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Chapter 35

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The Stupid Boy and the Outsider Chapter 35

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Chapter 35

Cindy and Jerby... a couple. Who would have thought? I'm sure I wasn't the only person in the room pretending to watch the Fonz pick up a chick on Happy Days while still getting over the shock of this new info.

All of a sudden there was athud sound. I jerked up to a normal sitting position as I felt Joe do the same.

"What was that?" JD asked no one in particular.

"It came from outside," Kevin said.

I thought I heard something else, but it wasn't really distinct like the first sound. A second later we heard two thuds at the same time.

"It sounds like it's hitting the front door," Berna said walking to it.

"Wait," Joe said getting up and walking to a window. "Let's check it out first."

He pulled the curtain to the side and looked out.

Jerby, Ryan, and I joined Joe at the window, but I didn't see anything. The street lamps didn't help much so late at night.

"I don't see anything," Ryan said.

"Neither do I," Berna replied from the other window where she, Kevin, JD, and Cindy were looking through.

All of a sudden I saw something white headed for the window and smashed against the glass. It was an egg.

"I saw someone," Ryan said running outside.

"I saw two," JD said following him.

The rest of us followed behind them, but we didn't see what JD and Ryan saw so we were no help. As Ryan headed for a bush, JD headed for Ryan's car. That's when I saw someone dressed in all black and a black ski mask run from behind the car. He was pretty fast. Joe and Kevin took off running for him too. Just then I heard a female scream. I looked over at the bush were Ryan was to see him holding someone from behind. He didn't have a really good hold on her. I'm guessing she's a female from the scream. He just had her around the waist. The other person was flailing her arms and legs trying to get away.

"Jerby help him," Cindy said pushing him towards Ryan.

A second later the lights in the Jonas house turned on and Pastor Jonas and Mrs. Jonas came out to see what was happening.

"What's going on here?" Pastor Jonas asked.

"She was trying to egg Jackie's house," Berna said.

"Ow, stop hitting me," Jerby said as the person in Ryan's arms kept flailing away.

"Where are Kevin and Joe?" Mrs. Jonas asked.

"We're right here," Kevin said as he and JD flanked an unmasked Kristine with Joe trailing behind clutching his side.

Apparently it wasn't a him.

"Kristine Koonz?" Mrs. Jonas asked surprised.

The person in Ryan's arms finally stopped stuggling and Jerby pulled off the ski mask to reveal Francis.

"Alright, everyone in the house, you girls too," Pastor told us.

I grabbed my house key, locked my front door, and walked with everyone to the Jonas house.

"Are you okay?" I asked Joe.

"Yeah, I just fell on Kristine and hit the curb pretty hard," he answered taking the ice pack Pastor Jonas handed him.

"Is there something you all would like to tell us?" Mrs. Jonas asked us all when we settled down in the living room.

"Like what mom?" Joe asked innocently.

"Like why these girls all of a sudden decided to egg the Mathews' house," she answered him. "And in black ski masks," she continued looking at Kristine and Francis.

I looked down at my hands as everyone looked at me except for Kristin and Francis who looked at each other. I'm surprised Kristine didn't try to make up some story. I guess she didn't want to lie to Pastor and Mrs. Jonas... in the parsonage no less. Or maybe she knew she was stuck with no way out.

"Jackie," Pastor Jonas said. "Is there something you want to tell us?"

"She didn't do anything," Joe said trying to defend me.

"Okay Joseph, calm down. I wasn't implying that it was all her fault. I just assumed she had the answers since you all looked at her."

"It was at the pool," I started. "I didn't fall into the pool... I was pushed."

I could see everyone turn to look at Kristine causing Pastor and Mrs. Jonas to look too. I couldn't look at them anymore. I was too embarrassed.

"And what does that have to do with tonight?" Pastor asked.

"I... might have... kind of... assaulted Kristine shortly after," Berna confessed. "Verbally, not physically."

"If I know my cousin like I think I do, she probably did this for revenge thinking they wouldn't get caught or that we wouldn't tell anyone about it," Ryan added.

"Is this true?" I heard Mrs. Jonas ask. Everyone was quiet and I could feel guilt in the air. I guess Mrs. Jonas felt it too. "Well, I'll be calling your mothers. Follow me you two," she said as she walked to where the phone was with Kristine and Francis following her.

Pastor Jonas cleared his throat. "The rest of you girls should go home, same with you boys. And Berna I think I should call your father, but... I'll wait for the weekend to be over. Ican only imagine the language you used that day."

Berna may not go to church, but Pastor still knew Berna and Mr. Rada pretty well.

"Thank you Pastor Jonas," Berna said before we walked out of the house.

Ryan took JD and Jerby home and Joe walked Berna, Cindy, and me home.

"Are you okay?" He asked me. "I know you just wanted to ignore the whole thing with Kristine."

"I'm fine I guess. How's your side?"

"Good, I'll just bruise a little bit that's all."

"Good," I repeated.

"I'll see you tomorrow," he said before giving me a kiss and saying by to the girls.

While we were getting ready to go to bed everything was quiet.

"Call me an airhead, but why do you seem upset about all this?" Cindy asked. "Kristine might actually, finally be getting what she deserves."

"I don't know," I sighed.

"I do," Berna said. "Jackie's not exactly confrontational. Actually the only person she's ever stood up to was Joe before the first pool accident. It's like she doesn't want to have to put up with it. She hopes that the problem will just go away on its own. I guess it's partially my fault she came out tonight. I shouldn't have bitched her out at the party. I guess JD was right about it not being my fight."

"I never really liked it when Joe saw me at my weakest," I confessed. "That would explain why I always hit him before I ran away crying and I guess now is no different. I just want to show him I can take care of myself and tonight showed the opposite."

"How is it the opposite?" Cindy asked.

"Tonight Pastor and Mrs. Jonas had to come into it and settle it for me," I said.

"Well, now it's settled. I doubt Mrs. Koonz will let Kristine get away with this," Cindy said.

"What a night," Berna commented as she got situated in her makeshift bed on the living room floor.

"Yeah, let's go to sleep," I suggested.

"You know," Cindy said before I could say good night. "I don't think Joe will think any less of you if you need a little help with defending yourself. He's a guy and your boyfriend so... he wants to be the one to protect you."

A mental image of Joe dressed as Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty popped into my head. He had the cape and all... then he tripped over it and that made me giggle.

"I think she has a point," Berna said. "Like JD might be a little more soft spoken and reasonable, but he tries to protect me when my temper flairs or something. He knows I can hold my own ground, but he's there to make sure I don't get into trouble because of it."

"See," Cindy said with a smile. "I bet Joe even loves you. I wouldn't be surprised if he does."

"Okay time fore bed," I said with a laugh.

"I think you scared her with intimacy," Berna joked.

"Good night!" I said ending the conversation.

"Good night," the girls echoed.

Love? Aren't we a little young for that?

Weren't Romeo and Juliet our age? They were in love. Bur are we in love? Could we love each other like they did?

And what is gonna happened when he goes on tour? Can we handle a long distance relationship?

If we can get through five years of hating each other and two near death experiences then we can get through anything.

Throughout all this mental questioning and reasoning I finally fell into a peaceful sleep.
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