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No more tears

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Harper tries to talk to Gerard

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Harper walked into the kitchen looking for Gerard, she didn't mean to sound so dissapointed when she saw him it was just she felt akward after the drunken night they spent together.

"Yeah, good boy" she heard Frank say from the other side of the room.

"What's happening?"

Gerard was close by and he leaned over to her, "Our son just said his first word" he whispered in her ear before storming out of the kitchen.

She furrowed her brow and followed him out of the room. He walked out onto the front porch, leaving the door open. When she reached him he was sitting on the rails in front of the house smoking and taking small swigs from a whisky bottle.

"What?" he asked, not even looking at her.

She didn't say anything but sat next to him on the rails and gently put her hand on top of his. He snatched it away and glared at her, jumping down back onto the porch.

"Don't touch me" he said, walking down the path.

"You can't run away from everything you know Gerard!" Harper shouted to him.

He turned backwards as he was still walking so he could face her, "Just watch me" he shouted back.


Everything seemed to happen so fast after that.

The screech of the tyres. The body slamming against the bonnet. The blood.

Harper screamed at the top of her lungs, rushing down the path and towards the road. As she neared the body on the floor, the driver of the car got out and ran in the other direction.

"You fucking bastard!" she shouted as they dissapeared into the distance.

Gerard was lying on the floor in a crumpled heap, bleeding all over. Harper didn't dare touch him incase she made his injuries worse so she sat by him and stroked his cheek, tears running down her own.

"It's gunna be okay Gee, I promise" she whispered.


"Jesus what the fuck was that?" Bob asked, getting up from his chair, "I'll go out and check"

He walked down the hall and saw the door was already open so he walked down the path. That's when he saw it.

"Oh shit" he said to himself, "Frank get your fucking ass out here!" he bellowed, running down towards Harper.

Everyone came rushing out, Frank holding the baby, Ray with Bob's son and Mikey with Charli. They ran down the path and saw Gerard lying on the floor, motionless.

"Daddy?!" Charli screamed, as she instantly started to shake at the sight of her dad like this.

Bob turned from where he was kneeling in front of Gerard, "Take the kids back inside, they don't need to see this!"

Ray volunteered to go inside with them all while Mikey called 911.

"The ambulance said they will be right over"

Frank got Harper to stand and put his arm around her shaking body, he wrapped his jacket around her and held her close as they waited in anticipation.


"One person in the ambulance with him" said the paramedic.

Everyone agreed Mikey should go with him so he climbed inside and the doors were shut.

"We better go through too, I'll go and tell Ray the plan" Bob said as he walked inside.

Frank and Harper got into the car and sat, not saying a word to eachother. Harper just stared out of the front window, eyes glazed over with tears.

"Is my dad going to die?" Charli asked as soon as she got in the car.

Ray slid in beside her and just hugged her, nobody knew what to say because they were all wondering that themselves.


Mikey had been led into a room where Gerard was lying on a stretcher attatched to an oxygen machine waiting to be seen to. He didn't say a word, but just sat and held his hand while tapping his foot nervously.

"Mr.Way were going to have to ask you to leave now" a nurse said as she came into the room.

Mikey nodded and got up, still holding Gerard's hand.

"We will let you know what happens as soon as we can"

"I love you bro" he said as he bent down and kissed Gerard on the cheek.

With one last squeeze of his cold hand he left the room and went to wait in the reception.


"Mikey!" Harper cried as she rushed forward into his arms.

She sobbed onto his shoulder as Mikey rubbed her back and cried too. Charli was sitting quietly in the corner, sharing a seat with Bob's son Finley. Frank sat with Bob, Ray and his son James while Harper talked to Mikey.

Half an hour passed until a doctor came bursting through the double doors holding a clipboard.

"Mr.Way?" he called, looking at the group.

Mikey stood up, "That's me" he said approaching the doctor.

"Im sorry, we did all we could" he said putting his hand on Mikey's shoulder, "His injuries were just to severe, his heart couldn't handle it"

That was enough for Mikey to hear, he shook his head trying to breathe through his tears that were choking him. The rest of them all stood up and enveloped eachother in hugs. Everyone was crying at their loss, even Bob.

Charli looked up at them and Frank nudged Mikey who looked at her. He took a deep breath and headed towards Charli.

"Charli" he started, kneeling in front of her, "Your dad was hurt today you know that right?"

She nodded, keeping her eyes glued to the ground.

"Well the doctors try to fix him but they couldn't"

She nodded once again, swinging her feet below her.

"So that means your dad...your dad, he is,"

"Dead" she said in a flat tone.

Mikey just nodded and collapsed onto the floor, taking Charli with him. He hugged her as he rocked back and forth sobbing into her hair but she didn't cry at all, not one tear.

Harper approached her, "Charli it's okay to cry you know"

She just shook her head and stood up with Mikey, brushing down her clothes.

"Why don't you want to cry?" Frank asked.

"Daddy wouldn't want me to be sad" she said.

This brought more tears to everyones eyes as Charli retreated back to her chair in the corner.

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