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Chapter 19

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Set after episode, the Firebending Masters. It was dinner time after Zuko and Aang arrived back from the Sun Warriors’ community. Aang, Sokka, Katara, Toph, Haru, the Duke & Teo, wait for the arr...

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Dragons of the West


Set after episode, the Firebending Masters. It was dinner time after Zuko and Aang arrived back from the Sun Warriors’ community. Aang, Sokka, Katara, Toph, Haru, the Duke & Teo, wait for the arrival of their newest member to come from his room. Everyone is still uneasy around the fire bender. Soon they have to leave the Air Temple. Ever wondered what the Fire Nation value the most? Find out. What other secrets would be discovered?


Chapter Nineteen


(Before on Chapter 16)

“Zhao! Take us out!”

Bato froze at the name. “You! You’re supposed to be dead!”

Everyone around stopped, as Zhao and Bato came face to face with murderous eyes.

(Now on Chapter 19)

Everyone at the ship was deadly still as each of them neither knew of what will happen next. The firebender and the watertribeman eyed each other with such loathing it was almost surprising that neither of them was killed by each other deadly stares.

Slowly and cautioning, Iroh stepped forward putting his hand on Zhao’s shoulder. “I think you should leave now, we do not need any bloodshed.” He whispered to him.

Zhao glanced back the Dragon Master, knowing that he was right. In fiery, Zhao limped out from the dock and into the ship’s belly below. Hotaru followed him.

“What is he doing here? And what is going on?” Bato demanded at Iroh seeing that he is the leader of people that helped rescued him and the others from the Firing Lava prison.

“He is here is because he was spared from death.” Iroh answered him. Bato glared at the firebender, not believing him. “The Order of the White Lotus has rescued you all and the others from the Boiling Rock.”

At his words, the former prisoners muttered within themselves. They all heard of the Order of the White Lotus; an ancient secret society that was created centuries ago by the wisest scholars all over the world. It was said that that the Order is about philosophy, beauty and truth. And it was common knowledge that the Fire Lord seek those of the members.

“If you claim of being a member of the Order, brother of Fire Lord Ozai—,” a hard voice said from the crowd. Everyone looked at saw a tall, muscular man stepping out from the crowd. He was named Kemen (1) a southern watertribeman and father of Bato. His hair was white and pulled back in a wolf tail, his blue eyes still bright and wearing the prisoner uniform.

Bato looked back at Iroh, who stare at the man in surprised. They watch as Kemen approach Iroh. Everyone waited for a fight to brake out, but nothing of that nature happened.

“Then that explains a lot.” Kemen continued grinned. Bato was more confused than before. How does his father know this man?

“It is good to see you again, Kemen of the Southern Watertribe.” Iroh said as both men brace each other wrists in a hand shake. Kemen shook his head in mild amusement, why is that every time he meets Iroh, he always greets with him in one of his titles? The Fire Nation are strange people. “How is your arm?” Iroh asked him.

Kemen bitterly laugh at the memory. “It is good, thanks to you. If it wasn’t for you, I would’ve lost in many winters ago—”

“Father, you know this man?” Bato asked his father for he doesn’t remember his father ever talk about knowing a firebender before.

Kemen laughed. “Of course, Bato! This is Iroh, the one that I told you about when I was wounded and thought dead?”

Bato nodded. He remember the pain of the day when the troops came back home telling him and his mother that his father fell in battle. A few months later, he came back stating that the only reason he lived is because a Fire Nation solider, who too was also wounded from battle, helped each other until they both was healed enough to back to their unit. Everyone in the village thought he was mistaken. How can a Fire Nation man not kill him? Now seeing that his father and the Fire Nation man acting like old friends, perhaps the stories that his father told him was true. Is this really the man that his father spoke of? If so, then if his father trust him, then so can he.

“Where are we headed?” Kemen asked.

“The Place of where it is Balance.”

“You mean, you and Order called upon the Holy Counsel?” Kemen’s eyes widen. In all the years of him living, he thought he would never live to see the days that the Holy Counsel being called. If the Order had called the Counsel then this was serious. What has happened to the proud man that he met all those years ago before Iroh became a General?

Iroh nodded slowly. “Yes, come my friend. Let us go to a quiet place so we can talk. It has been years, haven’t?”

Kemen nodded and followed Iroh away from the crowd that seemed to still listening. Bato, still daze of the turn of events followed his father down the place of where Zhao went.

Ivor looked around the crowd of the former prisoners who stare back him and his men in fear; for they had heard many stories about the Yu Yan Archers. He turned to follow a Archer that stood beside him. Together and the rest of the rescuers brought food and water to the former prisoners. As the men and women did so, Ivor whistled pulling out his arm leveling it.

A large female messenger hawk flew from the sky and landed safely on his arm. Ivor pulled out a rolled scroll from his pocket that Iroh had given him before the jail outbreak, placing it in the scroll container that was on the hawk's back.

“Fly fast my sweet, Hagar (2).” Ivor whispered to his companion. He watch as Hagar rubbed her head against his cheek and flew off.


Hakoda felt free as the ship sail out at sea. Of how he dreamed of this day would happen!

He opened his eyes and saw a man wearing a feathered crown like hat, a cotton breechcloth wrapped around his waist, a red robe over his shoulders showing his sturdy chest. The man had a beard in a ponytail; top of his face around his eyes was painted with red paint with white surrounding it. Some of the men and women among the rescuers wore similar clothing. Beside them he saw people in Fire Nation clothes, Earth Kingdom and Watertribe. Who are they?

“My name is Chief Haruki son of Hikaru (3).” The man said. “You must Hakoda of the Southern Watertribe.”

Hakoda nodded, wincing as he stood up from the deck. “Yeah, how do you know my name?”

Haruki smiled. “I heard great things about you. Your father is well known in the Order.”

“My father?” Hakoda asked. What does his decease father know this weird dressed man? What Order for that madder? But then again, those people from the Swamp are weird and they are Water Nation. “What Order?”

“The Order of the White Lotus.” Haruki said, off handily. “Are you injured?”

Hakoda nodded. Haruki walked closer to him, touching his back. Hakoda hissed stepping back him.

Haruki turned at yelled something. A waterbender by the looks of it came out from nowhere. “Go with the others, Hakoda. You are safe. Soon you will meet your children who will meet you Locus qua is est Pondera.” For that he left.


Haruki heard a hawk call through the still silence. He looked up at the setting sun, seeing a form of the hank flying towards him.

He smiled, pulling out his arm as the female hawk landed on his forearm. Haruki pulled out the scroll from inside the scroll shaft and smiled.

Iroh’s group was concluded.

Haruki could feel hope growing inside him. Everything is now coming together.

For the first time, he can finally hope.


Agurne didn’t know how she was going to make the Avatar and his friends trust her when finds them. How can they? She is nothing but a long dead person, now a spirit, force to take a young girl from the Earth Kingdom’s body as a host to survive! The only way she could live long enough in the mortal world.

Even now she can still hear the poor girl’s pleas and screams, begging her to release her, pleading her not to hurt her or her family.

Agurne knew in short months from now she would need a new host or that the girl would die a long painful death. So far it has only been a week since she invaded the girl’s body.

“Please spirit! Let me go! Please! What have I done to wrong you?” the young girl pleaded to her on the back of Agurne’s mind.

Agurne stopped walking. Wrapping her thin clothes around the host’s body. It felt strange living in a body after so many years of being dead. “Be silent!” Agurne hissed at the girl. She can feel the girl’s emotions like her own. How her body begs for a rest and food. But she cannot rest, not yet. She has a mission to complete.

“I won’t let you hurt my people!”

“I said be silent!”

The girl’s pleas suddenly stopped.

‘Ah, silence.’ Agurne thought happily. She knew the girl will be back, as it now became a habit between the two to ague to one another each day.

She jumped down a cliff and safely landed down below on to all fours. She got up and brushed off the dirt from her clothes.

“You know you really should rest, Agurne.” A cold voice said.

Agurne stopped and slowly turned and come face to face with Lu Ten. He was sitting cross legged on a bolder beside her. She stares at him in slight awe; he looked just like he was when she last saw him; his still wore his shabby red robes, his bright inhuman eyes staring at her in the disapproving brotherly look; his face, neck and chest covered by demonic tattoos that slightly glow. He looked more alive than she ever seen him, perhaps it was because for the first time in ages, the fire element from the sun is blessing upon him, however the energy may be welcomed, his form however flee from the light, making Lu Ten look like a shadow flouting in the bright daylight. He looked out of place him away from the Spirit World.

“What are you doing here?” she snapped at him. How long have he been following her? Why is out from the Spirit World, from the Land of Torment?

Lu Ten rolled her eyes. “Master requested that you need assist.” He said, standing up from the rock. His robes, once brush against his knees was now ragged near in thighs.

“He thinks I can’t complete mission?” Agurne asked him, her voice slightly quiver of the thought. Why did she suddenly fearful to fail her Master?

“No, he knows that you will finish it. He just sent me here to help you out and give you company.”

“That doesn’t sound like Master.” Agurne said. Lu Ten shrugged. “How did you find me anyway?”

“Oh I assure you, you were hard to find. Do you know how many Earth Kingdom girls are between here and the entrance of the Spirit World? I must say though, do you really have to torture that poor girl?”

Fiery grown in Agurne’s eyes. “I am not hurting the girl. I just need a host and you very well know it. I am almost ashamed just looking at you!”

“What did I do?”

“You know very well what you did. You are no longer human. Of how your ancestors quiver in their graves.”

Lu Ten looked at her. Was it true that he is no longer human? Have he changed that much? “I am as human as you are.”

“I am a human spirit, in another girl’s body, I am human but in different form. You on the other hand is nothing but a human turned demon! You are no better than the rest of those foul demons that worship Master. If you are human then you too be in a different body such as me. But no, you stand there, your form flees from the light, your human nature is no more. You are not human, Lu Ten. You will never be one again.”

“I have accepted my fate, as you should’ve hundred years ago.” Lu Ten could feel his anger growing within himself. He knew that her words have truth in them.

“I will never submit to the Lord of Torment! He may be my Master, holds me in slavery, but my will is still my own.”

“You say that now, but soon you will realize that of what you speck is misleading. He is our Master forever. We cannot escape him or our fate. I have accepted it, and soon you will too.”


“Then you are hopeless and your life is will forever end in tragically. There will be no happy ending for you.”

There was silence between them.

“What is your mission?” Lu Ten asked her, hoping that she would tell him.

“Master didn’t tell you, Lu Ten? I am not surprised.” Agurne’s voice coated with malice. How can this firebender accept this life? Him standing there makes her sick. “You are nothing but a little minion of his that is little to no use of him. Why should he tell you of his plans to you?”

Lu Ten’s patience was thinning. “He didn’t want the other spirits to listen to us. He spoke that you should know.” He lied. “So what is your mission?”

“Basically befriend the Avatar and his friends, making them ‘trust’ me. Frame the Fire Nation prince, making him flee for his life so Master would have his soul. Making them believe that he betrayed them, again. And something about the Prince joining us…”

“The Fire Nation Prince?” Lu Ten asked her. Does she mean Zuko? “Are you sure?” he hope he heard wrong. How can he do his Master’s bidding knowing that doing so will be his little cousin in harm’s way?

“Yes, he did say, Fire Nation Prince.” Agurne said rolling her eyes.

“There is more?”

Agurne slowly nodded. So he does have a heart. What is his connection to the Fire Prince? “The other part of the mission is that I need to get the watertribe boy and an earthbender alone with me, so you can capture them and bring them to him ‘unspoiled’.”

Lu Ten nodded. Now he understand of what his master meant back in the Spirit World.

“—your mission is to bring me the watertribe boy and the male earthbender that travels with the Avatar after when Agurne traps them. I want them alive, unspoiled, Lu Ten. I do not wish for the other Undead Lords to have their souls. They are mine! And if you fail, you and Agurne will be punished…” His Master’s voice rang from his ears.

Lu Ten’s thought was interrupted as Agurne was walking away from him. Lu Ten sighed in frustration. Agurne may be older than him; you would think she would be more mature.

“Agurne! Get your ass back here!” Lu Ten yelled. “I am not finish talking to you!”

Agurne ignored him.

In fiery Lu Ten followed her. Within seconds, using his demon speed, he was in front of her stopping her at her tracks.

“Get out of my way, Lu Ten! Or I will make you!” Agurne snapped at him, twisting her wrists.

Lu Ten found himself blown twelve feet from where he once stood, hitting his back at a nearby tree. How dare the vixen airbended at him!

He watched at Agurne ran from him leaving out from his sight. He slowly got up, brushing himself; he could easily find her again. He looked back at the tree that he landed on. He noticed that part of it was crushed inwardly. To a normal human, they would’ve been killed in the impact. But him being already dead (and according to Agurne, he is a demon that cannot be killed by any human means) being hit a tree would be like being hit by a feather….

Lu Ten slightly grateful that he was already dead and of the fact that he wasn’t in pain, one of the good things of being an immortal.

He looked back of where he last saw Agurne. He knew she was hurting inside, perhaps guilty of what she done to the girl and using her anger against him. Perhaps also confused of being ‘alive’ once again seeing that the last time she was alive it was when the Air Nation still stood in its greatness.

He sighed and went after Agurne. He wasn’t in a hurry. His mission is yet to be started; that is Agurne’s job.

(End of Chapter)


(1) Kemen: a Basque male name meaning “courage, vigour”.

(2) Hagar: a Biblical Hebrew female name possibly meaning “Flight” though it could also be of unknown Egyptian origin. The name comes from the Christian Bible in the Old Testament, for Hagar was the concubine of Abraham and the mother of Ishmael, the founder of the Arab people. After Abraham’s wife Sarah finally given birth to a child, she had Hagar and her son expelled into the desert. However, God heard their crying and saved them.

(3) Hikaru: a Japanese male and female name meaning “light” or “radiance”. I picked the name so it would look close to Haruki’s name and meaning. Also it looks cool “Haruki son of Hikaru!”

Author’s Notes: Now you know WHY Agurne and Lu Ten are different! Lu Ten has accepted his fate in slavery, in exchange of his demonic form. Agurne on the other hand, unwillingly accept it, fighting against her Master’s will to do his bidding, only being the form of her spirit form. The reason for her forcing herself in a girl’s body to live long enough in the Living World. I myself is surprised that she been doing this for a past century, but you know it must be tiring, fighting in a losing battle….

Anyway, about Bato’s father, there is no hint that his father is even alive or his name or anything of that sort. So he is OCC, and I didn’t plan on creating him, he sort of happened. He will not be a main character; however like everyone that I named WILL have a large role in the story to come.

The next chapter we will see the GAang.

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