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chapter 3

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mikey is feeling awful

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Mikey stared into the emptiness of his brothers eyes. His trousers were still soaked in blood. His shoulders heaved as he sobbed. Over and over again.
Please god let Gerard be okay
Mikey kneeled next to his brothers body. “your gonna be okay, your gonna be okay” said mikey over and over again, more to himself than anyone else. His brother’s blood was forming a pool around him, soaking into his jeans. He retched. “Mikey? Are you okay?”
Mikey opened his eyes as warm tears started to trickle down his face. He entwined his fingers with gerards, only then noticing the bandages all the way up his brothers wrists. “I thought we were over this Gerard, why?” he whispered . it was one of the things that bothered him the most. Why the wrist? It must have been self inflicted. Must have been. “no!” mikey shook the thought out of his head. Never. Gerard was over that. He was OVER it.
Please god let Gerard be okay
It was ray, mikey threw up. He collapsed on the floor and cried.
“no Ray! No im not! I thought he was over this! I thought we all were!”
mikey tasted blood. He was in so much pain. Not as much as Gerard. He thought. Not as much as Gerard.
Ray helped him up. Puke and blood stuck to his clothes. “I know mikey, I know.” Ray whispered. They were both covered a mixture of puke and blood but they didn’t care. They cried.
Mikey touched his brother’s face. It was stone cold. “come on Gerard. We can fight this. Just come back. Wake up.” Mikey winced as he saw all the intravenous whatnot stuck in his brothers arm. Gerard hated needles. Ever since he was young he had to be dragged into the nurses office at school for his injections. Mikey chuckled at the memory. How was it possible to feel all this pain and grief? And how was it possible to remember all these happy memories and laugh in this situation? Mikey wanted his brother to be ther to comfort him, console him. Gerard had always said that is something happened to him then he wanted the band to carry on.
Gerard had never told them.
Just carry on he had said.

Just carry on.
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