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You can't escape now, I've got you locked inside this room

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That was just cruel

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BUT, because I'm nice, I'm posting the next chapter right away.

It was dark and cold. The metal handcuffs around Katie’s wrists and ankles dug into her skin, but she stopped feeling the pain days ago. Or she assumed it was days, she had lost count. Every once in a while, the guy from the club turned on the lights just long enough to give her food, water and a slice of bread, or blindfold her and do stuff to her. It was in these brief moments that she could look around her surroundings. She was in a basement somewhere, there were chains looped through the cuffs and wrapped around a pole in the middle of the room, so she could only walk in about a 3-foot circle. There were black garbage bags taped to the windows, so she couldn’t tell if it was day or night. She was sitting on the concrete floor, leaning against the pole. She felt something wet run down her cheek, but couldn’t tell if it was blood or tears, she had lost all sensation long ago. She stopped feeling pain, hunger, fear, everything. Suddenly she heard voices upstairs and her first thought was that he brought friends. Then there was shouting and a struggle, and the basement door slammed open, flooding the room with light. She squinted as footsteps ran down the stairs before she blacked out.

Gabe ran into the Intensive Care Unit, followed closely by the members of his band, as well as The Academy Is, Fall Out Boy, Gym Class Heroes and Panic at the Disco. “Hi, can I help you?” A nurse sitting at the reception desk, with dark bags under her eyes smiled politely.
“Katie Hawk. I got a call a few minutes ago.” She flipped through a few folders.
“I’m sorry, we’re only allowing family in right now. Once the doctors and police speak with them, you’ll be able to visit.”
“Her family is still in Europe, they won’t be here for a couple days. Isn’t there anything you can do?” Patrick asked.
“I’m sorry.” The nurse shook her head.
“I’m…um…I’m her husband.” Gabe lowered her voice.
“Her what!” Brendan exclaimed.
“Oh.” The nurse looked down at the papers. “It doesn’t say anything in her chart…”
“It’s new.”
“Well then, I’ll go get the doctor.” She hurried down the hall. Everybody went and sat down, filling up the entire waiting room.
“So, is there something you wanted to tell us?” Patrick raised his eyebrows at Gabe. He took a deep breath and gave an abbreviated version of the story.
“Does this mean we can’t look at her boobs anymore?” Jon asked.
“I didn’t even think about that! This sucks.” Nate pouted.

They all looked up when a cop entered the room. Gabe stood and rushed over. “Are you the husband?” Gabe nodded. The doctor glanced at the other people in the room, all staring intently at them. “Perhaps we should speak outside. Has anyone told you anything?”
“Only that she was found in Long Island and was being brought here.” He shook his head.
“We found her in a house in the Hamptons. One of the neighbors noticed lights on and a car in the driveway. They knew that the family is only there in the summer, so they looked in the windows and noticed something was off. That’s when we were called. She was being kept in the basement.”
“Were you able to find the guy who took her?”
“He was in the house.” The cop nodded. “We’ve spoken with her, but she doesn’t remember much about her captivity. Someone from my department will probably be back to question you both in the next few days.” The cop shook Gabe’s hand and left.
“Mr. Saporta?” Gabe turned around to come face to face with a doctor.
“I’m Dr. Clemens.”
“How is she?”
“She’ll be just fine.” Gabe sighed in relief. “She’s just coming out of surgery. There doesn’t seem to be any serious internal injuries. She has a broken wrist and a couple cracked ribs, but it’s mostly just cuts and bruises.”
“The cop said she didn’t remember anything.”
“That’s understandable. She has a few good bumps on her head, so we won’t know until she heals whether it’s physical amnesia or if she psychologically repressed the trauma. We’ll have her speak with a therapist, of course.”
“Can I see her?” He looked at the doctor with pleading eyes.
“Of course, just give the nurses a few minutes to hook up all of her monitors.” The doctor nodded. “Now, you should know before you go in, it looks much worse than it is. We’ve given her medications so she’s in no pain, as well as some sedatives. She’ll be unconscious for a day or two so her body has time to recover, and then she’ll be groggy for a while. In addition to her injuries, she’s severely sleep deprived and dehydrated. But feel free to go in and sit with her.”
“Thank you so much, Doctor.” Gabe grinned, shaking his hand enthusiastically. He burst through the doors to the waiting room. All of their friends were watching, with disgusted expressions, as CNN replayed the footage of Katie’s bloody form being wheeled out of a house on an ambulance stretcher from every angle imaginable.
“Well?” Pete asked, after Gabe had been standing motionless for a few moments.
“She’s going to be ok.” He grinned at the sound of the words coming from his mouth.
“You can go in now. Just two at a time, if you don’t mind.” The nurse poked her head in the room.

I decided to split the chapter up, just to mess with people. But don't think you can just give one review for both chapters. That's not how it works.

And if I don't update before, Happy Halloween. I still don't know what I'm going to be. Maybe Katy Perry, I already have the hair. But I don't know where to get a hotpants jumpsuit on such short notice. Hmm. Any suggestions?
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