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wow, I never thought i'd get this far

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As if, right on cue, I awoke. Some nightmare eh?? I muttered to myself, wiping my sweatt drenched face on my already dirty bedsheets. Slits of moonlight were seeping in through my curtains. That face...that face. Completely unforgettable. I kept expecting her face to melt away into a pile of maggots. Thank god that didn't happen. Or I'd have gladly signed myself up for any counselling the school had to offer.
The evrlasting question...
What's for breakfast???
Was it real??? Hmmmmm.Toughie. I could still feel a sharp pain in my arm, but that could have been because I was sleeping on it.Walking to the window, gently, I raised it to the transparent light. Nope. Nothing. Phew. Normal. Just a dream. A horrible, terrifying dream.
With a real Gerard in it
No more pickles and ice-cream, I though languidly. With the realization of life sometimes being only a dream,I fell asleep smiling.
Morning hit me full in the face, a great shock to the face. Like dreadlocks and a pink beared.
Another day, another day. After that horrible dream I felt so jaded. Saw just wasn't scary anymore. No horrors today. I mean, the countess made my math teacher look like an Easter Bunny.
I had the funny feeling they could sit together and share some pretty good stories about whips and chains with each other.
My arm still prickled. I could vividly remeber the scars that she left there. I was still mad, even though I had already passed off that experience as a dream
Could my mind really create something THAT evil??
Atleast I had the satsifaction of knowing my blood had made it's way into an imaginary Gerard Way.Giggling to myself, I walked into the bathroom.
An intersting-looking facewash stood on the sink.Being out of my mind with thoughts about Gerard, I couldn't have really noticed. I made sure I rubbed it in, hey, it's supposed to be good for you.
Death to pimples!!!
Maybe I rubbed it in a bit too vigourously. It got in my eye.I quickly ran the water on it, like all good soaps tell you to.Looking in the mirror, I gasped.
Last night was definitely NOT a dream.
It was real
Too real
Note: Have no idea where pickles and ice cream omes from.
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