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chilly spines.

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Kinda random I guess?

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I've got chills down my spine,
And a pain in my veins.
Sympathy burning open my brain.
The miraculous thoughts changing our game.
Letting it all become a new fad.
The crimson drops staining your heart.
Sinking outwards to open your chest,
To revel the truth.
Showing the world what you really are.
All your lies breaking you to pieces.
The torture you caused getting you back.
Fate taking it's place in your mind.
Digging up your own fresh grave.
The tombs bashing against your face.
Scarring you forever,
To let your allies see what decision they made.
Wishing they could turn back.
Slowly climbing back up to the sky,
Falling deeper in the whole day by day.
The wounds growing fresher,
Impossible to heal.
Time rewinding,
Your insides developing to those back in time.
Agony spreading,
Forecasting changing.
Everyone reveling secrets.
Even-ness as crooked as ever.
Never again to be even.
Peace becoming a myth.
Chilliness running down your spine and mine once again.

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