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Like birds lined up on a branch

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random chapter, it made me giggle - but then everything does :]

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"GEE! MIKEY! WHERE ARE YOU GUYS!?" I yelled, storming through the woods round where we usually went, the part with the best climbing trees. "COME ON BUTT MONKEYS! I NEED TO TALK TO YOU!" I shouted, I had already been round their house to see if they were there, and they werent - so I knew they were here.
"BOO!" Mikeys face suddenly appeared by mine as he hung upside down off a tree branch. I didnt so much as flinch and he pouted. "Aaaw, didnt I scare ya'?" He asked. I grinned and patted his chin.
"Sorry Mikester, 'fraid not." I smirked and he frowned before righting himself. Sitting on the tree branch some way above my head and smiling again.
"Didnt you go see the shrink? I thought you had an hour session." He said, slightly confused.
"Yeah, thats why I wanna talk to you guys. Wheres Gee?" I asked, already scrabbling up the tree. My mother told me I was far too old to go climbing trees and I know she gets suspicious as to what I might really be doing, but climbing trees is something me and the ways have always done, and we're not about to stop now.
"Being an art nerd." Smiled Mikey, pointing upwards as I reached his branch. I sat down beside him and looked up to see Gerard sat on one of the branches near the top of the tree, leaning against the trunk and sketching in a pad. I rolled my eyes and whistled loudly to him, making him look down. He smiled and waved before going back to his drawing.
"Retard... OI! GEE GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE I NEED TO TALK TO YOU!" I shouted. I saw Gerard sigh and he glared down at me.
"NO!" Gerard sighed again and shoved his art stuff into the messenger bag he wore before dropping off the branch, holding on so he swung below it before (rather skillfully) dropping on another branch and then leaping his way down the tree like a born ape. He reached the branch Mikey and I were sat on quickly and settled himself down beside me, flicking some hair out of his eyes.
"Okay, this better be good." He said, but he had a warm smile on his face. Mikey sniggered behind me and I couldnt help but grin and lean forward to remove the two leaves that had stuck in his hair like devil horns - something poor Gee didnt seem to be aware of. He looked in confusion at the leaves I held out to him after removing them and blushed.
"Thanks." He mumbled, taking them off me and dropping them to the floor. "So anyway, what did you wanna talk about?" He asked. Mikey leaned forward to hear too and I sighed as I began to speak.
"I went to see the Shrink, and he was asking me about you -" I looked at Mikey whose eyes went wide.
"Why?" He asked.
"Ah I dunno, something about why are we friends or something, but anyway - I told him how we met in that sand pit and how Gee kicked our sandcastle and stuff and I mentioned all our ages and then he was all like 'are you still friends with this Gerard now' and I was like 'yeah what of it?' and then - and I could hardly believe it - he asked me if you -" I turned to look at Gee now. "- Had been touching me innapropriately either recently or when I was a kid!" I heard Mikeys gasp and Gerards jaw dropped.
"He asked WHAT!?" He cried.
"What the fuck? Why would he ask that!?" Demanded Mikey. My head hurt as I looked between them as they each complained.
"I know I know, I was like 'of course he hasnt you sick man' and then I kinda' ran out shouting a load of crap and punching stuff. I couldnt believe he'd ask me that! I'm so fuckind mad, theres no way I'm going back there now!" I pouted, remembering how angry I had been. Mikey seemed to cool down slightly but Gerard was red in the face and his fists were clenched at his sides.
"Ya' know what, I have every right to go down there right now and punch that motherfucker right in the jaw!" He growled. I nodded enthusiastically but Mikey was always the sensible one, and now wasnt any different. Gerard and I had just jumped to floor, ready to go and beat up the shrink when Mikey gave a yelp of horror and fell ungracefully off the branch in his haste to stop us, landing quite heavily on top of me, causing us both to tumble to the floor.
"Aaaaagh! MIKEEEYY!" I groaned, Mikey seemed a bit dazed and he continued to sit on my back as he rubbed his arm.
"Ow..." He mumbled.
"Owww... Mikey I love you and everything but PLEASE GET THE HELL OFF ME!" Mikey giggled a little and rolled off me.
"Sorry Frank." He apologised as I got to my knees, rubbing my back and cracking my ribs. Mikey was blushing a little and apologising over and over again despite how I was telling him it didnt matter, Gerard on the other hand was practically pissing himself with laughter. I glared at him as he gasped and wailed, clutching his sides, bent double in complete hysterics.
"Oh fuck....hahahahahaha that was - hahaa so funny! Oh man I wish I had a camera!" At this point he fell to his knees, then to his back and he rolled around the forest floor, tears streaming down his face... I dont think I've ever seen him laugh so much.
"Okay Gee... it wasnt that funny." I mumbled, a little surprised at his reaction, Mikey too looked confused.
"Yes it was -" He gasped, finally lying still, facing the sky but giggling again every now and then. "You shoulda seen Mikeys face -" Gerard spluttered with laughter before doing an impression of what I presume was Mikeys face. Even I couldnt help but snigger but Mikey just went a deeper shade of red and kicked some mud towards his brother.
"Shut up Gee, I was trying to stop you two idiots from going and killing someone!" He snapped. I bit my lip so I didnt start laughing myself, Gerard however just started laughing all over again, Mikey sighed in annoyance and crossed his arms. Gerard calmed down a lot quicker this time, sitting up and wiping the tears of laughter away.
"Sorry Mikes, it just looked so funny." He giggled.
"Okay I get it, I looked like a retard - can we go now?" He asked moodily.
"Aw cheer up Mikes, I promise we wont go and bully the shrink." I said sweetly. Gerard pouted and sorted out his hair.
"Oooh, I wanted to go and beat him up." He whined. "I have the right!" He added with a pout.
"Stop pouting Gee or I might have to molest you." I said with a smirk as I helped him to his feet and we all began making our way out of the trees.
"I knew you fancied me." He gasped, Mikey laughed and I shoved Gee lightly - it was a joke between the three of us to pretend to fancy one another, something the Shrink would no doubt love to hear about, and would probably make my parents disown me...
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