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How it Started

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How it Started
I love summer....summer...summer...summer...
"Penny, stop daydreaming and listen to what I am telling you! Your father and I have paid for boarding school next year for you!!" my mum said in an annoyed voice.
"Mmm?" I sighed.
"Uh! Walter, you try!"
"'re going to Camblyn this's right outside of Oxford," my father said in his doting father voice.
I was ripped from my daydreams. "What?"
"You're. Going. To. Camblyn. This. Fall." my dad said slowly making it sound like 6 sentences instead of 1.
"We know you don't fit in well at your school so we decided it would be best for you if you were transferred to a new school," my mother added.
"Really?!" I nearly shouted. I have a total of...hmm...let me think...ZERO friends!! I hate my school!! I hate my teachers!!! I hate the students!!!!! And I hate my life!!!!!!!! But of course no one could guess at those bottled up feelings by looking at my always serene expression. My long, dark brown hair. My crystal blue eyes. My fair skin. I look like the nicest girl in the world, not pretty mind you, but nice and dreamy and gentle. I am that, most of the time, when I AM calm. But for some reason people believe I am unapproachable. When I do talk (not shout) my voice is soft and high-pitched.
People think I am different. I sit outside drawing pictures and righting poems. It would be a lot better if I had someone to look at my artwork and poetry! But that doesn't matter now, I'm going to get a fresh start at Camblyn (have no idea when that school was established, never heard of it).
"Now you can go tell all your!" my mother quickly corrected herself.
What will everyone think of me? I'm to quiet....can people possibly like me? It's quite a scary thought...what if they all hate me like they do here? I just don't know...
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