It was then that he realized he was in a hospital bed. Mikey suddenly appeared by Jamia then whispered something to her. She nodded and left.

Mikey sat next to Frank on the bed. "Frankie," he began and Frank's stomach churned, "You passed out an went into a light coma. They rushed you to the emergency room and after they ran some tests, they found a tumor." Mikey looked like he was about to cry. "In your brain." he said quietly. Frank was semi-relieved to know that the bad news wasn't about Gerard, but at the same time he was petrified to hear it was about himself. A tumor is never good but especially not somewhere as vital as the brain.

"Cancer?" Frank asked confused and scared.

"They don't know." Mikey said looking at the bed. "There's only one way to find out." Frank looked at Mikey, unable to think about anything. "Surgery." he told him a moment later.

Surgery was not something Frank wanted. "How's Gerard?" He asked changing the subject. Mikey was holding back tears and Frank wished he didn't ask. Mikey didn't say anything which made Frank grateful because he knew the answer.

After Mikey calmed down, he managed a small smile to Frank. "It's late. Why don't you get some sleep?" Mikey pulled Frank's blanket over him then left. Jamia came back in and bent down to kiss Frank's head. "I still love you baby." she said to him with a smile. She too left and Frank shut his eyes to go to sleep.


"Frankie." A sweet voice filled Frank's ears. "Frankie." He hard again then felt sweet lips touch him. Frank opened his eyes and saw Gerard standing over him, a warm smile on his face.

"Gerard?" Frank said with confusion yet excitement. Gerard smiled larger and nodded. Frank was suddenly filled with warmth and joy.

"Come on." Gerard said, extending a hand to him. Frank took Gerard's hand and Gerard lifted him up. Gerard's body was warm and his skin had color again. Frank wrapped his arms tightly around Gerard.

"I thought I lost you." Frank told him, crying slightly. Gerard titled Frank's head up and wiped his tears away.

"I would never leave you." Gerard told him, still smiling. Frank looked around and saw himself in the hospital bed with everyone standing around him, crying hysterically.

"What's going on?"

Gerard pulled Frank's head back to his chest. "It's a lot easier if you don't look." He said, his voice losing some of its joy. Gerard hugged Frank tightly and they stood like that for a few minutes before Gerard spoke again. "Come on." He said sweetly.

"Where are we going?" Frank looked into Gerard's eyes and felt like nothing would hurt him ever again.

"Home." Gerard said with a smile as he took Frank's hand and lead him out of the room into a warm light. Frank finally got his happily ever after; an eternity with the man he loved and no more pain.

We'll fly home
You and I
We'll fly home
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