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I'll sit and listen... I promise

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What shall happen???:O

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Ella's pov

As my first class ended I gathered my things and walked towards the door. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned to face the most beautiful eyes I ever seen. "Hey sorry, umm... I was wondering if I can invite you to have lunch with me?" Frank said. A little lost in his eyes I finaly came up with the words. "Yeah sure!" He smiled a smile that was to die for. "Meet me at the cafeteria doors, alright?" "Uhh yeah right see you there." I said and walked away with a big smile on my face.. Who ever thought I would make a friend on the first day of school? Its been a while since I've been this happy! It feels great. I looked to see my next course... Gym! Argh great I could live withought that though!

Gerard's pov

"I fucking hate gym!" Yelled out Ray. "Oh suck it up! It could be worse!" "How? How Gerard!?!" I laughed a little then replied "They could make us wear the same gym uniformes as the girls. Haha" "You got me there!" We kept going on about how gym class could be worse while we were walking out to the gym. "Hey Look... A new girl..." I said pointing to a girl with black and blond hair looking a little lost. "Yeah her name is Ella Cloutier. Frank met her in his first and now hes jumping around like a little school girls signing 'I got her to come to lunch... Shes so pretty oh so pretty!'" Ray said imatating Frank. She did look pretty... brown eyes, Black and blond hair...Nice figure. Good choice Frankig i thought to myself. "So shes gonna be joining us for lunch then?" "According to Frankie yeah." "Enough talk about that lets go before we get in shit for being lazy!" I said in a voice mimiking the teacher and we started to run around the gym.

Frank's pov

I was waiting by the caf doors when I seen her walking towards me. She still had that look in her eyes even if she was smiling. "Hey Frank!" She said as she got closer. "Hey you ready to meet some of my friends?" I asked her. She smiled and gave me a nod. I took her hand realy fast and lead her to the usual table. "Hey guys!" I started " Everyone this is Ella!" She blushed a bit then said a quiet little hi. "Ok so the one with the afro is Ray Toro hes a genius! Then the one with the blond hair and lip ring is Bob Bryar, Hes a lot of mustle! The one with the glasses is Mikey Way Hehe hes my nerd!" "Dude! What I say about saying that?" Mikey said with a smile on his face showing he was playing around. "Oh shut up! And last but not least Mikeys brother... Gerard Way.." I said as I introduced my best of best friends. "Hey you say something about everyone but me?" Gerard said looking sad. "Gerard is my special friend!" I said and Gerard put a big smile on his face. "Nice to meet you all!" She said with the cutest smile in the world. "So shall we sit?" I asked and she nodded. We sat down and talked a while everyone trying to get to know her more. "So were did you live before Belleville?" Bob asked. "Well I was living in Canada actualy.. To be more specific Timmins ontario. Its a small town... No one really knows were it is." SHe replied with a little giggle.

Ella's pov

Ok they asked me a million questions and its fine by me... I just dont want to have to answer the one question im dreading to hear.I thought to myself. I really didnt want to re-live that again. " So do you live with your parents?" Ray asked. I had instant tears. "N-n-no". I said stoop up and walked away. I heard someone yell my name but I kept walking. I felt someone grab my arm and I turned to see Gerard and everyone else. "Hey Im sorry we asked... Whats wrong?" He asked. "just my past.." I said as a tear rolled down my cheek. "Do you want to talk about it?" He asked I looked at everyone... "this is not the time or place..." "Tell you what you should come over to my place tonight everyones coming.. It will get your mind off everything... Then if you want to talk I'll sit and listen.. And I swear over my life My mouth will never speak of it to anyone else." Gerard said looking into my eyes a little worried. "he really wont" Mikey and Frank said in union. I looked back at Gerard thinking about it... I pulled a pen out of my bag and grabed Gerards arm and wrote my adress down. "This is my address.. you think you can pick me up around 7ish?" Gerard smiled. "Of course! Now go clean yourself up.. You've got makeup Everywere!" He said with a caring smile. I said thank you and Gerard hunged me. "GROUP HUG!" i heard Frank yell and felt Four pairs of amrs around me.

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