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Gerard and Me

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Alyssa and Gerard spend a day together.

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“I think you two need to talk, preferably somewhere else besides my room. I need my beauty sleep, and who knows I might even have a date tonight.”

We all laughed then Gerard escorted me out of Ray’s bedroom and into his. He turned on a light on his desk it barely lit up the room. The room was furnished with a full size bed in the middle, against the wall was his desk, next to that a bureau with some pictures. There pictures of our group when we were younger. And then two with him and Mikey, one by themselves, one with their parents. There was a picture of him and his grandmother Elena but the last one surprised me it was of him and myself taken by Ray right before I left.

“You still have that picture,” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s my favorite of us. You were absolutely glowing, now I know why.”

I looked at the desk and there was a drawing of me, as I am today.

“I couldn’t sleep. Then I heard you and Ray talking so I sat in the hall and listened,” he said sheepishly. “I’m sorry all those bad things happened to you.”

“It’s not your fault.”

“Isn’t it? I could of just given you the stuff, but no I had to be a fucking ass and made you sleep with Bryar.”

“I could have said no, but I didn’t.”

“We were both really fucked up back then, weren’t we?”

“Unfortunately, someone innocent got caught up in it,” I said looking down. “Ray warned me about doing it, how much I would hurt Bob. How much I would regret it. And I did the very next morning. When I got back to school I couldn’t even face him. I felt like such an evil person.”

“Ray’s too smart for his own good, he’s always right.”

“Then why doesn’t anyone ever fucking listen to me?” we heard a voice saying from the other room.

“We promise we will.”

“Good now go to sleep,” yelled Ray.

“Yes Dad,” we said in unison.

We both started laughing and then I caught his eye. We stared at each other then he leaned in and I closed my eyes knowing full well what would be next. I felt his soft lips on mine, before long our kiss was deepening and our tongues were fighting for dominance. We finally broke and he whispered, “I love you.”

Tears rolled down my eyes I couldn’t believe this was really happening. “I love you too.”

“C’mon let’s get some sleep we got a busy day ahead of us.”

The next day was busy with getting my parents house ready as a place that could be habitable. Gerard, Ray and I did uncovered the furniture, and cleaned all the dirt and grime along with all the dust that had built up in the past two years.

I felt excited for Ray because he was taking Christa out tonight, he lucked out being it was her night off. He was really excited and I’m really happy for him. He was taking her to a movie of her choice and then Applebees. He wished he could do more but since he was only working at a video store and with the band not taking off, he really didn’t have that much money. This part really bummed him out and he almost didn’t go. I convinced him that Christa didn’t seem like the type to care about any of that, and soon he was off on his merry little way.

After Ray left, Gerard and I headed out to Brooklyn, where I was staying with Katherine, to get my clothes and some personal things. We pulled up to a green, clapboard house, with a white porch. There was an older grey Ford Taurus in the driveway. I turned to Gerard, “Katherine’s home, I’d like you to meet her.”

“I don’t know about that.”

“So you’re not going to help me?”

“Of course I am. Does she know about me”

“That I was madly in love with you and still am, yeah.”

“And other things?”

“She only knows I slept with Bob and got pregnant. I never told her the details, I was too ashamed.”

“You have nothing to be ashamed about, sugar.”

I loved when he called me that, I leaned in and kissed him lightly on the lips, he stared at me and smiled.

“Me too.”

He knew exactly what I was thinking, how much I loved him.

We got out of the car and climbed the stairs that led to the porch. I took out my key and opened the door.

“Katherine, I’m here to pick up my stuff,” I yelled to no one particular.

Katherine came walking out from the kitchen area. She was short, with short light brown hair and was wearing blue jeans and a Misfits tee.

“And who might this be?” she said with a radiant smile.

“This is Gerard.”

She checked him up and down and then she looked at me. “No wonder you still love him.”

I blushed, because he never looked anywhere close to what he did in high school. He was chubby with short brown hair and now he had thinned out and his hair is kind of shaggy and dyed black. I couldn’t help but notice at Patrick’s benefit a few girls were saying how hot he was. It made me laugh becaue in school those same girls were saying what a dork he was. I have to admit he grew up rather nice.

“Please to meet you,” Gerard said politely, as he stuck out his hand.

Soon we were up in my bedroom packing my things, when he noticed that I had two pictures on my night stand. One of just Gerard and me and the other with Ray and Gerard with me in the middle.

“You’ve kept this all these years?”

“Yeah. Even when I was homeless and only had a back pack I kept those two pictures. It was always a reminder of what I once had.”

“Well you have it again, just don’t go taking off on us. It was hard on us when you left.”

“I’m not going anywhere.”

He leaned in and kissed me the side of my head, “Good.”

After giving Katherine a huge hug and promise of coming back before school started we were off. We started down the street and when we got to the main road, “Can you take a left here?” I asked.

“But Jersey’s that way.”

“I know.”

Gerard’s POV

After a half hour we pulled up to a white house with a huge front yard. I noticed a bunch of kids playing and laughing except for one. She looked straight at the car and saw Alyssa, then she gave a little wave. Alyssa gave a small wave back. I looked through the passenger’s window and knew right away who she was. It was Emily. It seems she got the best features of Bob and Alyssa. She was a beautiful little girl. I also noticed a pink cast on her arm. My heart broke because from what Alyssa said I wondered what happened. There was such a sadness in her eyes, none a seven year old should have.

“Let’s go,” Alyssa finally said.

I drove off and took her hand as I watched her wipe the tears that was spilling from her eyes. At the next red light I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her cheek softly, “Don’t worry we’ll get her back.”
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