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A Day In The Life Of Brendon Urie

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"Hi my name is Brendon Urie and im a total failure in life.Thats what everyone tells me I used to have a friend his name was Ryan. Ryan Ross.

He ditched me for the popular kids, and now were enemies. I took him under my wing when he first came to this school and had no friends.

I remember it like yesterday It was fifth grade." (5 years Back) "Hey my names Brendon. Whats yours?"

"Ryan. Im new here." "ya i could tell umm do you want to be my friend?" "sure of course, will you help me find my way around?"

"ya what school did you come from?" "Palo Verde" "You came from Palo Verde to Bishop Gorman?!" "Ya"

(back to the present)

"Now were enemies. Oh shit here comes Ryan now and his friends I got to hide."
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