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After he left, I had to IM Andrea, and because it was only ten there, I knew she’d be awake. I sprinted up to my room. Yes, I actually used the stairs; the elevator hadn’t crossed my mind at the time. The only thing I could think of was the way his mouth lingered on mine and I desperately needed to tell someone, not judgmental. And who better to contact than an old friend who can say nothing about it, because she is dating Brandon after all.“Welcome Hotchik411326.” The computer said in James McAvoy’s voice, just as I had programmed it to. hotchik411326: hey drea i have something I really need to tell you luvzcookies01: its bout time i haven’t talked 2 u in forever and there is something i need 2 tell uhotchik411326: okay u first luvzcookies01: im pregnant hotchik4111326: wat? brandon the father? y didn’t u use protection?luvzcookies01: brandons the father, and i guess we didn’t really think bout usong protection considering the mood we were both in hotchik411326: drea, im so sorry… wat r u goin 2 do luvzcookies01: im going 2 have an abortion… i cant have a kid… not now hotchik411326: does Brandon know? do your parents know? how many weeks r u?luvzcookies01: ya he knows, hes actually glad im not having it, he such an asshole… no my parents don’t know… im six weeks hotchik411326: i told u he was a jackass which type of abortion r u going 2 go through wit luvzcookies01: the free one- im going 2 go 2 the free clinic and get the morning after pill hotchik411326: im sorry luvzcookies01: yea me 2… but lets talk bout u now hotchik411326: well i happen 2 b falling for the son of my dad’s lead competitor, Jeremy Sherwood hes 21, tall dark and handsome and he kissed me with more than just hunger and lust wat do i do?luvzcookies01: wat do u do? u make him not only want but need uhotchik411326: i cant do that… its illegal luvzcookies01: but u kno u want 2 & dont tell me u dont cuz i kno u do hotchik411326: ur right i do hotchik411326: but i cant luvzcookies01: bullshit just go after him or ill track him down & tell him ur in love wit him & u kno im serious… i may not be just as rich as u but i do have money hotchik411326: fine ill go after him luvzcookies01: & dont lie 2 me cuz ill kno hotchik411326: ya ya ya bye hotchik411326 has signed off. It was now January 7, 2003. Today was the day I returned to school. I couldn’t wait to see him again, even though I’ve seen him everyday since Christmas. As My English class was first, which meant the obvious- I’d see Jeremy- I decided to wear the golden locket he gave me. My heart began to race as I recalled that night. I could feel my desire for him grow stronger within me. I’m falling for him. I’m actually fa-Ding- dong. Ding-dong. I looked over at my clock. Six-thirty. School didn’t start until eight. As I rushed to the elevator I said aloud, “Who would be here this early? Even on a school day.”“Coming!” I yelled once I reached the main floor. I peered through the look hole. I slowly opened the door. “Mr. Hill. Mr. Whiggins.” They just stared down at me. “What do you want?” I snapped.“I told you we’d be back, dear-”“Don’t call me that.”“Who’s going to stop me? That man you were with on Christmas? Well not that I’m sorry about anything, but he’s not here to save you. In fact, seeing as how your parents have been gone, for what two months now, there’s no one to stop us from doing anything we want to you.”Please God, please! I am defenseless against these two. They’ll kill me. Oh God! Please help me. I prayed slientley as I just stared at them with defeat while a tear rolled down my cheek. “Well you see, if you do anything to her, I’m going to have to do something to you.” Out of no where, there was Jeremy. Thank you, God! He was wearing only jeans and tennis shoes; no shirt. I figured he did this deliberately, because as he tensed with anger, so did all his muscles on his lean, yet broad, chest and shoulders. If the circumstances had been different, I would’ve flung myself into his arms. But they weren’t. “If it isn’t Mr. Jeremy Sherwood.” Mr. Hill said in a mocking tone. Unexpecedly Mr. Whiggins grabbed me by my hair, pulled out a gun and aimed it right at my temple. The shock on Mr. Hill’s face told me he hadn’t known Mr. Whiggins was going to do that. Yet Jeremy was completely and utterly calm. He took a step forward just when Mr. Whiggins said, “If you come any closer I”ll blow her brains out.” “No, you won’t. Because if you do, your brother here will also blow up in pieces.” He said as he pulled a gun at pointed it at Mr. Hill. Brothers? Mr. Hill and Mr. Whiggins are brothers? That would explain why they looked alike. Had my mouth not been shut by fear, I would’ve voiced that aloud. “Mr. Whiggins or shall I say Mr. Hill, I highly doubt you’d want to witness your brother’s brains being blown out of his skull and then have the blood stained gun armed with your fingerprints.”“You wouldn’t dare.” He said with a challenge.“Wanna bet?” Just then, Jeremy shot directly above his head hitting the top stair in my house, just barely missing.“Next time, I won’t miss.” In my head, the whole time I’m thinking: This is all so surreal. At six-forty-five in the morning, a gun is at my temple held by the man I couldn’t hate more, then his brother, which I just now discovered his brother, has a gun pointed at his head by the man I couldn’t love more. This would make a great soap opera. Mr. Hill (Whiggins) is weighing his options. Thank God his brother was worth more to hime than me. He let me go and I staggard forward safely behind Jeremy, his gun still pointed at Mr. Hill. Mr. Hill (Whiggins) said, “I released her, now release him.”“Before I do,” Jeremy shot Mr. Hill’s ear. Mr. Hill screamed in pure agony as he fell to the floor. “You come near her ever again, and neither of you will walk away alive.” Mr. Hill, grasping tightly to his ear, said desperately to the other Mr. Hill, “I need to get to a hospital. Leave him and let’s go.”“This is not over.” Mr. Hill (Whiggins) said furiously at Jereamy.“Far from it.” Jeremy replied. We watched them scamper away into their van and speed off. Jeremy, turned to me instantly, “Are you okay? Did he hurt you?” He said this while leading me back inside. “Not really. But how did you show up right then?”“I was planning on picking you up for school at seven-thirty, but then I realized I wanted to take you to breakfast, and I showed up and there they were.”“Do you always have a gun on you?” I said half-grinning though tears were still flowing.“I said I’d protect you, always. If protecting you means carrying a gun against the odds that someone would try to hurt, that’s what I’ll do. And thankfully I had it on me, or I wouldn’t have benn able to save you.”“And what about the shirt?”“You mean the one I wasn’t wearing?” He said fully grinning at me. “I parked my car and heard him start ranting on about nobody being there for you. And knowing I have strong muscles, I hoped it would scare them a little.”“What about school?” I asked looking at the clock.“You’re not going.” “I...I have to go. My exam preparations are today.”“I can prep you, you know, seeing as how I am a TA.” He said that last part almost as a chuckle before he leaned down to kiss me.“You know what I find oddly attractive?” I said nibbling his bottom lip.“Hmm?”“You always taste of wine.”“And why is that odd? You always taste of strawberries and cream.”“It’s odd because I feel like just kissing you is enough to have me drunk.”“Now you’ve given me the idea to get you drunk.”“Oh really?”“Yes really.”“If you can make me drunk by your kisses, I’ll reward you with an even better image.”“Is that so?”“Umhmm.”“In that case…” He leand down and kissed me. At first it was with gentleness then his kisses became more passion filled with hunger and demands. We mad our way to the couches. I felt my back being pressed down into the plush couch with his body. I could feel his bare chest deeply pressed into me, hard as steel; which actually kind of hurt a little. He began kissing my neck as his hand roamed up under my skirt. As his hands found my upper thigh, he made tiny circles before stopping and pulling away. I looked at him curiously, then with an amazingly calm voice asked, “Why?”“Melanie, we both know that right now isn’t the right time. And although the thought of making love to you has crossed my mind over and over, I want to make it special for you. I want it to be perfect for you.” He paused waiting for my reply. When I didn’t say anything he continue, “Though the man in me is dying with desire to touch you, the rational man in me, knoes that I’d only be taked advantage of you and-”“What if I wanted you to take advantage of me?”“Beside the obvious fact, that until April 18, it would be illegal for me to do anything with you; your innocence is everything, and though you might deny it, you will regret your first time and you will feel taken advantage of. I don’t want either of those things to happen. So, until April 18, all we are going to do is make out.”“But what if things…escalate, as they did today?”“I’ll pull myself off of you, again, drink some wine, and we’ll talk or do something that wouldn’t test my control over my desires.”“If something did test your control over your desires, what would happen?”“That, my love, is something I will neither tell nor show you until April 18. Now I hate to do this, but are we understood?”“Yes, oh master of mine.” I replied sarcastically.“Melanie, I’m being serious. Nothing can happen.” He said with a hint of anger and impatience in his voice. Noting that I said softly, “I understand Jeremy. Nothing can nor will happen until April 18. Okay?”“I hope you really do understand that it’s not because I’m not attracted to you, because believe me I am, I just don’t want to go to jail nor do I want to take advantage of your innocence making you resent our time together.”“Jeremy, though I’ve only known you for a short amount of time, I think,” I paused drawing in a breath. “I know, I… love you.”He seemed taken back by my sudden decleration, but then I saw in his eyes how he truly felt about me. He pulled me up into his arms and whispered, “Melanie, I love you too. You can never understand how much.” He then lifted my chin with his right hand as his left run down the side of my cheek. He slowly lowered his lips to mine, not with hunger, but with love. He gently nibbled on my bottom lip asking for enterance, which I gladly permitted. He had the same wine taste, only I tasted something that I couldn’t seem to put a finger on. But it had me in a swirl of emotions. At that moment, there was nothing else, no one else, only Jeremy and I. Until my parents showed up.“Melanie Elizabeth Gibson, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” My dad shouted as Jeremy and I parted quickly.“Like you’d care.” I retorted icily.“Who is this man?” My mom asked quickly with disgust.“I’m Jeremy Sherwood, Mrs. Gibson.”“And what exactly do you think you’re doing with my daughter?” My dad furioursly questioned.“I’m her boyfriend, sir.”“Your what, twenty-one, twenty-two?”“Twenty-one, sir.”“Twenty-one?”“Yes, sir.”“You are never going to see my daughter again. And if you do, I guarantee you, you won’t live to see the next day.” He turned to me and said, “Melanie, I forbid you from being with this man.”“You can’t tell me what I can and can not do.”“I am your father young lady, and as long as you live under my roof, you will abide by my rules.”“Well then I’ll move out.”“Ha! You’ve no where to stay.”“I-”“Yes sir, she does. With me. She will live with me.”“I don’t believe this! She moves in and I’ll have you reported to the police!”Keeping his cool, he said matter-of-factly, “You do that, and I’ll just have to tell them about how you neglected your daughter for several months leaving her to fend for herself. You didn’t believe her that a Mr. Hill and Mr. Whiggins, tried to rape her, and you ultimately put her in danger. They almost killed her today, and had I not been there they would’ve succeded. And if these facts don’t work, my father has a lot more money than you’ll ever have, which he’ll use to buy my way out.”“And who exactly is your father?” My dad asked in a snicker.“Mathew Sherwood. Or as the world sees him, Mathew Gates, owner of Gates Incorporated. And while you and your company may have thought you were on top, in the polls, my father’s company has tripled the amount of your points.”My dad just stared, unmoving, with pure hatred in his eyes. “You want my whore of a daughter? Fine, take her! She is worth absolutely nothing! And I’ll see to it, that she has no money behind her name-”“That’s fine; she doesn’t need your money. She has mine.”When he said that, I just had to say something. “What?”“Melanie,” Jeremy said turning to me, “The money I have is yours. Every single penny.”“Oh Jeremy, I can’t-”“Yes you can, and you will.”“Sorry to break up your little lovefest, but she’s not eighteen yet, which means she is still our legal responsibility.” My dad said this with an evil grin.“Actually, Mr. Gibson, legally, she can move out when she’s sixteen as long as she has an adult to live with. And what do you know, she’s seventeen and I’m a legal adult. Therefore, she can and will live with me.” He let that sink in before continuing, “Not that this hasn’t been exciting, but Melanie and I need to go.” He grabbed my hand and ushered me out of the house into the car, never taking his eyes off my father. Once inside the car, I asked, “I can really live with you?”“Yes. Of course we won’t sleep in the samebed.”“I kind of figured that.” A moment of slience passed, “Jeremy?”“Hmm?”“Thank you, for everything.”“You don’t have to thank me. I told you I’d protect you. And I meant from everyone, not just those two pervs.” He put his arm around me and kissed the top of head, while he whispered, “I love you, Melanie.”“I love you too.” I whispered back. I fell asleep wrapped in his arm, and when I opened my eyes, I was in a bed, and in a house that wasn’t mine. I figured it was Jeremy’s, because when I looked to my side, he was staring back at me. “Hey sleepyhead.”“Hi. What time is it?”“A quarter past nonn.”“Seriously?”“Yeah, you’ve been out since we started driving.”“Oh. Sorry.”“Don’t be. I’ve enjoyed watching you sleep.”“Really?”“Yeah. Almost as much as I like doing this,” He grinned as he made his way to me then kissed me long and hard.“Hmmm.” I said licking my lips as he pulled away. Then reality hit me. “Jeremy, what about my stuff? All my clothes?”“I’ll by you new ones.”“Are you sure? I mean, I don’t want to be asking too much.” Okay, I know this sounds like I’m patronizing him, but I honestly did not want him to have to bu t me clothes. I didn’t want him to feel obligated to do so.“Mel, I want to buy you new clothes. And you’re not asking anything. You forget, my father has an incredibly amount of money.”“I love you, you know that?”“You could remind me of how much.” In the back of my head, I knew we weren’t going to get farther than just making out. Knowing that, he leaned his mouth down to mine. Instanly, my lips parted invitingly. As we deepened the kiss, h e leaned me down fully on to the bed. My my heart was racing, my mind scattering. All I knew for certain at that moment wass how much I loved him. “Hey Mel!” Larry shouted behind me the following Monday after school as I was waiting for my ride. I turned to see Larry, John, and Evelyn walking quickly toward me.“Where have you been? We haven’t seen you in a while.” Evelyn said looking concerned.“Were you guys actually worried about me?” I said incredulously. “No, Mel we weren’t. You just disappeared for several weeks without telling anyone.” John said sarcasticly.“You know what is even more odd that that?” Larry asked, not me, but Evelyn and John.“What?” They asked simultaneously.“Mr. Sherwood was gone the same time as Melanie and today he quit saying it was due to a conflict of interest with a student.” It was like he said a magic word, because they turned their stares directly at me. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I said innocently.“Of course you don’t.” Larry said.“So, why were you really gone for so long?” Evelyn asked.“Let’s just say I got into some trouble and Jeremy, I, uh, mean, Mr. Sherwood, came to my rescue.”“You’re calling him Jeremy now?”“I don’t know why you are all so interested.”“Because Melanie,” Evelyn said in a mother-to-child tone, “Mr. Sherwood is the sexiest man in this state, and everyone knows you are with him.”“And how do you know that?”“Because you’re face is glowing. You didn’t have sex though,that would be a different kind of glow, but the way your face is glowing says you are in love.”“My face is not glowing.”“So you are in love?”“You didn’t deny it, so it must be true.”“Just because I didn’t deny anything doesn’t mean it is true.”“So you are denying it?” “I am not denying anything nor am I confirming anything.” I said very matter-of-factly. If they want a game of who said what, then I’ll give them one hell of a game.“Why do you have to get all stuffy about it?” Larry said; jealousy apparent in his tone.“I’m not being stuffy. I am just keeping my private love life private.”“And why would you want to keep it private if you’re not having a relationship with Mr. Sherwood?”“Because Larry,” I said emphasizing his name, “it’s not like I ask you, or anyone else for that matter, about their love lives. If people want to share that information with others that’s up to them, but should they choose to keep it to themselves, that is also up to them.-God, I do sound stuffy.- I am choosing to keep it to myselef.” “She has a point,” Evelyn said finally taking my side on this, “I personally wouldn’t tell anyone about mine and John’s relationship.”“No, but I would.” John said smirking at Larry.“Shut up!” Evelyn said while she playfully socked his stomach. A car pulled upand honked its horn. “Well, here’s my ride.” I said walking toward it.“Wait Mel,” Larry yelled at my back.“What?”“Who’s the driver?” He said with a smirk.”“It’s Mr. None of Your Business.” Complicated Love Ch. 3 by ~Brokenhearted411 After he left, I had to IM Andrea, and because it was only ten there, I knew she’d be awake. I sprinted up to my room. Yes, I actually used the stairs; the elevator hadn’t crossed my mind at the time. The only thing I could think of was the way his mouth lingered on mine and I desperately needed to tell someone, not judgmental. And who better to contact than an old friend who can say nothing about it, because she is dating Brandon after all. “Welcome Hotchik411326.” The computer said in James McAvoy’s voice, just as I had programmed it to. hotchik411326: hey drea i have something I really need to tell you Drag and Drop to CollectCollect Share This/Blog ItDownload Edit DeviationDelete DeviationDelete Deviation Why are you deleting this deviation? Please select a reason...Cleaning up deviation submissionsLeaving deviantARTNo longer desiredUpdating with newer revision Promote this Deviation On deviantART Send it in a Note... On the Web Not available for this deviation To [friends] Message After he left, I had to IM Andrea, and because it was only ten there, I knew she’d be awake. I sprinted up to my room. Yes, I actually used the stairs; the elevator hadn’t crossed my mind at the time. The only thing I could think of was the way his mouth lingered on mine and I desperately needed to tell someone, not judgmental. And who better to contact than an old friend who can say nothing about it, because she is dating Brandon after all. “Welcome Hotchik411326.” The computer said in James McAvoy’s voice, just as I had programmed it to. hotchik411326: hey drea i have something I really need to tell you 1. Right click & Copy this text:
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