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New Destiny

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Dear Angel, Tell my teammates that I am truly grateful that I have them as friends. -Kai Hiwatari Kai lost everything, although and Angel answers his prayers. But demons are after his soul, c...

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Chapter 1:
New Destiny

"Get out, you worthless girl!" the huge man threw the girl out into cold, wet concrete. He shook his fist in anger at the defenseless girl, throwing a few rocks at her. "You never were a good child in the first place! Now it's time for you to die out there in the streets, just like every other rat!" he spat, throwing more rocks at the poor girl. "Now get away, get away from here you insignificant brat or I'll bring out the pistol!!"

The girl slowly got to her feet, and her soft blue eyes met the man's brown ones, but her voice was emotionless and cold. "Father, shoot me all you want, abuse me all you want, insult me all you want, do whatever you want to me, because the more you do, the crueler your punishment will be. When you rot in Hell, remember that I will be watching you, and I will not pity you, for you had no mercy on me, your own daughter."

She slowly turned around and left him glaring ice daggers into her back, her long black hair flowing gracefully in the wind, her gentle ocean eyes roamed the streets, her white shirt and white skirt seemed to glow in the moonlight, her white tennis shoes made faint echoes in the neighborhood. The fire in her eyes illuminated her way down the dark roads. The looming buildings did not stop her from continuing, she was not afraid of inanimate objects, they were the size of ants compared to her fiery determination. The darkness separated, making way for her journey, frightened of the light she carries in her soul. Her eyes showed everything like windows to the outside, her movements were swift and graceful like a swan, and her heart was pure like the whispering winds.

Her father stared after her, watching her with pure hatred but with curiosity. `How can she be so fierce, and yet so gentle at the same time?' The girl had taken on her deceased mother's appearances, but found an attitude of her own. Sighing, he walked back inside the huge mansion, without regret of leaving his daughter to fend for herself.

The girl sat down on a bench in the park. On the front side of her shirt, there was a pocket where she kept all of the money she earned for a living for her parents did not support her. They didn't feed her, she had to cook for herself, clean for herself, walk to school, late or not, and buy clothes and food for herself. She stared up at the starry night, watching as the stars danced in the moonlit sky, using the moon as their disco ball. She watched as the stars entertained her and themselves, winking at her every now and then. Smiling she laid down on her back, letting the wind kiss her cheek and whisper comforting lullabies in her delicate human ears. As the wind blew towards her, she heard the precious items it carried: music from around the world, the song of the seas, the wishes of the children, the prayers of the Catholics, and the lullabies of Mother Nature.

Soon, she fell into a peaceful slumber, where not even the rising sun can wake her. A soft smile plagued her features, because even though she looked homeless, she was not, for she lived in the world, and that is her home, now and forever more.


The girl stood in the dark corridor, staring through the darkness that tries in vain to engulf and frighten her. A figure slowly walked towards her: an angel. His gentle, gold eyes bore into her blue orbs; his huge white wings touched her lightly, and his pure white robe with golden strings scared the darkness away. His golden colored hair sat lightly on his shoulders, and the golden ring floated above his head, glowing brightly, radiating the happiness that he felt.

"Krist," he smiled, "You have truly satisfied Him, you are the one to spread the three most important things we all need to survive this world: Faith, Hope, and Joy. You have suffered enough, I will now give you a new life, but I will also need you to look after someone. His childhood has been greatly demolished, his true self, his loved ones, and all of his hopes and dreams has perished along with his heart. Please Krist, show him the way, show him that he has not lost everything, show him that he is not alone." His voice was like a song, a beautiful song that will always sing, a wonderful song that shows the way through the dark times. His smile was a magnificent painting, a true masterpiece. Krist nodded, "I will do my best, please, send my gratitude to Father." "Of course," as he slowly faded away, he said one more thing to her. "Remember Krist, He will be watching and He can and will help you in your times of need. Until next time,"

End Dream:

Slowly, Krist opened her blue eyes, her eyes meeting the brown/tan ceiling above her. She felt a presence next to her, she turned her head and saw an unconscious boy, his blue/gray hair lightly moved as the wind blew towards them. She sat up, but she wasn't on the bench in the park, instead, she was in a wooden room, no doubt a cabin. They were on a king sized bed, a timber desk sat next to the comfy bed, on it was a lamp, a notebook, a note, a telephone, a pencil sharpener, and a few pens and pencils. The bed was placed next to the wall, and an open window showed the outside. Her guess was right, she was in a cabin in a peaceful prairie. Two closets are on the other side of the wall, one for the girl and the other for the mysterious boy. `He must be the boy the angel was talking about.' She got up and opened one of the closet doors, luckily, they were labeled. She smiled when she saw that all of her clothes are white, her favorite color.

Quickly changing, she entered the third door on the last wall, leading her to the living room. Three couches were placed there, and a glass table occupied the space in between. A beautiful turquoise colored vase is in the middle, containing different species of flowers, all different colors. Two glass doors led to the balcony, small, but big enough to fit 3 people. A set of stairs led to the first floor. She walked down barefooted and smiled when she reached the end. A kitchen was placed on one side, while a white couch was placed in front of a marble table and a TV. Beside the TV was a hallway that led to the 2 guestrooms and 3 restrooms. The kitchen walls were made of marble, and everything was squeaky clean, so clean that she could see her reflection in it. In one of the cabinets, it contains first-aid kits, medicine, and a cell-phone. She chuckled to herself, reaching for the cell-phone and setting in her pocket. A huge refrigerator occupied the wall next to the cabinet. Opening it, she was surprised at all of the things it contained. Almost every food she could think of was placed in there, and then, she suddenly noticed the second refrigerator on the other side of the wall. `Two people don't eat that much,'

She walked back upstairs and entered the bedroom. She walked over to the bed and sat down, staring at the details of the lost boy. Krist then took the time to notice that his torso and right arm was bandaged. "I wonder what happened to you..." At the sound of her voice, he seemed to shift a little towards her. She lightly grinned, `He should be up in a few days.' She ran her fingers through his hair, untangling the knots, when she stared at his face, she frowned. `Even in his sleep, he looks pained.'

Slowly, she got up and walked downstairs, towards the kitchen. She started rummaging through the refrigerator, looking for a few ingredients to make some food. As she worked, she hummed to herself, a smile placed on her features.

A ring broke the peaceful silence. RING!! Ring!! RING!! RING RING!! She trotted upstairs and grabbed the phone as quickly as possible, hoping that the annoying sound didn't wake the boy's slumber. "Hello?" she said. "Hello Krist," she gasped, more shocked than frightened. She answered with a calm but serious tone. "Yes? Do I know you?" She heard chuckling on the other side, a voice so cold and hollow that it sent shivers down her back. "No, no young one, you don't know me, but I want something that you have..." she started to get angry, but kept her tone in check. The man thought that she was a child, an ignorant child that can't take care of herself. The harmony disappeared, now there was only tension in the air, the birds stopped chirping and the sun was hidden behind thick, white, clouds. "Look sir, I think you have the wrong Krist because I do not have anything you want, good day sir," she was about to hang up when her advanced hearing picked up the word, `boy' and `cabin'. Krist slowly brought the phone back to her ear. "Krist, listen to me, when I come to your cabin, be ready to hand over the boy, for my master wishes to keep him." "Keep him? He's not some property that you can own, he's a human that has feelings. He's not an inanimate object!" "You're exactly right, all he feels is sorrow, pain, agony, you see Krist, that's all he CAN feel. Which is exactly why my master wants him, my master wants his pain, his sorrow, his broken heart, his tortured soul, and he wants all of it." Krist heard an evil laugh, she glared at the phone, picturing him punished. "You sick, twisted monster!" she said and slammed the phone down.

Her breaths came out heavy, she glared at the phone, but when her eyes gazed over to the boy, they softened. She sat down next to him, staring at him with her soft, intense eyes. She stared at his face, a frown plagued his features. "Hey," she laid his head on her lap; she ran her fingers through his soft hair. "Stop frowning, your face might get stuck that way." Krist began to hum, trying to place a smile on his lips for she knew that he could hear her and everything around him.

"Dancing bears
Painted wings
Things I almost remember
And a song
Someone sings
Once upon a December..."

Kai's POV:

The boy laid there, surrounded by darkness, his crimson eyes emotionless, blank, his body cold, and injured. His breathing came out ragged and heavy. Whispering voices echoed around him, a few memories played in front of him like the cinema. The fire in his eyes was extinguished, his hopes and dreams were broken, he's lost. One of his most hated memories started to play before his crimson eyes, the memory of his friends dying, the bloody scene continued for what seemed like hours. He watched it replay over and over, listening to the heartbreaking sound of their screams, watching the blood splatter over the floor, and listening to the laughter of the murderer, watching him laugh insanely as he slaughter his friends mercilessly.

The flashback stopped, leaving him in total silence. He pushed himself to get up, but he fell back to the ground, but even so, he refused to lay there and do nothing. He pushed himself up again, but once more, he dropped to the ground out of exhaustion. But he tried once more, and this time he succeeded. "Got-ugh-to find-a way-out..." he told himself through his wheezes. "Hello, Kai," the boy froze; fear ran up his spine and clouded his mind. Slowly, he turned around and met the malicious gaze of his grandfather. "V-Voltaire?" he whispered, surprised as to why his grandfather would be here. "Yes, it's me Kai, in the flesh...well, sort of, anyways, how are you? You haven't been visiting me Kai, I'm sure the Blitzkrieg Boys would love to see you." he smirked, taking slow and painful steps towards his frightened grandson. "You killed them Voltaire! You and your goon Boris!" Voltaire laughed, the evil noise echoing off the unseen walls. "Well Kai, you're smarter than I thought, but still not as smart as me." He took a few more menacing steps, causing Kai to take a few steps back. "I-I'm not afraid of you, Voltaire!" "Oh really?" he sneered, "Then why are you scooting back?" he grabbed Kai's left arm, and a surge of pain went through his entire body, he felt as if he was being burned alive. "AAHH!!" Kai screamed in pain and agony, falling on his knees, all of his efforts of getting up before were vain. Voltaire let go his arm, Kai's screams were now just small grunts. He kept his gaze to the ground, blood dripping down his left arm. "You're such a weakling Kai, is this how I taught you? No! It's because of your stupid, feeble friends. You should be thanking me Kai, I did you a favor," Voltaire laughed, turning around and walking away, his figure fading in the darkness.

A few warm tears slid down his face, he's crying. Finally crying after such a long time. His invisible barrier crumbled to the ground, and all it took was the death of his dearest friends. He always told them to leave him alone, and that's what he got. "Heh, my wish came true...I just didn't know it would feel like this..."

Normal POV:

Krist stopped singing when she felt warm, wet, streams, flowing down his face. "Huh?" she looked down, and saw that he was crying. It was unusual, but not impossible, an unconscious boy crying. "Don't cry," she whispered, caressing his cheek, "It's nothing that you can't handle, you just got to believe." The streams stopped, but a few tears fell once in a while. Her gaze wandered over to his left arm, blood sliding down it. She raised a confused brow, "Now how did THAT happen?" she asked him, not expecting an answer.

Before she could get up and get the bandages, someone crashed through the ceiling, landing on their feet. He stared up at her with menacing eyes. He smirked at her, taking a few steps towards the unconscious boy. "Who are you?" she said, glaring at him. "Don't you remember? We talked on the phone, didn't we?" Krist stared at him with frighten blue eyes, `What am I gonna do?'

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