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Some Things Never Change

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Josey wakes up the night after another self righteous suicide attempt and talks about a few things with her best friend Ayla.

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If anyone cares, I've made a few character banners for this story since it's been in the making for a good while now and it's one of my better more planned out experiments. So yeah, if you like this story and have some free time to look at some crappy banners, check out these links? =D

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Tap. Tap. Thud. Tap. Tap. Thud.
‘What is that sound?’ Josey wondered to herself, eyes still closed and she fought to go back to sleep, the light shining through her window having little effect on her dreary state.
Tap. Tap. CRASH.
Startled, she launched her body upward as the loud crash thundered through the corridors of the high-ceilinged apartment.
“What the hell…” she started to mutter before a familiar face appeared from around the corner, grinning from ear to ear as she chuckled, “Good morning! Did I wake you?”
“Ayla? What are you doing here?” Josey asked, lazily wiping the sleep from her eyes, as she noticed the same clothes from the night before still wrinkly plastered against her body. Sitting up and sliding her feet off the end of the bed, she staggered to a weary stance as Ayla replied, “Well, I figured you had another long night so I thought I’d be nice enough to make you breakfast!”
“You know breaking and entering is a crime, right?” Josey joke before stretching and walking into the kitchen where she settled down onto the tall barstool sitting on the right of the kitchen counter.
“It’s not breaking and entering when you leave the spare key in such an obvious spot,” she snickered as she stirred an unknown substance within one of the larger cooking pots.
“You might need this,” she advised, biting her lip and staring at her friend’s ratted hair and bloodshot eyes, before sliding a glass and a couple of white pills towards her.
“What are you making?” Josey asked, slightly dazed. Ayla smiled excitedly before answering, “Vegetable soup.”
Slightly grinning a all-knowing smirk, she asked perkily, “So how are you feeling?”
“Shut up,” Josey retorted while grabbing her glass and swallowing down three of the painkillers Ayla had left for her.
“I don’t always need you to take care of me, you know…I am an adult after all. I can take care of myself,” she murmured stubbornly as Ayla pressed a bowl of soup towards her, with way more enthusiasm then necessary.
“I know,” Ayla mumbled, before going on to say with a rather concerned tone, “But I worry about you. It just doesn’t seem like I can cheer you up anymore when you go into these drafts.”
Josey sighed, afraid to reply to the repeatedly brought up topic of her recent mood swings and bouts of depression. Though it was nothing she took very seriously, Ayla was the type of person who took note of these types of behaviors, especially when they were occurring with her best friend.
“I’m completely fine,” she finally stated, shrugging off the awkwardness of the topic of choice. Ayla stirred inside but decided to let it go for now since she didn’t feel like upsetting Josey this early in the day. If anything, all she wanted was to convince her to take a night off from the constant nights at the bar.
“So, what are your plans for the day?” she asked as she poured herself a bowl of soup and sat down beside Josey as she lit herself a cigarette.
“Nothing really, you?”
“I was thinking about heading to a movie tonight. You wanna go?” she opened tactfully, taking in a sip of soup from her spoon.
“Sure, that sounds fun,” she pressed with a quick smile before finishing her bowl of soup and pushing it to the edge of the counter, “I really need to find something to take things off my mind anyway.”
Ayla sighed and asked, “What’s going on now?”
“Pfft, I wish I could even begin highlighting the main bouts of stress for this month,” she laughed bitterly before explaining, “My parents called last night…”
Ayla’s eyes widened as she pinched out, “What’d they say?”
Josey stared blankly at the wall before alleging slowly, “They asked if I was pregnant yet.”
Ayla winced before patting Josey on the back supportively, “Ouch. That’s reassuring.”
She rolled her eyes in reply, “I know. However, I explained my current living quarter and wonderfully important job title and they lovingly reconsidered inviting me back home.”
A frown made it’s way before Ayla ran her hand through her short bob and sighed hard, “I don’t see why they even bothered calling if they were just going to be rude. You’re their daughter. The least they could do is be grateful that you’re successful.”
Josey shrugged melodramatically before exhaling, “It doesn’t really matter though. What they think of my life is the least of my concerns. It’s what I think that matters.”
“That’s what worries me, Jose…” Ayla muttered before standing up and pulling on her black jacket before saying , “I’ve got a few errands to run today before tonight. Call me around 6 or 7 okay? Feel better!”
“Later,” Josey omitted as she watched Ayla headed out the door before walking over to the large window that brought bright rays of light into the oversized apartment.
Looking to the sky, she wondered what the gods in store for her as she pulled out another cigarette box and lit up. Taking a long drag, she watched the room around her swirl for a moment as the relaxing buzz sank in. The reflection from the buildings of downtown Chicago dancing blindly in her eyes, as she smirked and murmured, “Give me a good day today,” before grabbing her jacket and sneaking out the door.
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