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Surprize visits and Discussion time.

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rated r for laguage and violence

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Holy Shit This was not good. I stood frozen in one spot for what seemed like forever. Should I run? Should I go to him and tell him everything? Well I didnt do anything.... so I decided I would just walk up to him like I was the most innocent thing on earth.
"Hi daddy, hi Brittany" I made sure that her name dropped enough venom.
"Well hey sugar!" daddy said sweetly "Brittany here was just telling me about your exiting day in the library."
I smiled and looked at him like I didnt know anything.
"Thank you for your time, sir." Brittany said sweetly, and began to walk away.
"Now you'll have another bruise to match that one." She whispered in my ear as ahe walked by. I turned around to say something back but I was being pulled away roughly.
"You stupid incompitant retard!!"
"Dont play mind games with me!"
"I didnt do anything. Brittanys lying!"
"And how would you know? Could you a even hear a word she told to me?" He half-yelled as he threw me into the car.
"Well no, but-"
My sentence was ended early with a blow to the chest.
"Shut the fuck up! Here I let you free to roam around all day, and you go and do that!?!"
"What did I do?"
"Like you dont fucking know!"
"I dont!"
"Oh, you just wait until we get home." He got silent. I wasnt worried about myself as much as I was about Gerard. What did Brittany do to him after I left? Did she have her dumb jock boyfriend beat him up?Is he ok? Do I have any reason to worry?
"Kelli?" My dad's voice came softly from my side of the car. I hadnt realized we had arrived home, and he had gotten out of the car and opened my door.
"Go inside, daddy has to take care of something." He looked up with a face that reminded me of a scared little kid. I nodded my head trying to avoid conflict with him by asking any questions. I got up and saw what my dad was afraid of. She had short-ish dark curly hair, and stunning saphire eyes. Her lips were bright pink, and she smiled just the way I remebered.
She smiled even bigger.
"I wish." she said sweetly with a giggle.
"Im your mama's sister...remember me? Im your aunt Mellisa." Her voice was thick with an English accent identical to my own.
"Kelli, go inside." My dad's voice was harsh behind me.
I took my bag from my dad's hand, and rushed inside. I turned when I got to the door, and she was looking at me. She looked as if she were studying my face, and I hoped she couldnt couldnt see my beautiful black and blue briuse from where she was. I scurried up to room and layed on my bed. I thought about the kiss. Did he like it? Did I go to far? Aw, now I was gonna feel self-concious all weekend.
"Shes not going with you!" my dad's booming voice came from downstairs.
"And just why not?" I smiled observing that my aunt's was louder.
"She doesnt need to go back there, it will just bring back the memeroies of that day. The way my dad said 'that day' didnt really fly all that well with me.

Flash Back
"I hate you, you stupid little bitch!"
"You dont mean that mama!"
"The hell I dont!"
"But I, I love you..."
"Tough shit, kid."

End Flash Back

I could feel silent tears fall down my cheeks.
"Mama" I silently murmured.
"Now sweety, we already went over this, Im your aunt." The face of Mellisa Fletcher appeared at my door.
"Mellisa! Dont even-" My daddy showed up behind her, and as much as I didnt really like him at times, I wanted him to hold me tightly and never let go.
"Sweetheart, you remember Greenwhich, England, dont you?" My aunt ignored my dad.
I nodded my head slowly.
"Mellissa!" my dad warned.
"How would you like to come with me? We could start all over. No more junkie mommy, and no more alchoholic daddy. Huh? Would you like that?"
I wanted to screem in her face for saying that about my momma and daddy.
"Now you wait just one fucking minute!" My dad spat at her "I will not be known as a drunk to my own goddamned daughter!"
Yea, leave it to daddy to defend himself and forget about the matter at hand here. I got up and left the room, as they both started yelling profanities in French. I went into the livingroom, and took my mom's picture off of the TV stand.
"I still love you mama" I whispered to the picture "I really miss you." I waited for a response when I heard them start to yell in english again.
"Just get out of my fucking house!" My dad yelled. I set the picture down as they were coming down stairs.
"You just wait and you'll see what I mean." Her voice was challenging.
"Oh go fuck yourself, you dont know a thing about me or Kelli."
"Well Tom, it was awful nice to see you again, and Kelli?" I snapped my head up. She walked over to me and handed me a peice of paper with a number on it.
"Call me if you ever need anything, and I'll have the first red eye flight to Jersey."
She flipped my dad the finger, and He slammed the door behind her.
I got up and started for the stairs.
"Im just gonna go to bed now daddy."
"Now, now" he angrily started, "Lets talk about the library incident, shall we?"
Shit I really hoped he had forgotten about that.
"Daddy, I really have no honest clue as to what your talking about."
"Dont fucking lie to me! I already know you did something, so you might as well own up to it."
"Well, please just tell me what Brittany told you?"
"She told me that you" he punched my gut," Were all over some boy named Jarred-"
"So you were?!?" He hit my jaw that time.
"No! I just told him it wasnt his fault!"
"What wasnt his fault?"
Man, I really gotta start thinkin before I speak.
"Well He saw... uh-"
"Your what? Your briuse? What? Did you tell on me? No wonder your goddamned mother did what she did." He reached out, and three things seemed to happen at once.
First, He knocked me to the floor,
Second, I was being kicked at, and spit on, and then fell asleep.
Third, I woke up in intensive care.

Heyy. yea im sorry i havent updated in forever!!! this one might suck a bit but give me some mercy its been a while!! I will totaly try to update longer chapters with more juicy-ness (hah) to make up for my slack. Yea, and you know what? Not to be rude, but if you rate my story -1 then I cry!!! So if you wanna rate, then rate plusses or me no likey you!!!!
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