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Final prep.

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Just read there is a funny story at the end.

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‘Brendon, get out of bed. We have so much to do and you’re still asleep!’ Grace said as she walked back through the room at eleven o’clock after being at work and having her final fitting in her wedding dress.

‘You’re so sexy when you’re mad at me.’ Brendon said as he rolled over in bed.

‘So help me Brendon, if you don’t get out of bed I’m not marrying you.’ Brendon glared at her as he threw the blankets back. ‘We have to go get our marriage license, get my name changing kit, and we have to go pick up our rings today.’ It was now April 10, Brendon’s birthday was in two days, and the wedding was in a month and four days.

‘It’s almost my birthday.’ Brendon said as he stood in front of her.

‘I know it is.’

‘It’s almost my birthday and you’re yelling at me.’ He pouted.

‘Well if you had gotten out of bed two hours ago like you said you were going to then I wouldn’t have to yell at you, now go.’ She said as she slapped his butt.

‘Oh baby, do it again.’ Grace laughed as she walked into the bathroom.

‘Hello?’ Grace said as her phone rang while Brendon tried to pick out a pair of socks.

‘Grace, its Holly.’

‘I know, what’s up?’

‘Hey, your bridal appointment with the photographer is tomorrow, the hair salon called and they had to move your appointment, it’s half an hour later tomorrow.’

‘Sweet tomorrow is going to be a really busy day.’

‘We’ll be fine, is Brendon out of bed.’


‘Alright well call me later, bye.’

‘Bye.’ Grace hung up the phone just as Brendon walked out of the closet.

‘I’m ready.’ He smiled.

‘It’s about time.’ Grace was so stressed with everything that had to happen in the next month. Brendon knew exactly what would calm her down, but that wasn’t an option. So he thought of the next best thing…he tackled her to the bed. ‘Brendon, get off of me, what are you doing? We have places to go.’

‘Baby.’ He said pinning her arms above her head and pecking her lips.

‘What?’ Grace asked. Brendon laughed a little, she was getting mad. They always had the roughest sex when she was mad but he had to think of something different right now.

‘Baby, calm down, this is supposed to be a happy time not a time where my Gracie face flies off the hinges okay. Just calm down, take a deep breath, and then we can make out.’ He smiled. Grace laughed a little bit.

‘Honey, we don’t have time to take a make out break, do you know how much stuff we have to do?’

‘Making out for ten minutes isn’t going to hurt. It’s going to calm you down and make you happy because you’re going to play tonsil hockey with your sexy fiancé so let’s go.’ Brendon said. Grace opened her mouth in protest but was silenced by Brendon’s lips. Brendon continued to kiss her hard on the lips until he felt her loosen up and give in wrapping her arms around his neck.

‘So what is first on our list?’ Brendon asked as he drove towards town.

‘We have to go pick up the thing so I can get my name changed.’ Grace said taking out her day planner, which was her life saver.

‘Okay where is that at?’

‘It’s at the court house. I’ve already filled it out and everything online, we just have to pick up the confirmation form.’

‘Okay. So your name is officially changed to Urie?’ Brendon asked excitedly.

‘No, not until we get our marriage license and officially get married but the form does say Grace Evelyn Urie.’

‘This is one of the greatest days of my life.’ Brendon said excitedly.

Grace laughed before checking it off her list, ‘Then we need to get our marriage license, it’s in the same building.’

‘Okay.’ Brendon said as he pulled up and parallel parked outside of the court house building.

‘Hi, I need to pick up my confirmation form for my name change and our marriage license.’ Grace said to the woman at the counter.

‘Alright what is the maiden name on the change form?’


‘Grace Evelyn?’

‘Yes ma’am.’

‘Alright, sign here.’ She said handing Grace a sheet of paper to sign before handing her a manila envelope.

‘And the names on the marriage license?’

‘Grace Brady and Brendon Urie.’

‘Alright I need both of you to sign here.’ She said. Brendon signed his hand and handed Grace the pen before she did the same thing.

‘Alright, congratulations. Have a good day.’ The girl smiled. Grace put the two forms into her oversized bag as they started out the door.

‘So technically speaking, your name is now Grace Urie, which means we can have sex to celebrate.’

‘We’re not married yet babe.’ Grace said checking both things off the list.

‘Have you confirmed with all of the professionals?’

‘Yes, Holly took care of that yesterday. Everything is good for the wedding. I need you to go pick up the airline tickets tomorrow for our honeymoon.’

‘Alright, I think I can manage that.’

‘Good.’ Grace checked that off her list as well. ‘You also need to take one of the boys and pick up your tuxedos from the Tommy store.’



‘Okay. What else do we need to do right now?’

‘We need to go pick up our wedding rings.’

‘Where are they?’


‘Okay. What are you doing tomorrow?’

‘I have to go to the hair salon, and then go get my bridal picture taken, and then I think I’m going to get a facial.’


‘Because I need one.’

‘Your skin is beautiful.’ Brendon said before picking up her hand and kissing it gently.

‘Well I need one anyway.’ She said as she looked down at her check list of things to do. ‘We have a dentist appointment next week, next Tuesday.’

‘For what?’

‘To get our teeth cleaned, it’s our six months so I figured we could do it before the wedding.’


‘I need to call your mom.’

‘Alright, she’s home.’

‘Give me your phone please.’

‘Where is yours?’

‘I’ve been on my phone all morning…its dead.’ Grace said as Brendon pulled up to a red light.

‘Can I have a kiss?’ he pouted.

‘Of course you may.’ She smiled as she leaned over and kissed him gently. ‘I love kissing you.’ She kissed him again and again and again until the heard a honk behind them.

‘When is your bridal shower?’

‘Saturday at eleven.’

‘When is your bridal lunch thing?’

‘It is on May 7th at eleven thirty.’ She said.

‘Your bachelorette party?’

‘The same night as your bachelor party, by the way, we totally have to talk about that.’ Grace began, ‘What are you planning on doing?’

‘I don’t know Spencer and Jon are planning it.’

‘Alright, do you think they are going to take you to a strip club?’

‘Who knows, they might. Is that okay?’

‘Will it turn you on?’

‘Are you going to be there in a thong dancing on a pole and giving me lap dances because if you are, I’m totally okay with that and yes that will turn me on…a lot.’

‘No.’ Grace said.

‘Well then no, we’ll probably just go to a bar and drink too much and pass out.’

‘Okay, you know that I don’t care whatever you do, it’s your last night with the boys, have fun.’

‘I don’t need strippers to have fun. I have my own stripper right here.’ He laughed. Grace glared playfully before he kissed her hand again, pulling up outside of the same mall as their rings are at.

Brendon and Grace now had their marriage license, their wedding rings, and Grace’s name had been changed. It was getting down to the wire and both were so excited. Everything was going off with out a hitch that is until one of those dreams comes into play again.


Hi everyone!!!

So I really need to be sleeping right now but I thought it was a great time for an update and a super funny story that I know everyone will enjoy.
So here we go...
So I got up this morning before school and checked my e-mail and i had a message saying I had a new review. So I clicked the link and this is what the review said: "Every time you update your shitty Mary Sue/thinly-veiled self insert fic I'm going to kill a kitten. Won't you please please think of the kittens?"
One of my very favorite things in the entire world is getting hate mail. I don't know why but I think it's so funny to see someone get so worked up about some stupid story that is just that...stupid. So imagine my delight when I read this review, aside from the fact that review points a finger to the exact person who left it (There is no need to get upset about it, I know who did it and frankly it's hilarious to me.) It happens to be a girl that I apparently royally pissed off. She's a total psyche case though it did make my day to know there is someone our killing kittens. I've never been much of one for cats. It pretty much made my day to know that I have made someone so angry. Now I know that all of you adoring readers may get a little upset about this but there is no need. Just laugh it off like I did. Because she's a joke.
I just thought that I would share this with you so that maybe you could get as much of a laugh out of it as I have.
And to you MrSnarky, how does that make you feel to know people are laughing at you like they are. Maybe this is a nice little wake up call to you that will show you how much of a joke you truly are and you can get on with your life and go get the help you really need. Have a great day.
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