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The Old Days

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soo i no the titles suck im just like cming in here with noo ideas they come to me as i rite thanks kaitluvsfob08 for reviewing i luv ur Peterick story very descriptive evry one should go chek out ...

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"what!im at a loss for words!ok first were meeting in an alley and hopefully its just him.Second, he said love you! Even though it was crossed out I can tell he did not want to cross it off! Wow I relly love him.

I got to get ready for my "date"A ok soo im home now and looking through my closet. I believe ill wear these black skinny jeans a cool yellow tee and a nice and a plaid pea coat.

Wait,I almost forgot to put on my black hightops! Man, i cannot wait!

Soo im walking up the alley oh crap i forgot my guyliner!Good thing i keep a spare in my back pocket! as im applying my liner i hear someone behind me.

"Brendon?Is that you?" "umm ya hey uhh whats up?" " I wante wanted you to come down here to talk.about the old days."

"goddamn you sound like my fucken mother!" "hahaha that uhh funny. the old Brendon always making me laugh.

Thats why i called you down here.I was wondering if you would like to umm join my band?" "WHAT ARE YOU SERIOS FUCK YA!"

"really?!oh thanks umm i dont know if you know it but spencer and the others.
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