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Chapter 2

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A little action and some information =P

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A/N: Hey guys, hope you enjoy chapter two in my new story! Just to let you know, My Chem probably won't be showing up for a while. Don't shoot me! So yeah. That's all for now. //_^

“James. James, wake up. JAMES!”

“Ok ok, stop hitting me. I’m up!”

“Good. We gotta leave.”

“Alright,” I yawned. “Let’s go behind Wal*Mart,” I finished sleepily.

“No, I mean we gotta leave town. Chip says so. And what Chip says-”

“-is the law, yes, I know.”

I sat up, stretched, then stood up and yawned again. “Dammit Damien, what did you do now?”

“I didn’t! I did absolutely nothing. But Chip was with Scar last night, and he said this morning that Scar wants us to leave, or else he’s gonna chop us up and-”

“-feed us to the fishes. Right. Where we gonna go? Portland?”

“No. Phoenix.”

“Arizona? Man, you’re crazy!”

“No, I’m smart, now either we leave now or we die.”

“Alright. Grr, I hate gangs. Especially the Ace of Spades. Stupid stuff.”

“Let’s just go. Please?”

I sighed, slid down the ladder, and looked around. As I looked towards Wendy’s I saw Scar and Chip look right at us. As Scar pointed something shiny at us, I said, “Uh, Damien?”


“He’s got a gun. RUN !”

And run we did.

We ran all the way down the street until we reached the bridge by the interstate.

“Kay, we’re absolutely completely sure we’re goin’ to Arizona?” I asked Damien, panting hard.

“Yep. Positive.” He was breathing fairly well, for a guy that complained about having asthma all his life.

“We’re gonna hitch it then?”

“Fine by me.”

“Hey, I thought you had asthma?”

“Nah. I gave up on that the day I started smoking. Why?”

“Nothing you’d understand. Stick out your thumb, friend.”

About ten minutes later we were officially on our way across the country. I’ll tell you now, this woman liked to chew gum and talk.

“So, where you boys headed?” Her name was Molly.

“Arizona,” I answered.

“Whew! That’s a long ways away ain’t it? You’re folks know you’re leavin’?”

Damien and I exchanged a glance, and I said,” No. We don’t have any.”

“They die or somethin’?”

“Nah. They’re in Phoenix.”

After that she shut up real quick. Now, I don’t normally talk like this, but Molly had a nice rack. I know Damien is probably thinking the same thing. We're a lot alike, me and him. We go way back, to about the time we could walk.

We weren’t born into very good families, on either side. My mother was a druggie, and so was Damien’s. Neither of us know who our father is, so that’s two points so far. Another is our mothers were both fifteen when they had us. So we grew up together. All of our sixteen years of life.

I was born in ‘91, on the very last day in September, while Damien was born in October. He’s lucky. His birthday is the one day before that day of the year where everyone dresses up to look like freaks- Halloween. Besides the fact that Damien is a full four inches taller than me, standing at 6’2”, (me at 5’8’‘) we pretty much look alike. Almost. I’ve got dark brown hair(pretty much black), hazel eyes(that often change colors), and really white skin(some think I'm Albino).

Damien, on the other hand, has sandy blond hair,(which looks brown) blue eyes, and white skin that usually has a tan tint to it. We both have shaggy hair that reaches just past our ears, and really tiny noses and thin lips. Most people call them “chick lips". But no worries.

I've got an average build. Damien is like a twig that you could snap in half. But he's a lot stronger than he looks. Just like his mom.

So any-hoo, we were pretty much the mistakes of a couple druggies and born into a shit hole. Sounds a whole lot better than the streets, don’t it? Not for us. Damiens full name is Damien Christopher Maine. Killer, huh? Mine is James Anthony Gates. Before you even ask, no I’m not related to Bill Gates. Everyone used to think so.

My mother’s name is Maria Christine(Gates) and she met my father her Sophomore year and Thunderbird High School(also known as THS ) This is the short story of it, told to me many times by mom:
“I met your father, went to a party, got drunk, and ended up with you nine months later. And I still don’t remember sleeping with the guy.”

Sad, I know, but believe me its the honest truth. The funny thing is that, according to my mom, I look nothing like either of my parents. I think I was mixed up at birth. It's more comforting than the story my mom used. By far.

Damien’s mom, as far as I know, has always gone by the name of Candy, or (for some unknown reason) Lucky Lucy. Maybe she’s lucky? I don’t know. What I do know is that Damien’s story of being brought into this world is much more interesting. Here’s how that one goes:
“I was working the Strip, some guy gave me a hundred, we hit it off, forgot the rubber and nine months later- Surprise!”

Interesting, am I right? I know. But at least his mom actually remembers sleeping with some one. Probably because she got paid. As far as I know she might still be working the Strip, under the name Candy(or Lucky Lucy).

Up until the age of eleven, we put up with(Damien and I) our moms running off with other guys, staying out late, getting drunk, stoned, and among other things, getting screamed at by our very drunk mothers, who never remembered anything the next morning. Of course, Damien and I went to school until the third or fourth grade, but by then we’d had enough of our moms crap. So, on a sunny July morning, Damien and I ran away on our our way to school.

We didn’t know(or possibly just didn’t care) where we went or what happened to us, but we knew we were goin’ places. And then we ended up in Salem, Oregon, sleeping behind large stores, stealing food and clothing, and getting picked on and bullied by older kids and gangs that would sometimes pay us to do their “evil” doings. We did that for about five years, then quite. That’s how we made all our newer enemies, Chip and Scar.

Until just now, only me and Damien knew about all that stuff. And now we’re going back to where it all started. I don’t know if our moms still live where they used to, but I suppose we’ll find out soon enough.

How will we afford to live, you ask? We’ve got our ways.

Where? Wherever we please(and its cheap).

I just hope our ways work.

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