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the next morning you woke up in spencer's emediently looked to see spencer, clothed, sleeping beside you, and your clothes on your body. you sighed a releived sighed and looked down at spencer.smiling, you moved his hair out of his eyes and noticed how cute and peaceful he looked when he was asleep. you giggled quietly and stood up, walking into your room to shower and get dressed. after you were done, you walked into the kitchen and made breakfast really far, the day was uneventful. after making sure your hat was on, you made your way to work. when you left the house, it was about 10 in the morning, when you finally got back from work, it was around 7 at night. you walked through the door to see no one there and a note on the fridge. note:"aiden, went to go take jon to the hospital, he's been throwing up all day.come to the saint mary hospital when you get home from, everyone." you gasped and looked to see they left you keys and a car. you quickly drove to the hospital and ran into the waiting"what's going on, did you find out anything? is he okay?" you were tearing up and about to cry.brendon:"sh, it's okay. the doctor said they pumped his stomach and aparantly he'd taken some pills from someone at the party last night while he was drunk and the combo wasn't good but he'll be fine." you"good.have you gotten to see him yet?" he shook his head.brendon:"the doctor said we won't be able to see him tonight.the stomach acid made the room smell horrible and visiting hours are over so we have to go home." you sat down in a chair and put your head in your hands as you started to cry.spencer:"come on aiden, there's nothing we can do but go home and wait for tomarrow." you nodded and followed them out to the car.spencer:"well, i'm glad you didn't wreck my car. i was wondering if you knew how to drive or not." you nodded and climbed into the passanger seat while he climbed into the driver's seat. he started the car and you looked at the side of his face as he pulled out of the parking"spencer...can i ask you something?" he pulled onto the road.spencer:"sure, anything." you paused for a"do you... remember what happened last night?" he looked at you"um...i woke up in your room. we were both clothed but that doesn't mean anything.we could've gotten dressed after or something...i just...can't remember." spencer:"um, the last thing i remember was dancing and...pinning you to a wall...i'm sorry i don't know what came over me.i guess you just looked too good while you were dancing." you"yeah, it's amazing what alot of liqure can do to an ugly mug when you consume it eh?" spencer:"oh shut up, you're gorgeous, so stop saying you're ugly." you rolled your"uh huh, like i believe that. no guy would even kiss me unless he was drunk." spencer:"not true." you:"oh really? then why is it i can't get a date to save my life?" spencer:"because you're shy and don't know anyone in vegas." you"then i'm doomed." you said jokingly. spencer:"nah, i know someone who likes you. i wouldn't trust him tho, he's cheated on his girlfriend twice." you:"who, pete?" he nodded. you:"well, i think that's because pete's a man whore." he laughed and you"what?being honest." spencer:"well, you suprise me, first you're shy, then you speak your mind...i like that." you laughed and found yourself incredibly tired. soon, you layed your head on the window and before you knew it, you were falling asleep.
~ryan's pov~
ever since aiden has came into our lives, spencer seems like the kid i knew back in high school. before the fame and everything just sucked the life out of him.we got back to the house to see spencer pulling aiden out of the"she fell asleep did she?" he nodded, smiling down at her. i knew that look. he'd only had it once in his life and after it got torn out of his eyes, we thought none of us would ever see it again. at least not for years.brendon:"i'll get the door." we all went inside and i held aiden's bedroom door open so spencer could set her on her bed. after waiting for him to finally pull himself away from her, i dragged him into my room to talk to"spencer, i want to be the first person to congratulate you." spencer:"what are you talking about man? did i win a contest i don't know about or something?" i looked at him with a"you like aiden.i can read it ALL OVER your face." he sighed and plopped down in the chair in the corner.spencer:"what am i gounna do?i don't want the media to eat her up, which you know they will.and i know she'd just die if everyone found out about her ears." i"well, i say don't let the media make another image for you." he nodded and stood up.spencer:"i'll talk to you later about this man." i nodded and he walked out and into his room.
~regular pov~
you woke up the next morning at 6 and quickly hopped out of bed and got ready to see jon by ran downstairs when you heard a car door. you opened the front door just in time for pete to raise his hand to"oh, hey pete." he smiled.pete:"hey aiden, i was wondering if you'd like to go to the movies or something tonight?" you raised an eyebrow at him and looked at the flowers in his hand.pete:"oh, these are for you." you took them and"come in pete." he smiled and walked in, shutting the door behind placed the rainbow colored daisies in a vase of" so, is there any other reason you came over here?" pete:"just to see you in all of your glory." he leaned on the chair, trying to impress"alright then, you've seen it, you can go. the guys will be up soon and i'm cooking so i don't need someone in my way." you pushed pete out of the kitchen and got to work.pete:"i'll see you tonight then?" you:"no." pete:"um...please?" you"only if you'll get out." he nodded and ran out of the house.brendon:"who was that?" he asked as everyone walked downstairs, pajama'd glories in their"oh, that was pete being a pain in my ass." you said as you poured the water out of the daisies and threw them away.ryan:"outch, talk about harsh." you:"i hate sister loves them though. she grew them in her sister was always the more floral type." you said shaking your head as you served the guys breakfast.ryan:"hey aiden, have you lost some weight?" you shrugged and sipped on your water.brendon:"yeah, you haven't been eating alot." you"i'm trying to watch my figure.i'm not as thin as some of the girls around here.i here guys like thin here." you said smirking.ryan:" you're a stick as it is!!!" you rolled your"well, i guess i'm not enough of a 'stick' for men's taste." you said as you grabbed your shoes from beside the back door. ryan:"going somewhere?" you:"just to see jon." you said as you stood"spencer, you wanna come with?" he stood up and ran upstairs really quick. you waited for him to walked back downstairs and walked with him to his car.he got in the driver's side and you sat in the passanger's side silently.spencer:"you know, you should really eat more." you shrugged and"i know but...i just want to be as good as everyone else in this world." spencer started the car.spencer:"you don't have to be, you're better than them." you rolled your"i heard those 'normal' girls the other night...i'm a freak." spencer suddenly stopped the car.spencer:"aiden, look at're not a're an amazing, smart, funny, beautiful girl.just because some dick faced girls wanted to treat you badly doesn't mean anything." you were silent as you stared into his icey blue"i...okay." you nodded and sighed. he smiled and drove the rest of the way to the hospital. once you got there, you saw jon playing cards with a cute"hey jon, how're you feeling?" he smiled at the sight of you two.jon:"oh, i'm doing alot better now.where's everyone else?" you:"oh they're tring to wake up." the nurse stood up and decided that she'd better go nad you and spencer spent the rest of the day with jon; the others showed up around the time you got home, jon accumpaning, you were actually"ugh, i'm starving. why don't i fix some supper and we'll watch a movie?" brendon:"or i could just order pizza and we could eat out." you shrugged. you:"sounds fine by me." you said smiling as you plopped down on the coutch, taking the entire thing up.ryan:"hey, no fair...where shall i sit?...ah hah!" he walked over and sat on your"ryan...can't...breathe." you choughed a bit a squirmed and he got"owe." you said as you held your ribs.ryan:"oh, i'm sorry, i didn't mean to-" you:"ha! gotcha bitch!" his jaw dropped a bit and he frowned.ryan:"hoe." you:"pack-rat." you all laughed at the fact that ryan's room was over-cluttered and full of child-hood rembrants.jon:"so, are you actually going to eat tonight?" you looked at spencer and slightly"yes, i think i will." they all smiled, including spencer and soon the pizza arrived. you had a total of two slices of the cheezy dough and"well, i think i'm going to go hop into the shower." you said as you stood up and stretched, causing your shirt to lift and show a tad bit of pale luminecent"i'll be back down." you walked up the stairs and took a quick shower. afterwards you dressed in a pair of jeans and a t shirt and left your dried straight hair down. once you got to the bottom of the stairs, you noticed pete sitting on the"hey, what're you doing here?" he stood up and hugged you.pete:"remember? we were going to watch a movie tonight." you slapped your hand to your"oh shit, i'm sorry pete, i totally forgot." pete:"that's fine, let's go." you were dragged out of the"i'll be back in a couple hours!" you managed to sit through the movie with pete and only had to place his hand off of your leg a few times when it started to get a little too far up.he drove you home and walked you to the"well, thanks for the movie pete, it" you said carelessly. pete:"you're welcome. i'll see you again sometime?" you"whatever. this isn't my house so..." he nodded and leaned in. you:"um, no. pete, you're a nice guy and all but you're not my type." his jaw hung open.pete:", you really don't like me?" you:"i'm sorry pete but you're just not my type of guy.besides, i sort of like someone else at the moment." pete:"well, if that doesn't work out for you, i'll just be a phone call away." he said as he wrote his number on your hand. you nodded and he walked back to his"hey, i'm back! thank god..." you walked in to see everyone looking at you.brendon:"how did it go?" you:"i don't know, i kept having to move his hand. it stared at my knee and ended at my zipper." you said rolling your saw spencer avoiding eye contact.jon:"that sounds...interesting..." you nodded and sat"it sucked. but luckily pete doesn't doesn't mind being let down." jon:"oh wow! you actually let pete down?!" you" yeah, pete just isn't my type." spencer's head snapped to you and your eyes connected for a moment before he turned away.ryan:"aiden, there's something we need to tell you." you looked arround at them all to see brendon and jon looking a little scared.spencer:"you're not the only abnormal one around here aiden.we are to." you took all seriousness and threw it away at that"uh huh. what, are you all demons as well?" ryan:"actually, in a way, we ever heard of vampires?" the word struck fear into your heart and drained all blood from your"heard of them?i've seen them rip my uncle and aunt's throats out, spilling their blood mercilessly in front of their children, and then turning their children into vampires themselves for an army they were building." spencer:"well, we have differences from them." you:"like what? i know a vampire can't hardly control his blood lust if he's thirsty.neither could they." they all stayed silent.ryan:"well, i promise you we're not like that." you shook your"no, i know you're not. they were heartless to begin with... there's just something i have to do first, before i ever stay in this house again." you reached into your combat boot and pulled out a throwing knife. you put it to your hand and made a clean slice down your palm, letting the blood drip onto your legs.spencer:"aiden why-." his words stopped short as he saw the"if you can't control it, i can't stay here." ryan held his head in his hands and spencer stood up. he was sweaty and shaking a bit. you cringed a bit as he bent down to your level, holding your bleeding hand in the palm of his own. to your suprise, he simply placed his shirt on the cut and stopped the bleeding. spencer:"do you trust us now?" you"i'm glad only two of you are vampires." ryan:"wait, if you knew that brendon and jon wern't vampires, then why did you have to test us? we never bit them, did we?" you looked at your"yes well they don't have a vampire's coccain running through their veins now do they?" spencer:" virgin blood." he whispered, standing nodded and licked your hand, healing the cut emediently.ryan:"i hope this doesn't ruin our friendship." you"of coarse not guys.just don't brink around all your vampire friends, they'll scare me." ryan nodded. spencer:"i think you should meet them, they'd like you." you looked at him with fear in your eyes.ryan:"yeah, i think they'd all like you." you"well, if you guys say so, i'll go." ryan:"it's settled! tonight, we go to the weekend vampire." you"well, let's go." spencer:"oh you can't go in that, they'll tear you to shreds." you gasped. brendon:"it's a figure of speach.i've been there before. everyone's wearing corsets and suits and stuff." you nodded. jon:"to fit in, just find something slutty and leather." you"i've got something that'll work.i'll be down in a few." you walked up to your room and was in there for fifteen minutes. you walked back down in a leather half-top, a black leather mini-skirt with fishnets, your steel plated combat boots,a leather jacket, a black jassish hat, and red eye make"this good?" spencer and ryan stood with jaws dropped. they were both dressed in black button-up shirts and black jeans. ryan:"oh yeah, that works just fine." you nodded and walked over to your hand-bag. you pulled out one gun and stuck in your pants and left the other in the bag.spencer:"paranoid?well, there are some bad people in there so at least your prepared." you nodded and made sure you had the daggers in their holsters that were sewn to the inside of your jacket got in spencer's car and put your seat belt on. spencer:"you know, you don't have to wear the hat." you shrugged. you:"i like this hat." he nodded and you sighed. you:"time for the finnishing toutches. you closed your eyes and concentrated.soon, your nails grew and so did your fangs.your markings of the wolf (just think of some cool tribal markings) appeared all over your body and dripped down from your eyes in intracate swirls and dots.your lips turned black and your eyes turned red with black flecks.spencer:"... wow..." he seemed a bit"well spencer, this is my true form..." he nodded.spencer:"i like it. it's more beautiful than your human form." you smiled showing your fangs. spencer:"wow, those fangs are bigger than mine." he said showing his." you giggled as you arrived at the club. ryan:"lookin hot aiden." you:"same to you twiggy." the bouncer let all three of you in emediently. you walked in and smiled. everyone reminded you of people from your world. they were all wearing unusual outfits, like yours, and had their fangs gleaming. spencer:"hey aiden, i'd like to introduce you to a friend of mine.stephanie, this is aiden.aiden, stephanie." the pale blonde figure walked up and smirked, her fangs showing.stephanie:"nice to meet you. spencer, i've never seen you bring a mortal in here. especially not a tattooed one. i didn't think that was your style. i guess you're hungry for a little ink tonight?" you raised your"excuse me?" spencer:"no, she's my friend.she's from a dead-end road." the music stopped and suddenly everyone was looking at"great spencer, you've got a nack for drawing attention." randomguy:"YOU'RE from a dead end road?i thought everyone from dead end roads were suppose to be like mishapen freaks." you:"i am." you took off your hat and showed your fangs in a glistening smile. stephanie:"aw, look, it's a puppy.well isn't that cute but it shows no power. people from dead ends are suppose to have power.or did they throw you out on purpose because you're weak." spencer glared at stephanie. spencer:"that's enough steph. you'll make her mad.and i'm not going to mourn your death when you do." stephanie looked at you and smirked. stephanie:"oh, i'd like to see her try and kill me. i'm the strongest vampire in here! bring it, mut." that snapped you. mut is the worst insult you can call a member of the mankalue family. you:" why is it i can't go to a club without fighting?" you asked spencer calmly. while you were asking, stephanie stared running up to simply sidestepped her at the last minute and put your claws through her"because i'm soooo sick of having to spill blood." you spread your fingers apart, causing her head to be ripped off and her blood splattered on the"but no one calls me a mut." you dropped her head and let it re-attach to her body. stephanie:"how did you-" you:"don't call me a mut again. you don't want to mess with the family that STARTED the first vampire by giving up their demonic nature and giving it to a dieing mortal." you said as you walked past her. you:"you owe your 'power' to me." she looked at you with her mouth dropped and you walked up to"so, wanna dance?" he smirked and nodded. you:"you did that on purpose, didn't you?" spencer:"i wanted you to face your fears, and i really hated that bitch." you laughed and hugged"spencer, sometimes you can be an ass, but i love you." you said jokingly. he laughed to and you could see a hint of saddness in his eyes. you drank and danced for a few hours until you and spencer finally sat"wow, i guess vampires aren't so bad. in fact, i feel kind home." he nodded. spencer:"yeah, me wanna go home?" you:"yes." you both laughed and tore ryan away from the strippers. you got back to the house and laughed. you:"wow, that was fun. we should do it again sometime." both of the boys nodded. you:"hey spencer, come with me." he followed you into the back"dance with me." you pushed him into the side of the house and started to slowly grind into him. spencer:"aiden, stop, you're drunk." you:"so? they say all being drunk does is take away our shyness." you said as you looped your finger in his pants. spencer:"aiden, i think you should seriously st-" you cut him off with your lips." you:"let's go to your room spence.come on, you and i BOTH want it." he turned his head to the side.spencer:"well, that may be true but i will not sleep with you while you're drunk." you gently nibbled on the side of his neck, drawing"alright then, tomarrow night. everyone will be gone to the interview.i'll see you then." you walked into the house and up to your room. you then proceeded to pass out on your bed, next to shain. (shain:damn that love him and he loves you but neither of you want to admit it... and it's hurting you...i've got to talk to him.)
~shain's pov~
i hopped up from aiden's bed and ran downstairs. i knew i had to find that damn boy.he'd kill aiden before the end of it.i finally found him sitting in the kitchen.perfect. i walked over to aiden't bag and rummaged through until i found her journal of the new world she'd been keeping and sat in on the table in front of the damn boy. spencer:"what's this?aiden's journal? i'm not reading this-" i cut him off with a growl.spencer:"you want me to? well, it's an invasion of her privacy!" i growled and hopped onto the table looking him in the eyes. (me:well if you don't read it, i'll just have to rip your throat out!) he seemed startled.spencer:"okay then." he opened the book and read it cover to cover.spencer:"...god, i'm an idiot..." he sighed as he layed his head on the table. (me:well don't beat yourself up over hurts her to see you hurt.) spencer looked at me.spencer:"well how do you know that?" (me:i can feel what she feels. she doesn't quite realize it but, we are connected on much higher levels than just friendship." he nodded and stood up.spencer:"i'll talk to her in the morning. for now, she needs sleep." (me:i couldn't agree more.tomarrow while everyone's gone, take her for a walk in the park. she loves wooded areas, it brings out her heritage.) he nodded and went to sleep.
~normal pov~
waking up, you noticed that everyone was"hey shain, looks like it's just me and you today." he wined and put his ears"what's the matter shain?" (shain:spencer's still here, remember?) you"oh...yea." you whispered quietly before laying down on the"i don't want to talk to him." (shain:and why not?) you:"because. he purposely took me to a bar filled with vamires and basicly picked a fight with one so i would kill her, even though he knew i was afraid of vampires." shain stood silent. you:"you know what?" you picked up the phone and dialed the number you vaguely"hey pete, you wanna go chill at the mall or something today?" you smirked as you heard his excited voice.hanging up the phone, you went into your room to get put on a pair of tight skinny jeans, a low-cut black t-shirt, and your ever-present combat boots.pete arrived right about the time spencer was waking"hey spence, i'm going out for the day, is that okay?" he opened his mouth like he wanted to say something but just walked out the door, not giving him a second spent the day, regretably, with pete. when you got back to the house that night, you noticed stephanie sitting next to spencer on the coutch.stephanie:"oh hey there pouche. how'd your little date go?" you glared. you:"that does it matter to you cunt?" stephanie:"oh, just wondering.because mine went amazingly." you:"oh, did they actually pay you up front this time?" she gave you that offended lip curl and turned her face from smirked and the front door opened.pete:"hey, you forgot your bag in the car." you:"oh, thanks're a sweet heart." gave him a quick kiss on the lips; he turned, smiling, and smirked at stephanie's shocked face and walked into the kitchen, ryan following.ryan:"not your type eh?" you:"yea well he's about the only one that'll go out with me so why not?" you said as you grabbed a drink out of the fridge.ryan:"because....someone else likes you to." you:"oh well, jon already gave me that precious little peice of advice but it looks like he's got a date." ryan:"well it's just because he thought you didn't like him-" you:"uh, NO! god, he's the one who deliberately took me to a bar full of one of my worst fears and picked a fight with that same chick that he brought home. he basicly urged her to fight me!" ryan:"well, i can't just say he was trying to get you to face your fears." you shook your"if he wants me to face my fears, i will.don't wait up for me.this is my biggest fear" you said as you grabbed your jacket and guns out of your purse and walked through the living room, and out the door.
~spencer's pov~
(me:look, i know i shouldn't have brought stephanie home but it was the nice thing to do. she said she needed comfort.) (shain:if i didn't know it would kill aiden, i'd kill you." jon:"um guys? what's aiden up to?" i watched as she walked by, guns each hand. i also noticed her eyes. one was grey and the other, black.ryan:"she said she was going to go face her biggest fear...since people wanted her to so badly." i looked up and my eyes widened. i remember reading that her biggest fear"we need to go, now. shain, see if you can track her.(shain:"she's at a cliff at the edge of town." me:"ryan, head to the rain dancer's cliff." he nodded and sped off. we all reached there, except stephanie who just left, to see aiden standing on the verry"AIDEN!" she turned around and smiled before pointing her guns right in front of her. she shot the ground several times before throwing the guns down. we all heard the cracking...we all ran...we made it just in time to see her motion us to stop.aiden:"stop, i have to do this...for me." before our eyes, she stayed standing right in front of us while the cliff fell around her.aiden:" my biggest fear...falling." she whispered. my heart skipped a beat as i watched in awe. her eyes glowed the same purple that she always glowed and she took a shaky step forward.brenon:"oh, i though your biggest fear would be death."
~normal pov~
you guess you scared everyone, thinking you were going to die. you:"no, my biggest fear is mastering levitation.two people in my family have fallen to their deaths." ryan:"well, we though wrong. but grats on facing your fears." you"thanks ry." he smiled at the nickname and everyone got in the cars.spencer:"um, i think me and aiden will walk back, i wanna talk to her." everyone nodded and left in the car. spencer:"hey aiden, look i know i hurt you by taking you to that club and starting a fight, i know i shouldn't have. i'm sorry." you:"i'm sorry for calling pete. i truely just wanted to be alone and with pete is about alone as you can get to the real thing." he laughed and nodded.spencer:"and i'm sorry for bringing stephanie home." you"i'm sorry for showing my ass in front of you guys with pete." spencer:" that was understandable." you both laughed and you felt the need to hug" i'm sorry spence.friends?" he hugged back but delayed a bit in the response.spencer:"... yeah...friends." you looked up at him to see him struggling over something. you:"spence?" spencer:"run..." you backed away slowly until you saw that there were a pack of vampires heading straight for"no." you picked up your guns and made sure they had plenty of amo.spencer:"please. i don't want you hurt." you:"and i don't want you hurt." the group of maybe seven stopped right in front of spencer and you.guy1:"what's this spencer?you and your little meal out for a night stroll?" you snorted and his attention turned to you.guy1:"or is she for grabs." you smirked as a guy from the club recognized you.guy3:"hey ian, you better leave her alone, she's not a helpless kind of girl." the one suposedly named ian laughed. ian:"oh really? why don't you show me your moves doll?" spencer:"listen to teedee don't wanna mess with this girl." you kept your gun pointed straight at ian's heart.ian:"oh really? and why not?why don't you remove that hat babe that way i can see your eyes when i bite you." you growled in a low, menacing"gladly." youflung your hat and coat off and let your true form growled lowly and spencer cracked his fists.ian:" tisk tisk spencer, fooling around with dogs are we? how many times have i told you to stay away from werewolves." you:"i'm not some pathedic mut that got bitten by an even more pathedic peice of trash, 'ian'." your voice was slightly demonic yet some how beautiful sounding.ian:"oh, and what makes you so special hm?" you started to glow. you:"my family is the one that made both vampires and werewolves so if i were you, i'd get off your high horse because i can easily take back what my family gave you." ian:"oh really? now how am i to believe that?" you stretched your hand out towards him and purple strands of light strewed out of your hand and penetrated ian's chest cavity.he screamed in agony as you pulled the demonic aura from him. it was just a small black orb. much the size of a"believe me now?" he dropped to his mortal knees and cringed as his 'friends' all devoured his blood. you and spencer walked away silently as he screamed in agony.spencer:"you know, you really can take care of yourself." you shrugged and"oh,i'm bored." he nodded. spencer:"me to...hey, would you wanna wait for me here while i go hunt for a rabbit or something? i've got to drink." you"i'll he here." you sat down as he dissappeared in the darkness. you were there for hours until you started to hear a crackling looked up just in time to jump out of the way of a huge limb. spencer ran out of the woods at the sound of the crash.spencer:"you okay?" you nodded and noticed the blood trickeling out of the corner of his smiled and wiped it off with your finger. you placed it inside your mouth and savored the sweet taste of blood. you:"fox blood?how delecious." spencer:"if you want, you can go hunt something as well." you shook your"no, we mankalue's have put alot of work into stopping our bloodthirst ever since what happened with the vampires." he nodded. spencer:"aiden, please know that i would never purposely hurt you." you nodded and kept on"i know. you're not like other vampires." you said smiling. he smiled back and you both walked the rest of the way back. there was a note on the door saying that everyone had to go for another interview out of town and wouldn't be back until"hey, wanna bake some cookies?" he shrugged and followed you into the"no, that's flour.'s in the middle container." he nodded and handed it to you." you:"spencer, you wanna help me here? i can't reach the top shelf." he walked over and lifted you up by your hips long enough for you to get the cookie sheet down. spencer:"you're, scary light." you shrugged. you:"i'm fit." he sighed.spencer:"are you eating better?" you"yes i am.although, i would eat better and eat these cookies but we have a problem." spencer:"what's that?" you:" i'm not baking them until you spray the cookie sheet with oil so the cookies don't stick." spencer:"why not use flour?" you:"oil is better." spencer:"no, flour." you:"oil" you both argued until spencer grabbed a hand ful of flour and threw it into your face. your jaw dropped and so did his...while he laughed .you grabbed and egg and smashed it right on top of his"not so funny now, is it?" spencer:"ewwww. it's gooey!" you laughed and so did he. you:"come on, let's go get cleaned up." you turned off the stove and threw the dough away before walking into the bathroom. you rinsed out your hair in the sink.spencer:"hey, i wanna shower, can i get in there?" you sighed and walked out, slapping him with your wet hair.spencer:"owe...that hurt." you laughed and walked into your room as you heard the door open. you went downstairs to see a group of vampires standing over spencer.
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