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Your not so pretty on the inside....

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Tiana has to come clean with Gerard about the way she feels about him

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The next day..... Tiana walks to school early in the morning so she can arrive before the cheerleaders. They torment her so her names.....hit, punch, you name it it happens.
Tiana sees a cream colored Jaguar pull up beside her. "Um, u want a ride?" says Gerard. Her eyes get gigantic. " thanks. I like walking." and she takes off walking super fast. "Tiana come on. Dont be silly. Get in!" Says Gerard. "Well.....ok." She gets in the car. "um...thank u." she says while looking down. "no prob hun." Says Gerard. He reaches for her chin and pulls her face up. " you are far too pretty to act the way you do. Have sum confidence in yourself." He says. "ummmm......uh...thank u." Tiana stammers while blushing. " i didn't know that you had a car." she continues. "yup. i have been driving grade." he says. "thats impossible!!!!! you cant drive until you are 16!" she says. "oh. i got my permit because had a situation at home and no one could drive but me. so the state gave me a i could drive." Gerard says. "oh...ok. now i feel dumb." she giggles. " you shouldnt." Gerard says. "um....yeah. uh, about last night. I just want to say...." Tiana starts. Just then a car cuts Gerard off and he screams "STUPID MUTHAFUGGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LUK AT THA ROAD KAH?!" At this moment Tiana just stops and stares at him. " sorry hun. i have a slight anger prob. hehehe" gerard says. "but continue...please?" he says. "uh...sure." she says. "Gerard? I just want you to know that....i like you too." Gerard gets this creepy/ cute smile on his face. "no way...get outta town! I have been waiting for you to say that forever. U know that right?" He says very fast. " no. i didnt know...that." Tiana says. "oh look....the schoooooooooooooooooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" says gerard in a childish voice. "uh yeah....schoool" Tiana says while raising her arms and staring at him like he is dumb. They get out of the car and they look at the door and there stands Matthew Sanders. The jock of all jocks. He is the varsity basketball champ four years in a row. If he dosent play(which rarely happens) the team dosent win. "well well well....look what we have here. the loser bitch with the gay ass homo-fag.....what a fucking pair!" he says while doing his usual intimidating laugh. "why dont you fuck off Matt!?" says Gerard. "oh no have to understand....thats why i have your momma on speed dial." he says while grimming Gerard. "Dont talk about my mother" Gerard says while shaking. " oh.....get over it homo-boy. as long as your mother sucks my dick ill be talking about her....get it?" Matthew says. "you know what....whatever kah? im wasting my fucking time talking to you" Gerard says. " are such a big boy now! time to retire your pull-ups. whatever. pansy ass muthafuka" Matthew says while walking away. "yeah thats right walk away bitch." Gerard mumbles. "wait..what? what the fuk did u just say???" matt says while getting all up in Gerards face. "Matthew bag the hell up ok? damn you are soooo on his DICK that you cant even breath. bag the fuck up!" Says Tiana. Matt grabs her by the shirt collar and slams her up against the locker. "you know what you fuckin hoe? Ill whoop yo ass if you say sum bullshit like that to me again. do you understand me trick?" Matt says in a deep voice. "Um yeah...sorry just let me go." she says in a shakey voice. Matt throws her to the ground and goes into the gym. "omg Tiana are you ok????" Gerard says. "yeah i guess" she says while getting up. "woah. you have balls for standing up to him. thank you." Gerard says while hugging her. "yeah no prob." Tiana says. They then walk to an empty classroom.

The first hour bell rings and the students begin to come in. Matthew sits right by his friends, Brian, Zacky, Phil, and Jimmy. They are all jocks but as you know Matthew is the leader of the pack. Brian is a very handsome basketball player that just does nothing but kisses Matthews ass all day. Zacky is a bad boy who just likes to hang with Matthew and the rest of the crew. He dosent play any sports but "skirt chasing". Phil is a not-so-handsome guy who just stays quiet until Matthew tells him to talk. And finally Jimmy. He is the tallest basketball player on the team...but he cant play that good. Matthew and Jimmy are best friends. They have been best friends since elementary. All of the guys have girlfriends. Brian has Chelle, Jimmy has Lena, Phil has Rachel, And of course....Matthew has Val. All of the girls are cheerleaders. Valarie Bennidito is the head cheerleader. She looks like a girl straight out of Cali. Blonde har, blue eyes, tall, slim, and very very rich. Val is know as "the wicked bitch of the rest" because she is mean to anyone and everyone. If the person is to big for her, she gets Matthew to kick their ass. They are a match made in heaven.

The teacher comes in the class 20 mintues late with her hair messed up and lipstick every where. "sorry class....uh....i got...held up." she said. "yeah...held up against the wall!" says matt. "hahahaha! gud 1 baby." says Val. "ok thats enough you two. keep on dicking around and i will give yall an week suspension." she screamed."bitch please. suspend me boo....i mutha fuckin dare you."Val says folding her arms. "hph....Ms.Benniditto!!!! i seroius!" Screams Ms. Anderson. "Do you think IM fuckin playin?? i will jump over this desk n put a fuckin westside whoopin on yo ass!" Screams val. "Dont threaten me!" screams the teacher. "ill do what i want bitch!" val yells while getting up. -------this feud goes on for the whole class hour. Val never got suspended but the teach sure wont be in school for a while.

Gerard walks Tiana to her next class and kisses her. "see you next hour." he says while biting his lips. "woah. um...yeah. next hour" Tiana says while licking her lips. Tiana goes into her next hour class and sits down. She cant help bt think about Gerards sweet soft pink lips. that kiss brough chills up and down her spine. all she knows is, she wants some more.

The next hour starts and Gerard is waiting for Tiana in the hall way. Tiana just frenches him right there. In front of everyone. "Woah. mmmmmmm ur a gud kisser. u wanna skip 3rd hour?" Says Gerard in a seductive voice. "Thank u. ur not to bad yourself. Sure. why not?" Said Tiana. The two lovebirds go out to Gerards car and drive away. "you know what? this nice T." Gerard says. " yeah ur rite. This is nice." Says Tiana. Gerard drives Tiana to his house. He lives at least a hour away form the school. He lives in a huge beautiful mansion. He gives his car to this guy dressed in all red. "Thank u Lars." Says Gerard to the man. "No problemo Gee" Says lars. Gerard takes Tiana inside his house. "do u like it so far?" he asks. "omg! yes! its like......fabulous!" screams Tiana------Tiana has NEVER been inside, or even close, to a mansion.------"mabey one night you could stay with me eh?" says Gerard in a deep sexy voice. "mmmmm mabey."

----------------------OK...... you guys.... read my next chapter comming soon to see what Gerard And Tiana get into!----------------------------

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