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Days turn into weeks, Weeks turn into months...

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*SEQUEL TO GIVE EM' HELL KID*- What's gonna happen to Gerard with Cami gone? Where is Cami? More importantly what's going to happen to Gerard and Cami's relationship? *READ AND FIND OUT*

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Hey guys I’M BACK! LOL Okay this is the new fic. I hope you enjoy reading it, if you haven’t read the first one I suggest you go back and read it or at the very least the last chapter you’ll enjoy it and understand the plot of this one better. Okay Lol I’m gonna stop rambling. You guys read and enjoy My Way Home Is Through You...

6 months had passed since that fateful day; 6 long months. Cami looked out the window of the classroom sighing remembering the day everything had started to collapse.
Cami felt her eyes fill with tears as she looked at the positive sign on the stick. She threw it in the trash running into her room slamming the door burying her face in her pillow her loud sobs muffled by the pillow.

Cami heard the bell ring in the distance; she stood up gathering her books and shoving them into her leather messenger bag. She walked out of the classroom and out of the school building; she smiled when she saw one of the guys she loved most in the world.

“Babe” she said smiling kissing him on the cheek as he hugged her.
“How is my favourite Gal Pal?” Adam said opening the door for Cami letting her slide in before he closed it.

“Suicidal, how I usually feel. Nothing has changed.” Cami said grumbling slightly wishing she could have a cigarette. She watched as Adam started the car and pulled away from the curb. “So how are things with you and Jake, last I heard he was moving in” Cami said. She smiled thinking about Jake. Jake still lived in New York City with Adam. Cami had moved to California with her dad shortly after MCR’s summer tour had ended. Jake and Adam however had been planning to move to California after Jake finished up his senior year in New York City.

“He’s good, I forgot how much he likes to sleep in” he said with a grin. “He said to tell you he’s sorry he couldn’t visit but he’s got assignments and shit to finish, you know how much senior year is a bitch” he said tapping the steering wheel of the rented car. “He really wanted to come see you here in Paris” he said as they continued to drive back to The Ritz Hotel, her grandparents were paying for her to live in for a whole year.
These were her mother’s parents, who still talked to Cami. Even though Julia her mom was a complete psycho and had faked cancer, her grandparents still adored Cami and her father ignoring Julia’s pleas to cut her daughter out of getting anything from The Roth Family whatsoever. When Cami had found out she was pregnant, she had called her grandparents who had offered their help, when she suggested going away for a while maybe to do her final year of schooling on exchange her grandparents had thought nothing of it to pay for a deluxe suite for a year and her schooling at an exclusive school in Paris.

Cami and Adam entered the hotel going up to Cami’s suite. Cami sat exhaustedly on the couch her hand rubbing her stomach, which now sported a small bump. Adam sat down beside her staring at her stomach.

“Do you know what the sex is yet?” He said placing his hand on her stomach smiling warmly at her.

“No I want a surprise” she said looking at her stomach eyeing it dubiously making Adam giggle. They giggle together smiling til the giggles stopped and Adam spoke.

“You told him yet?” He suddenly said quietly. Cami shook her head she didn’t want to hear his name, it had been painful enough leaving him behind already she couldn’t bear to think of the pain she had caused him over the last 6 months.

“I will tell him when I’m ready” she said standing up a hand still resting on her stomach. All of a sudden a searing pain ripped through her abdomen, Cami’s vision wavered as she fell with a loud thud to the floor everything going black the moment her head hit the ground.

Gerard groaned a searing pain in his head, he clutched his head scrambling out of bed in his boxers and running into the bathroom. He hung his head over the side of the toilet the contents of last night’s party emptying itself into the white porcelain bowl. He sat up on the smooth tiled floor and rested his head against the tiled wall, he smiled exhaustedly as he heard two feet thud quietly into the bathroom. He closed his eyes resting his head on the shoulder of his partner from last night.

“You okay?” The slightly croaky voice said from his friend as he lit a cigarette taking a long drag before handing it to Gerard who took a couple of small puffs before handing it back.
“What did we do last night?” Gerard groaned as his friend laughed.

“Beer, pot, coke, maybe some E?” His friend said laughing running a hand through Gerard’s hair gently. Gerard smiled enjoying the feeling. He lifted his head; softly kissing his friend on the lips, he felt their arms wrap around his neck pulling him in closer to his slightly sweaty body. Gerard lifted himself straddling his friend burying his face in the crook of their neck as his friend sucked on Gerard’s neck making him moan slightly.

“Fuck that feels good” he said tilting his head back, he stood up taking his friends hand dragging him back to bed. He lay back on the bed pulling his friend on top of him, he groaned as his friend slid down his body kissing his chest hungrily. Gerard continued to moan slightly feeling the cloth of his boxers restricting him, he grinned lazily through half closed as he felt his boxers being tugged down gently freeing his erection, he grinned down at his friend who looked up at him; grinning evilly.
“Just do it Bert you dick” Gerard said laughing at Bert who finally went to work.

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