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Confusing misjudgments of emotions.

by CrimsonFlowers 1 review

Just something I wrote to vent.

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The surroundings being painted into your eyes.
Cards of chance being dealt out one after another.
Loneliness and hatred building up inside you like a tower.
Emotions bursting open your veins.
The presence of others sealing everything up.
The betrayal making it never ending.
Stitches temporizing the healing.
Removal killing you all over again.
Anticipation showing you revelations.
Emancipation becoming an amazing choice.
Evaporation of uncaring sins.
Drugs making you breathe in.
Spirits forcing you to open your heart.
Your insides haunting your past.
Blood becoming water.
Pain becoming rage,
everything beginning again.
A smile for every broken vein.
A frown for everything trusted soul.
And a smirk as all the memories come floating back in.
The grasp of it all sinking you into the ground.
Knee deep in the grave.
Feeling oh so vain.
Wishing you weren't so plain.
Giving you no mercy.
No chances to win.
Fights breaking in again.
And all the misjudgments come rushing back in.

Read and review if you want, up to you, this is just my venting space.
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