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New Love

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Sailor Pluto shows Usagi's future...WITH ANOTHER MAN!!! He has lilac-colored hair, blue eyes, muscular body(drools). Yes, you guessed it! Trunks Briefs(giggles at the sound of last name)! He also h...

Category: Sailor Moon - Rating: PG - Genres: Crossover, Drama, Romance - Characters: Ami (Mercury), Chibi-Usa, Haruka (Uranus), Michiru (Neptune), Rei (Mars) - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2005-05-15 - Updated: 2005-05-15 - 652 words

Chapter I: Learning The Truth

Usagi lies in her room, complaining about her first boring Saturday.

"Oh, God," Usagi yawns," what a boring day. And it's Saturday today. Usually I'd be fighting a monster or something by now." As she starts to fall asleep, she hears someone pop into her room. She looks up from the bed and sees Sailor Pluto(a.k.a Setsuna). "Oh, hi Setsuna," she says unenthusiastically. Setsuna sits down on the bed with a hurt look on her face. Immediately noticing this, Usagi's emotion quickly changes from bored to worried and asks, "What's wrong?"
"Princess, there's something you need to see," the older woman replies. Suddenly confused, Usagi walks into a portal that Setsuna opens and ends up in the park. "Uh, Sailor Pluto? What exactly are we doing here?" the teen asks. "We are in your future four years from now, a week before your graduation." Usagi follows Setsuna to the lake nearby to find another woman in the arms of her Mamoru. The pair are making out and Usagi sees a ring on the woman's left finger.
With tears in her eyes, Usagi ran away. Setsuna goes after her and finds her sitting and crying on a park bench. "I really didn't want you to find out this way. But your mother told me Queen Serenity ordered me to. I'm so sorry, Princess," Setsuna said as she hugged the crying teenager and rocked her slowly. Suddenly, she remembered something and smiled a little. "Come on. There's something else I have to show you." She took Usagi's hand and led her through the portal to another place that didn't seem familiar. Setsuna, where are we?" Usagi asked while drying her face. "We're about ten years from now in your future. But I promise that this is much better than what you've seen before," the woman explained. Once again, Usagi followed her future daughter's timekeeper to find something surprising. Usagi had seen her self in ten years in the arms of a different man. But this man was gorgeous. He had shoulder-length lilac-colored hair, blue eyes and a lovely muscled body that had shown through black cargo pants and a black 'wife beater' shirt. He also wore a blue vest.
The timekeeper looked over to see a now drooling Usagi. "Uh, Usa? Are you okay?" she asked with a little chuckle. "Okay? Okay?! That guy is so kawaii. Am I married to him in this time?" the teen asked. "As a matter of fact, you are. But, there's also another good surprise. Look," Setsuna snapped Usagi out of her trance for her to see a lilac-haired, blue-eyed Chibi-Usa running to her future self and the lilac-haired man with tears falling down her face. "Mama! Papa!" the little girl cried. "What is it, sweetie?" Future Usagi asked softly as she hugged the sad little girl.
The child explained that a couple of girls at her school had been bullying her and calling her names. The young man kneeled down to her level and said, "Don't listen to a thing they say, Chibi. They're probably just jealous because you're alot more beautiful than they'll ever be. Now, come here. I don't wanna see tears on that beautiful face of yours." He gathered the little girl in his muscular arms and a hugged her gently. "Thank you, Papa. I love you," Chibi-Usa said as she snuggled in the lavender-haired man's strong arms. Future Usagi joined them both in the hug as the man said, "I love you too. I love you both."
As Usagi and Setsuna watched, they both smiled softly at the sight, wanting to cry. "He seems so gentle," Usagi said dreamily. "He is. He's also Chibi-Usa's real father." Not surprised about this at all, Usagi followed the timekeeper back to her present time and into her room.

Muchas gracias (thank you very much) for the advice Chibiruka!!!
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